“If We do Not Expose, and Peacefully Stand Against this Tyranny and Persecution, Your Life Will Soon Look like That of My Family” – Wife of J6 Political Prisoner Speaks Out

Gissela Minuta, the wife of January 6 political prisoner Roberto Minuta, spoke out for her husband and the other J6 defendants who are still locked away in solitary confinement.  Gissela is also speaking out for those innocents killed in cold blood on January 6 with no justification, and no justice.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported about her husband, Roberto Minuta, who was arrested in January after he volunteered to offer security for top Trump advisors at the January 6th protests.

Roberto walked through the US Capitol and was arrested weeks later and thrown in jail.

And after the liberal media wrote horrible inflammatory reports about Roberto, Antifa vandalized and destroyed his business in New York state.

Antifa leftists smashed the windows, broke the doors, spray-painted the building with hateful words, and branded the walls with Antifa/BLM stickers.

** You can donate to the Minuta family here.

Here is the latest update from Gissela Minuta.

From the wife of a Jan. 6 political prisoner, the world needs to know what the future looks like for fellow patriots if we stay on this current trajectory.

Make no mistake, If we do not expose, and peacefully stand against this tyranny and persecution, your life will soon look like that of my family. I have had enough of the lies, intimidation, and defamation, and will not be silent anymore. I am not only speaking out for my husband, but also for those J6 defendants who are still locked away in solitary confinement… abused and suffering in egregious conditions. I’m speaking out for those slain in cold blood on J6 with no justification, and no justice.

My husband Roberto Minuta was arrested earlier this year by the FBI for peacefully protesting in Washington DC on January 6th. Once he was in custody, the FBI came to our home with a battering ram, terrifying my children and I, separating my children and I while they ransacked my home. After a short time in solitary confinement, Rob was released on bail. He was then indicted by a grand jury and faces over 25 years in prison.

Rob selflessly put his love for God and country above all, volunteering for security detail for top Trump advisors including General Flynn, Roger Stone and Alex Jones. He provided security for all of these great patriots, who were speakers on different dates in DC leading up to, and including the day of January 6th. Because of Rob’s affiliations with these high-profile individuals, my whole family has become a major target.

Since my husband’s arrest,  the physical and spiritual attack on our family has been close to unbearable. Constant death threats, vandalism of our business, stalkers at our home, people following & photographing me while picking my children up from school just to name a few. The concerted efforts of the media, and my husband’s accusers to vilify, slander, and defame our family is certainly responsible for these attacks. Our 2nd Amendment has been revoked (due to J6), and I sincerely fear for our family’s lives.

The violent destruction of our business, the in-person death threats at our shop, and the relentless media slander has destroyed our livelihood. We have lost employees out of fear of violence, and customers are afraid to enter the shop because of the events that have occurred. Our business of 10 years is hanging on by a thread, and to be honest, it might not survive much longer. BLM and ANTIFA claim responsibility for many of the threats, and physical attacks on our N.Y. business. They regularly leave their stickers around the shop just to make sure we know it’s them. They show up in taxis, enter with masks on, and make threats directly to my husband while he is working. They have literally said “We’re gonna shoot you in the head” more than once.

Recently, a group of 5 gentlemen came to our business for their scheduled tattoo appointments. They spent over 4 hours there, getting tattoos done, eating, hanging out, and even bought themselves an 18 pack of beer.  My husband spoke in great detail about the events of J6 with all of them, as he does with everyone because he has nothing to hide. One of the men was an “off duty” FBI agent from Washington DC, he never disclosed his status. Days later, he filed a 302 (FBI investigative supplemental report form) documenting every detail my husband spoke about. What a complete violation of my husband’s fundamental rights. Is there no limit to the infringement on our constitutional rights anymore? I don’t understand how this can be tolerated in the USA of all places. The 302 filed of my husband’s words said in private was unsealed, and is now out there for the world to see.

This legal battle is projected to cost over $250,000 and there are very few lawyer options due to the politicization of this case. Many gracious, God-loving patriots donated to help with legal expenses earlier this year. We did raise $60k, but unfortunately it’s not enough to acquire the proper legal representation for such charges. Rob will be going to trial with my full support. My husband will not plead guilty to crimes he did not commit.

We have the truth on our side, most importantly we have God on our side. If God is for us, who can be against us!

The outcome of these J6 defendants’ trials will set the precedent for the future of this country. If Americans can be jailed for decades over non-violent peaceful protest, America is literally dead and gone. This is not a hyperbolic statement, this is cold hard truth. We can not let our liberty slip away that was only granted through centuries of brave, selfless Americans making the ultimate sacrifice.

My husband, Roberto Minuta, has relinquished his freedom attempting to protect the freedoms of all other Americans. He is a true patriot, a loving husband, and a great father. Please find it in your heart to assist with this legal battle, this is a pivotal time for the future of America.

**  You can donate here. https://givesendgo.com/j6 

Your prayers are even more powerful than any monetary contribution and give us the strength to push through. My husband and I turn to Psalm 109 in this time of spiritual warfare, and we know no matter what the future holds, GOD WINS. God bless all of you, and God bless the USA!



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