George Soros Attorney Prosecutes Jan-6er in DC Gulag on Made-Up Charges! …Please Help This Man WIN!

Guest article written by Kelly Wilde, originally published by Cara Castronuova, The Gateway Pundit.

A Minneapolis man, Brian Mock who was arrested last June for his involvement in the January 6th Capitol protest has released a letter to the public from the depths of solitary confinement. Originally a Minnesota Magistrate judge ordered him released, but prosecutors were out for blood and made sure he was sent to DC Gitmo.

Mock’s prosecutor Amanda Jawad was a defense attorney for George Soros (when she was with Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in 2014)—which may clarify why she is so sadistically chasing several defendants from the 6th with complete disregard for Constitution and law.

Mock will go toe-to-toe with the Soros deep state prosecutor in a David vs. Goliath-like battle as he is currently being forced to act as his own defense attorney against the Federal Government aka the Biden Regime. Due to lack of finances and a horrific experience with a lunatic liberal public defender, Mock spends day and night in his tiny cell in complete solitary confinement writing motions to defend himself against the deep state.

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***We must help this man defeat evil and get him a Conservative Attorney before the demonic Department of Justice further traps him into incriminating himself, like they are known to do!

Please donate and help Brian HERE as he fights for his life and freedom in DC Gitmo.

Brian before his detainment in prolonged solitary confinement at DC Gitmo.

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FBI investigators relied on two still images to justify three felony and six misdemeanor charges against Mock. One of the misdemeanor charges—theft of government property—was brought because Mock moved two discarded shields away from an area so that no one could use them as a weapon. When one singular video finally surfaced, it showed Mock never made contact with officers he was alleged to have assaulted. 

Like many of the Jan 6 defendants, Mock has been at the mercy of apathetic and antagonistic public defenders. As of September he made the decision that representing himself pro se was the better alternative than subjecting himself to the mercy of a leftist public defender. The DC jail has been doing everything it can to withhold discovery, withhold access to writing utensils for filing motions, and withhold deliveries of legal documents to thwart him.

Brian Mock is a father of four young men, whose faces he hasn’t seen in seven months. He runs a lawn, landscape and snow removal company. Three days before the Capitol protest, on January 3rd, 2021, he responded to a comment on Facebook, “Call me mad. Make fun of me. I believe it is madness to look around at all that is happening and to sit idly by while our country our lives, future and the future of our children is ripped out from under us….  We arent mad… we are painfully aware.”

Three days later his life would change. 

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Here is his full statement.

To the West of the DC jail lies the Congressional Cemetery, surrounded by an aged brick wall. From a second story window, one can see a handful of weathered gravestones peeking out through the branches of pine, maple and other assorted trees. There’s a lamppost to the Southwest where a hawk occasionally perches, scanning the edges of the overgrowth for his next scurrying meal. The sunsets, as one notices when given the ability to sit and watch them, are often beautiful. The common place become daily rituals, this one marking the passage of time as the stars and moon start their slow march to claim their spots in the night sky.

It’s in these moments, gazing West into a brilliant purple sky, accented by deep pink clouds and a !  amber glow, that if I look hard enough and tilt my head just so, I can see a thousand miles away into the heart of Minnesota. Virginia is my home state and will always have a big piece of my heart but I’ve lived in Minnesota for over 20 years. As an adopted son, I have the benefit of being able to look at Minnesota objectively. It is, in my estimation, a state of contradictions that run from wonderful to wonderfully lame in a perfect seamless harmony. 

From 1st Ave to Paisley Park, you will be hard pressed to find a person who won’t proclaim Prince the greatest musician ever…except for maybe Bob Dylan, he’s from Ely, MN dontcha know?! You can find the little house on the prairie and the SPAM museum. Note: Laura Ingalls Wilder did NOT invent SPAM despite my best efforts to start that rumor. We don’t have the world’s largest ball of twine, much to my chagrin. That honor lies with our neighbors in Wisconsin. Yes, I have driven out of my way to take a selfie with that giant ball of twine because I have taste in odd roadside attractions. MN does have a giant cherry resting inside an equally giant spoon, overlooking the Minneapolis skyline, conveniently visible off Hwy 94 so no unnecessary driving is necessary. MN is considerate like that, probably having to do with it’s strong Midwest values. You can visit a museum in Judy Garland’s hometown but you won’t see Dorothy’s ruby slippers because local thieves broke in and stole them years ago and then ditched them when they realized selling stolen, rare Americana isn’t feasible in a small town. If you’re adventurous and own scuba gear, they’re rumored to have been sealed in a paint can which is currently resting at the bottom of one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. There’s some sort of metaphor for the American dream lurking in that story, but I’ll leave that for another time.

Throughout the state you have interspersed and sometimes clashes of new and old, urban and rural, Conservative Midwest values and Progressive ideals. Cutting edge research at Rochester’s Mayo Clinic and the bustling commerce of the Twin Cities sit in stark contrast to the countless miles of farmland, prairie and small towns all dotted with lakes and crossed by rivers. Minnesota is viewed as a solidly blue state, having the distinction as the only state that never voted for Reagan. While it was Mondale country, Minnesota has more recently run the gamut politically, from Jesse Ventura, to Michelle Bachman, to Ilhan Omar. Like so many other places, MN represents a microcosm of America, with various people and groups from one extreme to the other and all points in between struggling to be heard, to instill their voice, their views, their legacy and their brand of government into the American experience. The unions, the lobbyists, the farmers, Hmongs, Somalis, African Americans, Hispanics, Churches, LGBTQ, Small business, Corporations, environmentalists, miners and on and on. All the categories that Americans divide themselves into or let themselves get divided into, all convinced they have it all figured out and that everyone else is wrong. All these unique people, all so different and yet all so similar inexorably thrust together creating an awesomely weird milieu, where evert few years people come together and decide red or blue.

