Grandmother of 5 from Indiana Is First “Insurrectionist” to Be Sentenced in Jan. 6 Protests — FOR WALKING INSIDE US CAPITOL!

On Wednesday, a grandmother of 5 from Indiana, Anna Morgan Lloyd will plead guilty to one misdemeanor charge for ‘demonstrating in a capitol building” in exchange for 3 years of probation and a $500 fine.

This is only after the politicized Biden-DOJ held her in jail for 2 days, letting her go after she had “expressed contrition for her conduct.”
Morgan-Lloyd was arrested in February after a Greene County Indiana Sheriff’s Office employee tipped off the FBI as being someone ‘who posted about the Capitol riot’ online after Morgan-Lloyd had applied for a firearm permit.
In a sentencing memo, federal prosecutors explained how Morgan-Lloyd was inside a hallway of the building for about 10 minutes, did not commit any violence or destroy any property, and did not coordinate or plan her actions beforehand.
For standing inside she was charged with 4 counts. In her plea deal, the prosecution is also requesting that as part of her probation she is unable to purchase a firearm.
She is the first of over 400 people awaiting trial who were charged that had entered the capitol building on Jan. 6th.
They won’t stop until every Trump-supporting American pays with their constitutional rights.
The left is stepping up their efforts to crack down on patriots who were at the event. Nancy Pelosi just announced they would be forming a ‘select committee” to look into the events of that day. This is on the heels of the senate rejecting legislation that would have established a ‘Jan. 6th Commission’ to continue the witch hunt.
As far as we know, this seems to be the only “insurrection” in history that involved sweet harmless grandmothers.


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