HORRIFIC! Prosecution Calls Teenage Kids of January 6’er to the Stand As Witnesses Against Him! THE BIDEN REGIME HAS NO CONSCIENCE! Exclusive Letter from Wife!!

Only in Biden’s America would the FBI and DOJ use a man’s own teenage children to record and testify against him! 

Guy Reffitt, pictured in the courtroom drawing below, wept uncontrollably as he listened to his son Jackson Reffitt testify against him this past Friday.

Guy Reffitt breaks out in tears as he listens to his son testify against him last Friday.

As America and the rest of the world fixate on Ukraine and Putin in the East, the Biden Regime of the West conveniently and quietly started their first January 6th trail last week against an American Citizen.

“The world is furious over Putin’s persecution of Ukranians, but what about the political persecution going on right here in the United States in a courthouse in Washington, DC as we speak?”, asked Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution.

Please donate to help Reffitt with his continuing legal costs and send prayers here.

A court room drawing of Guy Reffitt at his trial. Reffitt is the first January 6th defendant to go to trial. Sketch courtesy Dana Verkouteren.

Reffitt (who never entered the Capitol building on January 6th) has not seen his son or the rest of his family since he was arrested on January 19th of 2021. He has been held at DC Gulag since. His son’s testimony against him was the first time he had seen the boy in over a year.

Jackson, the son of the defendant, is the Department of Injustice’s key witness in the case they have built against his father.

According to Nicole Reffitt, the wife of Guy Reffitt and mother to Jackson Reffitt:

“Jackson recorded his family home for 8 days following his Dad’s return from DC, and many of the recordings were Jackson provoking his dad into debate, and out and out purposely provoking his dad…all at the behest of the FBI.”

Guy Reffitt with his family before Biden’s DOJ and the FBI used his son Jackson (center) and his youngest daughter as witnesses against their Dad. His daughter Peyton is being subpoenaed against her will.

“Orwell literally wrote about a dystopian future where children were encouraged and praised to report their parents to the State for all manner of thought crimes and other infractions,” said civil rights attorney John Burns. “And, here we are – welcome to 1984.  And I would not hold out any hope that any DOJ prosecutor would disagree with this tactic.  They’re a lot devoid of shame, pity, honor, introspection, and soul.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo interviewed Jackson Reffitt before he was fired from CNN. Cuomo called Jackson a hero for turning in his Dad.

While the Regime’s mainstream media outlets will use their coverage of this trial as a continuation of their quest to annihilate President Trump and his supporters forever, we at The Gateway Pundit reached out to the actual wife of the man on trial and the mother of his children being called as witnesses for a statement.

Below is the must read and tell-all statement directly from the wife of the first January 6th defendant to go to trial.

Please read this unbelievable letter sent to us by Nicole Reffitt and judge for yourself.


My Family and My Country are fractured….and it is time for the mending to begin. 

My family was what most people would say a ‘typical’ American family. My husband Guy and I have been married since November 2000, and have raised, proudly, three really wonderful, spirited, mindful children Sarah, Jackson, and Peyton. We have traveled the world together, seen and experienced so many adventures…all of us together…Guy and I thought that is how our family would always face the world…together.

But, when our travels abroad ended and we settled into suburbia in Texas, Sarah had just graduated from A Levels, Jackson was going into his freshman year of high school, Peyton into 7th grade…..and Trump was elected President that November.  It was very evident from the dialogue of our son Jackson that many peers, and teachers he was identifying with were anti-Trump, and in most cases just anti.  Guy and I have always been pro USA, pro life, pro constitution….Jacks attitude concerned us, but as with most young people their minds and ideology can be very open to ideas of “progressive” thought, Guy and I thought as he grew as person he would have a more clear view of what “progressive” actually means.

As Jackson’s high school years passed, so did President Trump’s term in office, and the division in my family grew. 

During Covid lockdown the division became more pronounced, and by the time the summer of 2020 came around there was a debate or argument from Jacks almost everyday…as a family we have never backed away from debate, or free thought…we wanted our kids to feel free to debate, express, respect and defend their beliefs…no matter what.  Guy and Jacks were definitely butting heads about the cultural and political aspects of the events during the summer of 2020.

