“I Have Been Incarcerated for Nearly a Year for Crimes I Did Not Commit” – Courageous Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Jessica Watkins Speaks Out Against the Regime

Jessica Watkins was arrested in January after she turned herself in to federal authorities and was charged with conspiracy, entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, and other charges. She has not been out of pre-trial detention for 9 months.

Jessica Watkins, a former Army Ranger and veteran of the Afghanistan War, attended the January 6th protest and rally at the White House Ellipse and the US Capitol. She was reportedly working as security at the Ellipse and met with US officials before the president’s speech. She is also a member of the Oathkeepers, a pro-Constitution group frequently maligned by the liberal media and Democrat politicians.

During the siege of the US Capitol Jessica Watkins did not threaten anyone, did not vandalize anything, encourage others not to vandalize, spoke with several police officers inside the Capitol, and followed their orders.

From her court documents:

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Jessica Watkins was stripped and left naked in a jail cell for four days with the lights on 24 hours a day for her alleged “crimes” of “conspiring to attack the US Capitol building on January 6.”

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Watkins shared her official testimony with The Gateway Pundit.  Here is an excerpt:

January 6th is akin to a Swiss Army Knife, a barely effective tool that has served many purposes to the Democrat Party. Each function has found itself a niche use within the narrative spun by those who seek only to remain in power, a One Party system henceforth referred to as “The Party”. Being Marxists, the name is befitting.

The first purpose of January 6th has served as its primary function: to silence the opposition, and instill fear of retribution by Law Enforcement for speaking out against ”The Party”, and to slander Conservatives as racists, terrorists and insurrectionists.

The second purpose of January 6th is to solidify the notion that the 2020 election was devoid of fraud.

The third is to secure funding for, and to expand Federal Law Enforcement.

The fourth is to weaponize the Department of Justice against Constitutionally protected militia groups, undermine their legitimacy, use fear to prevent new members from joining and to encourage old members to quit so as to further erode the 2nd Amendment.

The fifth is to make a spectacle of Republican leadership by dragging them before Congress in the Jan 6 Select Committee.

The sixth and most desired affect of January 6th is to attack Donald Trump, impeach him, and attempt to bar him from reelection in the future.

Each of these uses has allowed January 6th to serve the narrative of ”The Party” successfully and has been allowed to persist unabated. The truth about January 6 has still yet to be fully understood by America.

My name is Jessica Watkins, and I am a January 6th defendant. I have been incarcerated nearly a year for crimes I did not commit, so as to serve as a pawn for ”The Party” to exploit. And exploit they have.

When I was 18, I joined the Army and served as a Paratrooper in a Ranger Battalion and served in Afghanistan in 2002. After the Army, I felt a need to serve but did not return to the military and instead joined a Fire Department where I served as a Firefighter, EMT, and Rescue Technician. Some years later, I started a small business with my fiance, a Bar and Grille that barely survived the COVID Lockdowns.

The events of 2020 were chaotic, and with the leftist riots in the streets plunging our nation nearly to a state of Civil War, I felt duty bound to protect the innocent, so once again I served my nation: protecting businesses, helping the injured, and coordinated with Law Enforcement. I have been threatened by the BLM/Antifa mobs, been assaulted by them, and still I served time and again to protect the lives, businesses and homes of strangers – many of which were themselves minorities.

After the 2020 Election, I continued to serve – to protect innocents from violent assaults by left wing anarchists. In November 2020, innocent Patriots were savagely attacked without repercussions in the streets of DC. In December, four Proud Boys were stabbed by Antifa, one of whom lost a kidney and nearly died. It is these events that led me to attend the Rally on January 6th, 2021.

While I decline to offer specifics about the nature of my case, what I can attest to is the reality of January 6th that has yet to be fully appreciated by the American public: January 6th was not one single protest, but three separate events. The first event is the speech given by our President at the Ellipse. The second is the rally at the Capitol Building on the East Side. The third, is the infamous scene from the West Side of the Capitol Building. The first was calm. The second, virtually entirely peaceful. The third was the infamous scene now known incorrectly as “The Insurrection”, an unfounded, improper colloquialism adopted by Left Wing media.

Having seen videos yet unavailable to the public, I can attest to the improper responses of Police that led to the spiral of events that culminated in a riot. Indeed, January 6th amounts to little more than a riot that was ultimately incited by Police. The media draws much attention to the “deadly nature” of January 6th, but glosses over the reality that 4 protesters were killed as a result of the Police responses.

People were pushed off balconies, protesters shot in the face with rubber bullets, women and elderly beaten, teargas and flashbangs thrown into a peaceful crowd. Roseanne Boyland was savagely beaten to death and trampled by Police. Ashli Babbitt was murdered in cold blood by an Officer lying in ambush.
I consider myself fortunate to have never witnessed these events, for I was on the East Side of the Capitol, and these tragedies transpired unbeknownst to me. My fellow inmates however were not so lucky, and the scars of PTSD are readily visible amongst them.

As for me and my codefendants, we have suffered our own pains from the injustices levied against us for our attendance that fateful day for which we remain incarcerated wrongfully. For nearly a year now we have suffered, seemingly forgotten and ignored by the public. We attended that day to protect the innocent. I helped two injured individuals, stopped people damaging the Capitol building and a Police vehicle, and obeyed every lawful order given to me. My codefendants rescued a Police Officer.

What then is our just reward? Wrongful incarceration, slander and defamation, violation of our civil rights, abuse, neglect, Solitary Confinement, malnourishment and the military style SWAT raids that put us here. Guns were pointed at children. Husbands and wives dragged screaming from loved ones.

During our incarceration we have seen a woman murder her baby, a school shooter, and a guy driving a SUV through a Christmas Parade each get bail/bond while we are denied that right summarily. People commit drive by shootings and are released on bail the next day, and here we rot: Veterans, teachers, parents, medics, small business owners and why? We on the wrong side of “The Party”. We stand for the America they hate so much.

Ultimately we are innocent of the charges levied against us and await here in this DC GitMo hell for a trial that will likely find us unanimously “Not Guilty”. Our charges are false, the truth manipulated, and we will one day be vindicated.

Until that sweet day, I remain here, held hostage without ransom at the behest of the American public that knows nothing of my plight. Upon release, I will find myself in the tatters of my old life and shell shocked by my imprisonment. My home, my business, my vehicle are all gone and I have little to return home to. I however keep my spirits high and will embrace the challenges of the future, to rebuild my life once again.

Currently, I remain represented by a Public Defender that is overwhelmed by the caseload, and is not aligned with me politically which causes great stresses and interpersonal difficulties. As such, I still seek a strong Defense attorney that believes in my innocence and has the resolve to take my case to a trial that is rapidly approaching in late April.

God Bless you all, and God Bless America! Sincerely,
Political Prisoner #376520

Jessica Watkins

**You can help donate here: www.givesendgo.com/G29H3

Letter from Jessica Watkins (Jan 6 defendants) by Jim Hoft on Scribd


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