Inside J6 Interviews J6er and Retired USAF Lt. Col Larry Brock After His Recent Release

Lt. Col Larry Brock, USAF-ret’d and his A-10 Warthog that he piloted.

This week on Blessed.News “Inside J6″ retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Larry Brock joined us to discuss his experiences before, during, and after the persecution of January 6th protesters.

Lt. Col. Brock, in full dress uniform, addressed his fellow Americans on the X platform and gave thanks to the opportunity to serve his country.  In his heartfelt speech, he gave thanks to God and his fellow Americans who prayed for him.  He would go on to address a weaponized bureaucracy that is infringing on our basic rights.  And a court system that is allowing it to happen unchecked.

Brock called for people to reach out to their Congressmen and Senators and demand that they “live up to the gospel they profess to believe.”  He called for them to use the full force of the legislature to “set at liberty those oppressed.”

During the interview, Lt. Col. Brock would talk about what he went through in the prison system and some questionable arrangements that were made, especially given his history as an A-10 Warthog pilot who flew combat sorties over both Afghanistan and Iraq.

His message is incredibly uplifting, despite the hardships he’s endured at the hands of a government he once fought for.

Coincidentally, during the news portion of Inside J6, we discussed the Gateway Pundit’s reporting on recent developments in the House with Speaker Johnson taking a vote among the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group, or the BLAG, to hold the sham J6 Committee as “illegitimate”.  The BLAG consists of the Speaker, both party leaderships, and both party whips.  The vote was 3-2 and requires no further action from Congress.

This was big news for Steve Bannon, who is supposed to report to federal prison in Danbury, CT today for a 4-month prison sentence over a congressional subpoena from an illegitimate, improperly convened committee.

We also discussed the series being released by America First Legal (AFL), called the #DeepStateDiaries, that exposes documents obtained after AFL was victorious in disbanding the Deptartment of Homeland Security “Homeland Intelligence Experts Group”.

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