As the tensions of 2020 boiled over, so did the tensions in my family. Jackson was going to local BLM rallys, and Guy was going to protect  local businesses and property. Jackson always protested peacefully, no damage to person or property…Guy was always respectful for Jacksons or anyones right to protest.  In August of 2020 Jacks turned 18 declared himself a democratic socialist, and a Bernie fan….so once again just a young person, with a young persons mind.  After the questionable election in 2021 there was much debate in our home, and is was always welcome.  Guy and I decided in December of 2020 that we needed to have a voice of protest on the integrity of our election and a redress of our grievances….and our son Jackson sent a tip to the FBI that his dad was going to DC for Stop the Steal rally.

Guy did go to DC, he was there on 1/6 to protest what he and I felt was a stolen election.  While me and the kids are watching the events of 1/6 unfold on TV….Jackson gets a phone call from the FBI…unknown to me or his sisters.  The FBI gives my 18 year old son an address of a coffee shop to meet with him, and he says to me that he is going to his girlfriend’s house….we have no idea that Jacks is meeting with the FBI.

The events of that day played out- Guy returned to his hotel- and Jacks returned home home from his meeting with the FBI.  All of a sudden Jackson is very interested in everything related to his Dad and when he will be home?? And what his Dad was doing that day?? Guy returned home on the 8th of January, and Jackson began recording private conversations in our home, taking pictures of our gun safe, and different electronics we had around the house.  Jackson at 18 would not fathom to take pictures of items in his own home unless he was influenced to do so…what would be the motive?? except to give information the FBI wanted??  Why did Jackson start taking pictures after he met with the FBI??  Why would Jackson go onto his sister’s phone and takes screen shots of her private conversations with her Dad and send to the FBI??  Because they influenced a young impressionable mind to do so.  Jackson recorded his family home for 8 days following his Dad’s return from DC, and many of the recordings were Jackson provoking his dad into debate, and out and out purposely provoking his dad…all at the behest of the FBI.  When the FBI raided our home in the early morning hours of January 16th, everyone was home except Jacks.  The counter-terrorism team with flash bangs and a battering ram tactical vehicle came in with guns pointed and took my family out of the house in the bitter cold, and took my husband, their father away.  We were shocked, scared…the FBI then went through our home for 8hours, taking pictures and what they considered evidence against Guy.  Jackson showed up about four hours into the raid, and walked in the house with his backpack on all the way into the kitchen area before an agent asked him to take his backpack off, this was my first clue Jacks had something to do with the raid.  Jackson acted as if he was shocked this was happening, and then went to another room with a FBI agent, I thought to give a statement, I still had no idea he had already met with the FBI  on the 6th.  It wasn’t until my daughter Peyton and I were subpoenaed to testify in front of a grand jury, and Jackson was not, that the feeling I had when I saw him walk into the kitchen with his backpack on washed all over me.  I just kept pleading in my head for it not to be him, but my heart was breaking.  While Peyton and I were in East Texas testifying, Jackson came home and moved his things out of the house.  My heart was broken.  Why would he move out?? Who influenced him to get his things while his family was gone from the house….I know it was the FBI.  A day after Jacks moved out he was on CNN telling his story to Chris Cuomo, and Cuomo telling him he was a hero, and so brave to turn his Dad in to “save our democracy”. We were devastated.

From that moment on, the FBI had more of a relationship with our son than we have been able to.  Even though his dad has been detained since January 2021, the FBI has made Jackson believe that if we know where he is, then he could be in danger from us or people we know. My son believes he was under protective custody, but he was not, his mail, his phone, that was under our families plan was still his number, the deposit receipt to his apartment came to our address…this is not someone who is in protective custody.  But, the FBI influenced my son to stay away from his family until a plea or trial.  Well, Guy will never take a plea, and we go to trial tomorrow February 28th.  Over the course of the last year, I have not seen my son or my husband, the FBI and DOJ have literally ripped my family apart, and they have subpoenaed our 17 year old daughter to testify for the prosecution.  She is not against her Dad, but the government using our children against their Father makes my blood boil, and my heart heavy.  It is dirty business if the government needs a citizens children to testify against them to get a conviction for protesting peacefully.  To subpoena our daughter, and put her through being on the stand at such a young age , with media outlets saying she is testifying against her dad and all the speculation that Guy is a horrible father and a terrorist is a lot to wrap your head around, especially when you adore your Dad.  The FBI used my son to create a narrative about his Dad not an actual case, and as the trial begins this week I pray for courage for Peyton and for the truth to prevail.  I can’t wait to see my son, and my Guy….I pray daily for the government to be out of my families lives and the FBI s hold over our son to be over.  It has been a very long, emotional 14 months, but with the trial ahead, I feel hopeful that as a family we can begin to heal, without the FBI or DOJ manipulating my families emotions and feelings.  Please keep my family in prayer and positive thought as we walk through this fire as unified as we can, and free from the clutches of the FBI and DOJ.

