Hear Jake Lang And His Attorney Describe His Past 17 Months Without Bail

Special Guest Article Written by Brian J. Pfail

The polarizing politicization surrounding January 6th has led to the denial of due process and the incarceration of hundreds of protestors. The “insurrection” is said to be among the likes of Pearl Harbor and 9/11, at least according to the Vice President. Edward “Jake” Lang, a 27-year-old Hudson Valley man caught in between the crossfire, lies within his cell, alone for 22 hours a day, only with his Bible, pen and paper.

On several occasions, he has been cast into solitary confinement without any justification of disciplinary action. Mr. Lang has also been transferred to eight different detention facilities over the course of the last 17 months, making it even more difficult for him to establish communication with his attorney.

Mr. Lang was arrested on January 16, 2021, by the FBI, without any state agency involvement. His attorney, Steven Metcalf, tried to negotiate for bail, but the government expanded upon its interpretation of the Bail Reform Act, scrutinizing the defendant’s statements made after January 6th.

Read Attorney Steven Metcalf’s memorandum appealing Jake’s detention here. 

Metcalf said: “they used [Jake’s] words after the fact in a way to deny him bond.”

All the necessities required for bond were met: lack of existing priors except for a non-violent misdemeanor, close family ties, and an established living arrangement. Mr. Metcalf went so far as to say “there was absolutely no way in hell” that the government would consent to a release.

Mr. Lang, a social media influencer, garnered support from two individuals he allegedly saved, 46-year-old Tommy Tatum and 27-year-old Philip Anderson. Both men have signed sworn affidavits. Mr. Tatum said it unfolded while he was videotaping the event. He was pushed to the front of the barrage of protesters.

“That’s when all the cops pushed everybody back. All the protesters knocked into each other on the steps,” said Mr. Tatum.

“My left leg was pinned on the top rail and step.”

That was when he saw 34-year-old Roseanne Boyland bleeding from her mouth and nose.

Hear Tommy Tatum personally describe his peril and identify Jake Lang as his rescuer for the first time below:

The D.C. Medical Examiner’s Office concluded Ms. Boyland died from “acute amphetamine intoxication,” although video footage shows Ms. Boyland was repeatedly hit with a baton over the head by D.C. Metro Officer Lila Morris. Ms. Boyland’s sister Lonna said she and her family disagreed with the report’s findings.

Find out why Roseanne Boyland’s family disagreed in this exclusive video interview below. (Disclaimer: This video contains graphic content.)

According to Mr. Lang, the clash between protesters occurred on the east side of the Capitol, particularly at the West Terrace Tunnel. 

“People were trying to leave the tunnel, and their backs were turned to the police. But the crowd was swelling in from the front of the tunnel,” said Mr. Lang. “People who were at the very front near the cops couldn’t get out. It was kind of like a wedge scenario.” 

Protesters were herded down the narrow walkway, resulting in people being stampeded. Mr. Lang yelled to the officers, 

“We’re getting smushed to death. We can’t breathe.” 

According to Mr. Lang, officers persisted with rounds of pepper spray and baton melees.

“I was picking people up left and right, even on the floor myself a couple of times, shielding people on the ground from being stampeded and getting stepped on myself,” said Mr. Lang.

“It was like war, real-life war.”

See Philip Anderson describing his rescue from among the pile of bodies subjected to brutalities as it appears on film. (Time Stamp 1:49-1:53., Courtesy J6Truth.org) (Disclaimer: This video contains graphic content.)

Lang portrayed the scene as a “back and forth between the protestors and the police.”

Eventually, the police pushed the protesters to the end of the tunnel, where Mr. Lang sought to assist those in need.

He and others involved in January 6th noted 4:20 p.m. specifically as the turning of the tide.

“The cops used this kind of spray like a charged capsicum spray,” he said, “It created a reverse stampede because there was no air inside the tunnel to breathe.”

Mr. Lang said the police “were doing a very forward-like march, coordinated, beating people with batons and pushing them over.”

Not much later, Mr. Lang saw the bodies of Philip Anderson and Roseanne Boyland hanging out of the tunnel.

 “I was yanking on her and pulling on her and in between yanks and pulls trying to dislodge her from the bottom of the dogpile,” said Mr. Lang.

Ultimately, he realized she was dead and proceeded to save Mr. Anderson.

“I bear-hugged him, and as I’m maneuvering over this staircase handrail, the cops are pepper-spraying me. People are throwing stuff at the cops, and the cops are throwing sticks and stuff back at us.” 

Mr. Lang and his attorney Mr. Metcalf firmly believe the charges against him are politically motivated. Mr. Lang said:

“They’re using me and the other January 6 men as a forewarning if you ever stand up and assert your liberty, assert your rights to demand free and fair elections.” 

He went on to mention a ten-year plea deal, asserting furthermore that he is being used as an example. 

“We peacefully stood up. We used our First Amendment right, and they attacked us, and we defended ourselves.”


Watch this short street interview below (taken May 4), with Attorney Metcalf. He describes additional motions filed in Jake Lang’s trial (Courtesy Corinne Cliford.)


Attorney Steven Metcalf: “Today we were in front of Judge Nichols and filed a motion to dismiss Count 9, which is the 1512 count on behalf of Edward Jacob Lang. Every one of his appearances since 2022 have been in person, so we are here at the courthouse today. We have a motion scheduled on that motion, and for the first time in 15 months, we were able to get permission for Mr. Edward Jacob to hug and embrace his father today. So it was an impactful moment. We are glad that the court allowed such to happen, and we look forward to the outcome of quite a few motions we have filed on behalf of Mr. Lang.”

Jake’s next court-date–a pre-trial conference–takes place December 19 at 10 a.m. in Courtroom 19, D.C. District Court. His trial is scheduled for January 9, 2023 at 9 a.m. in the same location with Judge Carl Nichols.

Click the link here to donate to Jake’s Legal assistance fund: https://www.givesendgo.com/J6truth

Brian J. Pfail is a freelance reporter and a contributor to the New York Sun and the Federalist. He covers a wide variety of topics primarily focused on crime and local politics. He is a Long Island native residing in Ronkonkoma, NY. Follow him on Twitter at @brian_pfail , GETTR @brianpfail, and at  www.brianpfail.com



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