In a Time When it Feels Like We’ve Been Abandoned by Feel Good Stories, J6 Political Prisoner Enrique Tarrio and CondemnedUsa Share Heartwarming Story

Guest post by Jenn Baker, CondemnedUSA

Enrique Tarrio, Proud Boys Leader and January 6th Political Hostage, is serving a 22-year sentence for NOT being in Washington DC, and yet, being one of the “masterminds” of that day. While being imprisoned in Kentucky, Tarrio has vowed to make the most of the time that he is being forced to endure.

While incarcerated, prisoners are given an opportunity to work. They have several programs that are offered in the various facilities. At FCI Manchester, where Tarrio is serving his time, they offer a program that allows inmates to train and bord dogs. The dogs are trained initially to become service dogs. Some of them don’t make it as a service dog, however, they continue to train so they can be adopted by a good home.

Tarrio became involved with this program and received his first dog named Blue. Blue is an Australian Shepherd/ Poodle mix. He is black and white with steel blue eyes, big paws, and A LOT of energy. The dogs do everything with their trainer.

Blue would be with Tarrio 24/7, sleeping in a kennel next to each other within a locked cell.

The day came when it was time for Blue to start getting ready for adoption. Tarrio reached out to CondemnedUSA asking for help in finding Blue a wonderful forever home, and they answered his call and found the perfect family.

We found Jimmy and Amy of Texas, and they were ecstatic at the possibility of adopting Blue. These two Patriots recently lost one of their beloved dogs to cancer and didn’t need to be asked twice. Last weekend, Jimmy and Amy hopped in their RV and headed to Kentucky to pick up the newest addition to their family.

Pawsibilities Unleashed , out of Frankfort Kentucky, is the organization that makes this program possible. They provided Blue’s new owners with all the necessary medical and training paperwork. There are fees that go along with the adoption which can vary depending on the program and medical needs of the individual dog.

Once they arrived in Kentucky, Jimmy and Amy met Blue and fell in love with him instantly. Although they did not get to meet with Tarrio, he made sure they received his personal daily journal, which he kept while training Blue. Here are a few excerpts:

On the trip home to Texas, Jimmy and Amy took note of Enrique’s journal and continued with the training Blue had received from him. At first, Blue was nervous and anxious, as the ride in the RV seemed to be overwhelming. His newly found freedom was full of smells, sights, and feelings this puppy had never experienced before. He wanted to stay next to Jimmy while the RV was moving and kept trying to lay by his feet, which was not ideal since Jimmy was driving. It is noteworthy that at only five months old, Blue had spent over a month with all men, and it seems he was very comfortable with the male energy Jimmy was giving off.

Blue staying close to Jimmy.
Blue being blocked by the cooler to keep him from sitting at Jimmy’s feet while driving. He is sitting cross-legged, close, and pouting just a bit.

Amy took Blue out for walks, training, and to use the bathroom while traveling. After a good day on the road, Blue finally got comfortable in the RV just in time for the last part of the trip.

Shakedown command, in which Tarrio says “You’ll never find anything on Blue because he is a good boy.”
Blue following his “Shakedown” Command

Once home, Amy and Jimmy introduced Blue to their other two dogs, and it was not easy at first. When Amy checked in after three days of Blue being in his new home, it was nothing but praise and happiness. Blue and the other dogs have adapted to each other and are playing, sleeping, and eating together. There is more life and pep in the two older dogs, who seemed melancholy since the passing of their “brother.”

Enrique shares the last and best command with Blue’s new owners, Jimmy and Amy.

This is a new chapter for Amy and Jimmy’s family. They have a wonderful new puppy, and it was all due to a small but meaningful program that has made a difference in so many lives.

Tarrio will, hopefully soon, have another dog to train and be able to send that one off to find an amazing forever home, as he did with Blue. He has spoken with Amy since they returned to Texas and is checking on Blue’s training. He couldn’t be happier that Blue is adapting to his new family and surroundings.

CondemnedUSA will continue to help with the little things, as well as the big, for the J6 Political Hostages. They will be there to answer the call. Tarrio knew he could trust CondemnedUSA to give Blue his forever home and knew he would see Blue again because he called them first.

For more information or to donate to CondemnedUSA for their efforts, please visit their website here.

Jenn Baker
J6 Advocate/ Journalist/ Podcaster
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