Nicole Reffitt

          Wife of Political Prisoner #376782


Please donate and help Reffitt and his wife with their continuing legal costs HERE.

According to civil rights attorney John Burns, calling a defendant’s minor children against them is highly unusual.

“To say it’s unusual is an understatement,” said Burns.  “It’s permissible for a prosecutor to call a defendant’s child as a witness against him, but it’s highly immoral and cowardly in all but perhaps sex abuse cases. More to the point, it’s the height of barbarism.  It’s a move that betrays the Department of Justice’s moral bankruptcy and desperation –  the DOJ clowns’ best hope for a conviction is a depraved attempt to turn a man’s minor children into spies for the State.  I would mock it as pathetic, if it weren’t so despicable.”

“The FBI manipulated a teenage boy to entrap his father and that is revolting,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “Every single American should be disgusted and enraged. Not only has the current Department of Injustice and FBI aka the KBG have turned American Citizens against each other, but also American families- in this case a father and his teenage son from a close-knit family. They capitalized on a teen’s natural rebellion to entrap an American Citizen. The agents who did this are disgraceful beyond measure.”

Many question why the Government chose to try this J6 case first.

“They probably feel confident they have done the legwork to compile sufficient “evidence” against Reffitt to win their first case and set a precedent for the other trials, even though they have used completely unethical means to do so,” said Newsmax host and J6 advocate John Tabacco.  “I am hoping this jury sees through the prosecution and finds Reffitt ‘not guilty’, sending the message that convincing a teenage boy to tape record his father that he is at political odds with is NOT acceptable to convict a man on federal charges of this magnitude.”

“There is little to no evidence to convict any of the defendants in front of a reasonable jury of peers,” said Ryan. “They need to entrap citizens and use unethical, borderline illegal means to build their case. They literally bugged this man’s house by convincing his kid to record him.”

The trial of Guy Reffitt will continue on this week as Reffitt’s daughter Peyton is likely to be called to the stand on Monday. Peyton is being called by the prosecution to confirm statements her Dad made that were heard on Jackson’s recordings, like her Dad saying he would “shoot her phone” if she posted on social media about him.

“He just says things,” Peyton Reffitt had said of her father Guy in a past interview. “He talks a lot. That’s just him being a drama queen.”

Peyton said she never felt threatened by her Dad. Those close to the matter confirmed she does not want to testify but has no choice in the matter.

Nicole Reffitt with her and Guy’s daughters Peyton and Sarah.

According to those close to Reffitt he is a “bravado type” that talks a lot but would never hurt anyone- the type who’s mouth has gotten him into more trouble that his actual actions.

“If I can be convicted of having a foul mouth, I was never truly a free man.” said Guy Reffitt.

According to defense lawyers, Reffitt was drinking alcohol and on medication when discussing January 6th with his son and being secretly recorded at the family home.

“Isn’t it true your dad rants a lot?” Guy Reffitt’s Defense Attorney William Welch asked Jackson during cross-examination.

“Yes, he does,” Jackson Reffitt replied. He acknowledged that his dad drank “casually” almost every night and takes an anti-anxiety drug, Xanax.

According to those close to the matter, Reffitt is hopeful to mend things with his son Jackson after the trial and remains hopeful there will be a positive outcome with the verdict.

“I love you all and we will overcome,” he wrote to his wife. “NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER.”

Please stay tuned as we will provide updates this week on the trail of Guy Reffitt.

Please donate and help Reffitt family with legal costs and send prayers to them HERE.

The Reffitt family.


Cara Castronuova

Cara Castronuova is a co-Founder of C.A.P.P. (Citizens Against Political Persecution and The People’s January 6th Commission. She is an Activist, Investigative Journalist, 2-Time Boxing Champion, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Television Personality. You can watch her on Newsmax at 10PM EST every Saturday night on “Wiseguys”. You can follow her on & Twitter or Instagram  @CaraCastronuova. She is currently banned on Fakebook & suing them for defamation of character.  You can contact her via the C.A.P.P. website at www.CitizensAPP.us or www.caracastronuova.com if you have any tips or would like to volunteer.



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