HORROR: Woman Shot in the Leg on Jan. 6 by Capitol Police Without Warning! (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this week on Capitol Police firing tear gas and flash bombs into a crowd of peaceful citizens including women, children, and elderly patriots on January 6 at the US Capitol. 
Thanks to our readers we continue to receive first-hand accounts and video from the January 6, 2020 Capitol Police assault on peaceful Trump protesters.
The police, without warning, repeatedly fired rounds into the crowd of thousands on the US Capitol grounds.
Then the police just stood by as the peaceful protesters walked by them on their way to the US Capitol.
Don’t expect ANY OF THIS COVERAGE to make it into Pelosi’s report.
Today we have more video of the injured protesters on January 6.

In this video below you see a female Trump supporter who was shot by Capitol Police with a wound in her leg.
The woman was being treated by fellow Americans in the crowd.

From a TGP reader:

I took this video as we were walking away from the Capitol Building on Jan 6, right around the time President Trump issued his statement asking people to “go home”. I’m sure you can see the location and time from the video’s meta-data.
A crowd had formed around her as she stood there with her pants down, and people were scrambling to help her with her injury.
From the moment we arrived at the Capitol, police were launching explosive projectiles into the he crowd.
Almost immediately as we walked up the hill towards the building, a tear gas canister was launched into the crowd right near me.
There were repeated concussive blasts from the upper level of the inauguration stands as police launched flash bangs and tear gas into a nonviolent crowd containing children who were off of Capitol bulldog property and were peacefully filling the Capitol grounds.
On top of tear gas and flashbangs, the police were firing rubber bullets into the crowd. They were littering the ground. My friend, who attended with me, picked a couple up and kept them.
This woman who was hit, apparently had done nothing wrong, yet was assaulted and bloodied viciously by a police projectile.
I’m not sure what type of projectile she was hit with, but it was clearly large in diameter!

NO ONE expected the police to start randomly firing on the massive crowd of tens of thousands of Trump supporters.
They wanted a riot.
They got a peaceful protest instead.
The insurrection they were hoping for never evolved except for a few broken windows and broken locks.


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