My experiences in Minnesota have changed my views on a number of issues. Since getting arrested, I’ve changed even more. If I’m honest, I’ve always been open and my views on almost everything have changed and adapted over time as I’ve experienced more of the world, educated myself, met new people, etc. I feel people should be open, willing and quite frankly wanting to change as they grow and presumably become wiser with age and experience. I’m troubled by the apparent growing number of people who are unwilling to learn, adapt and change. The polarization of this country has split us into two camps and nobody can ever waiver or change their opinion on anything, regardless of circumstances or facts. Nothing can simply be and nobody can do or say anything without the onslaught of the digital judge, jury and executioners, ripping it apart, politicizing it to fit their needs, showing America how it’s wrong, why offense should be taken, demanding an apology and the subsequent destruction of the “offender”. 

So, that’s where I find myself, as the “offender”. It is a daily mixture of odd, unfair and frustrating. You sit on the sidelines as strangers falsely accuse you of every evil they can conjure up, while others in the gallery spit venom with a self righteous, gleeful hate because they’re convinced that you are the enemy and it’s their job be the most offended. It’s quite something to behold.  The lies I’ve been subjected to by politicians, the media and others and the subsequent reactions by complete strangers has made me question everything I’ve ever been told or influenced to think about any other person or event. If they got it all wrong about me and Jan 6, seemingly purposefully, what else did the get wrong? Some of it? All of it??

I am one of the very few people in the world who witnessed the George Floyd riots in Minnesota firsthand and was also at the Capitol on Jan 6. It is truly amazing how wrong the politicians and the media portrayed both events. I don’t need to go into all the details here. If you are of at least average intelligence and do a little bit of research, the truth is readily available. What is more concerning is just how differently we, as Jan 6’ers, are treated. People are being held without bond for glorified trespassing charges. Supposedly, as a detained “offender”, I represent the worst of the worst, as bad as the 9/11 hijackers yet my charges amount to 2 alleged pushes. The very worst charges I have been able to find against anyone pale in comparison to what I witnessed the police do to unarmed, peaceful citizens. This doesn’t diminish any charges or suggest that everyone present was innocent. However, it is disconcerting to say the least that the government has simply ignored the Bail Reform Act and all precedent to come up with new stricter standards for detention just for the events of Jan 6. Most of the people detained, including myself, have charges that pale in comparison to what happened the prior year in Minneapolis and in cities all over the country. If my charges and my actions are the benchmark for detention, then there should be hundreds of thousands of people locked up awaiting trial.

I should not be detained. Quite frankly, if it wasn’t for the politics, I’d never have been arrested but the politicians and the media demanded a scapegoat. So here I sit, in solitary confinement. I represent myself Pro Se, yet I’ve been denied access to a vast majority of my discovery. I have no access to a computer, printer, copier or law library. I am unable to file documents, research the law, investigate my case, interview witnesses or defend myself in any sort of meaningful way. I was given a pocket Constitution by a fellow detainee. It is one of my prized possessions and a source of tentative hope. In all ways it seems to have been beaten down, trampled and left for dead but I prefer to think of it on life support. My hope is that when I finally get to speak that the truth and that worn out pocket Constitution, clinging to life, will be enough to compel the court to set me free. 

I’m not a terrorist or an insurgent. I never thought I’d have to clarify that. I’m nobody’s enemy. Nobody needs to hate or fear me, regardless of what any politician, media outlet or anyone else says. My political beliefs are not extreme and actually lie pretty dead center. Yet there is some unspoken need in this digital age for everyone to be extreme based on their support of a candidate or policy and they are immediately pushed far right or far left accordingly. The media, politicians and internet trolls have no use for anyone center left or center right and will crucify anyone from both sides who identifies as such, just as Bill Mahr.

I’m a regular guy, who runs a landscape company and plows snow in the winter because that’s what landscapes do in the winter in Minnesota. So, as the sun sets and I stare into the distance, the Minnesota I see is in the faces of my four boys. It’s in my dog Charlie (a black lab/border collie mix) on the couch, trying to get my girl’s attention to the fact that he desperately needs his belly scratched. It’s little league games, hockey rinks, school plays, band concerts and birthday parties. It’s playing guitar on the porch after grilling up dinner on a summer evening.

I look forward to the day when my actions on Jan 6 can be discussed openly and the full videos shown to the public. When they are, people should be outraged and frightened by the actions taken against me. Anyone could find themselves in my place, persecuted, denied all due process, presumed guilty and punished before a trial. I love this country but I am thoroughly ashamed of our government. I take hope and comfort in the outpouring of support from complete strangers in the US and even internationally. I cannot adequately express my feelings of gratitude for all the prayers, cards, letters and support. It’s the kind of response that at it’s heart is the best of America… it’s hope. It’s the same hope I put in the future for my boys, a thousand miles away, at the edge of a sunset, unaware that I’ll always be there and always worry about them far more than anything that may happen to me. 

Brian Mock

Prisoner 378527

***Please donate to Brian’s GiveSendGo fundraiser and help this man fight for his own life:

Kelly Wilde is an activist and advocate for January 6th Detainees.  She is a writer and volunteer for Citizens Against Political Persecution – check out the website  Contact Kelly with any tips or comments at [email protected].


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