INSANE: Marine Veteran Suffers Unconstitutional Persecution — After Police Waved Him and Others into the US Capitol on Jan. 6 (VIDEO)

TGP’s Jordan Conradson spoke to an Arizona patriot, Micajah Jackson, who is being unconstitutionally persecuted by the FBI for his involvement in the Jan 6 protest. Jackson is facing charges for “Violent Entry” and “Disorderly Conduct” on Capitol Grounds but he claims he is innocent.
Micajah Jackson was let inside by police officers along with hundreds of others and he is facing criminal charges. This is a travesty!
Conradson: Can you tell us about your arrest?
Jackson: On March 24th, the FBI came to my house. Fast forward about a month and a half they asked more about the Proud Boy stuff which I am not a Proud Boy. I do my own documentary stuff for my JFK report. So, on May 18th I went to the FBI building over in downtown Phoenix, turned myself in, got arrested, got booked, stayed 30 hours, I had court the next day, and I was released. Now I’m just following pre-trial services, and my next court date is set for July 23rd, and I will be pleading not guilty.
Conradson: So, when you were at The Capitol, you went inside. did the police let you guys in?
Jackson: Yes. I didn’t see the cops let people inside at The Capitol but when I was in the group walking of thousands of people, I went towards where they had the inauguration, there were cops waving people in and they moved the gate. Then when I got to The Capitol the doors were open and there are people standing in line and when I get inside there are cops high fiving people, they’re shaking hands, they’re taking selfies holding people, they’re talking to people like normal they’re going around talking to people. There were even three percenters protecting cops from the extreme people trying to fight the cops.
Conradson: So you’re saying that cops were just giving high fives, they were partying with protesters, they were letting them in?
Jackson: Yes.
Conradson: What else did you see inside? did you see agitators, what were they wearing?
Jackson: I saw John Sullivan, the radical calling for Marxist revolutions in Utah last summer. He was wearing black military pants, black boots he had them bloused like in the military. Then there were agitators inside wearing all black you know I’ve never seen all trump supporters just wear all black I’ve never seen anything like that unless you know what other out forms are like Antifa is out there and whatnot and BLM activists. Trump supporters don’t dress up like that.
Conradson: So these people committing the violence, were they Trump supporters or were they agitators?
Jackson: agitators right agitator for sure, yes.
Conradson: Then what happened you were in there for how long?
Jackson: No more than 25 minutes I walked in documenting recording everything interviewing everything. I was legitimately analyzing everything that was going on around me ’cause I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s a Day in History that we’re never going to forget.
Conradson: So, you were there doing nothing but documenting, you did not do anything violent? 
Jackson: No I did not vandalize property. I didn’t go into a chamber. I didn’t assault any cops I didn’t assault any other protesters. I was just there documenting and when I saw a gentleman punched a hole through a chamber glass that’s when everything froze for me and I prayed to God because I’m like OK I want to get out of here this isn’t right. Even when the violence was going on you had cops taking selfies while other cops were doing other stuff it was just a mess inside.
Conradson: So, what are they charging you with?
Jackson:  I got four misdemeanor charges two counts of each misdemeanor trespassing and violently disorderly entering a capitol building without authorization and there was photos of me, videos of me, I did nothing violent. I didn’t do anything disorderly. I was there reporting and document everything and I was being a peaceful citizen.
Conradson: What kind of consequences are facing as a result of these charges?
Jackson: I could get kicked out of college this could go on my record because of this whole political persecution and with it you know when you do a job interview they’re going to say “why do you get these misdemeanors for?” “oh I was here January 6th” “we don’t want you here”. I’m already dealing with Marxist professors at my college and they’ve already been calling us an insurrection, calling trump supporters Nazis in my classroom. It’s pretty awful but I’m just trying to get through what I gotta do is be a good citizen do what I gotta do.
Conradson: I understand that you are a marine veteran?
Jackson:  Yes I’m 100% disabled with PTSD and major depressive disorder. I was sexually assaulted and I was physically assaulted on multiple occasions during my time in service. That’s how I got my disability and that’s getting taken care of with the VA. I’m in school, I go to a very strict Lutheran Church I’m a loving person I love my family I go help friends out. I wanna help the community out, I go to rallies to document and just meet up with people The media really doxed my character and who I am and my family have been receiving threats ever since the media doxed me.
Jackson is a Marine Veteran and this is the thanks he receives from the FBI, the media, and elected officials. He is just one of more than 440 people that have been arrested in connection to Jan. 6. Those involved are being targeted and persecuted for doing absolutely NOTHING but attending a protest against an obviously fraudulent election. 
As we previously reported, protesters walked into the capitol led by the police and they cooperated with each other. Jackson’s account of the events confirms this to be true. If this were in fact a violent insurgence, what are police officers doing, giving high fives and hugs to the “insurgents”?
New Video Shows U.S. Capitol Police Gave Protesters OK to Enter on Jan. 6 (
Peaceful protesters outside were greeted with tear gas, rubber bullets, and flash grenades. 

HORROR! EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — CAPITOL POLICE FIRED EXPLODING FLASH GRENADE INTO CROWD on Jan. 6 — Explosion Fired into Crowd of Men, Women and Children! (
Jackson has set up a GoFundMe to help him with his legal battle. You may contribute to help him at the link below.



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