Gabe Sterling Tried to Tell Us Stuffing Ballots 2 and 3 times in Voting Machines in Atlanta on Election Night was Fine – A Georgia Judge Today Disagreed

Gabe Sterling played a key role in the Georgia election sham.  He was hired and rehired and rehired again all for a specific purpose.  He is now beginning to feel the heat.

In late April Gabriel Sterling (R), Georgia’s former Statewide Voting System Implementation Manager, spoke out against the audit in Arizona.

Why did an election official in Georgia, thousands of miles away from Maricopa County in Arizona, open his mouth, and attack what is the most comprehensive, detailed, multi-faceted, detailed, and transparent forensic elections’ audit, the first of its kind in American history?
Because Gabe Sterling knew Georgia was next.
Today a judge in Georgia ordered that an audit of Georgia’s Fulton county absentee ballots move forward because based on an initial sample 21% of the ballots reviewed being duplicates.

Breaking: Georgia Judge Calls for Forensic Audit of Fulton County Ballots After Large Discrepancies Found in Ballot Batches

Remember, Sterling was the guy, that Statewide Voting System Implementation Manager, who was specifically hired to work side-by-side with Dominion Voting Systems in every Georgia countyimplementing Georgia’s brand new 30,000 unit, $107 million system, purchased in July 2019.  Under Project Manager Sterling, that $107M paycheck to Dominion rose to $133M,after Sterling negotiated the purchase of thousands of additional voting machines, scanners and voter check-in tablets,” according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
But some individuals have concerns with Sterling and Secretary of State Raffensperger.  Attorney Lin Wood, formerly of Georgia, tore open the country’s eyes when he sent out a series of tweets on December 5, 2020, a month after the November 3 election (Wood’s tweets are no longer available as his Twitter account was suspended):

There are traitors in our midst. @GaSecofState & @GabrielSterling are guilty of aiding & abetting foreign interference in our national election.

Brad & Gabriel are on the payroll of Communist China. Follow the money. Connect the dots.
Brad & Gabriel are traitors.
Lock them up.
— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 5, 2020

Wood is renowned for pulling no punches. He’s a nationally famous defamation attorney and since no lawsuits have been filed against him by Raffensperger or Sterling, that we know of, we have every reason to believe he is simply speaking the truth.
Gabe Sterling was hired for his job as the SoS COO (Chief Operations Officer) by Raffensperger shortly after he was elected SoS in November 2018, filling the spot left vacant by Brian Kemp (R), who moved up to become Georgia’s governor. The COO is in charge of budgetary, human resources, and administrative operations for the Secretary of State’s office.
After this Sterling was moved to a contract employee and then on January 1 of this year was moved to COO and CFO of the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.  This was noted in our post below:

What Happened to $16 Million Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Office Received Before the 2020 Election?

So, who is this guy Gabe Sterling?
Well, Lin wood elaborated some more:

Why does @GabrielSterling not have GA government email? He is Voting System Implementation Manager for GA. Runs show for @GaSecofState.
Gabriel’s gmail address is NOT subject to GA Open Records Act. Straight out of Hillary Clinton playbook. P.S. Hillary is a Communist too.
— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 5, 2020

Earlier on, in November, Lin Wood had raised the red flag about Sterling and $10+M:

Hey, @GabrielSterling, you don’t have State of GA email??? How does your company, Sterling Innovative, make money? Did you or your company receive any of this $10+M grant? Implementation Manager??? What do you do except go on TV to deny the clear voting fraud in GA?#FightBack

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) November 24, 2020

We can summarize that Sterling had a gmail account so everything Sterling as a state employee sent and received via any private email account escaped the public’s scrutiny and would remain a secret. If the public submits an Open Records Act request of his emails – its right, by law – it will get nothing back because a private email account falls outside the legal scope of such a request.  This clearly must go against some state ethics law.
We know that the use of a private email account was Hillary Clinton’s favorite technique for evading public disclosure and hiding her illicit activities.
On Sterling’s Twitter account, he is now referring to himself as COO/CFO for the Georgia Secretary of State, contradicting the state of Georgia’s employee directory.  Usually, the positions of COO and CFO are held by two entirely different people. What’s up here and why the contradictory job titles?
Furthermore, at some point in 2020 Sterling was being referred to as Georgia’s Statewide Voting System Implementation Manager. The Atlanta Journal revealed that Sterling’s contract expired on December 31, 2020 at which point he returned to his previous state job at the SoS’s office as COO.
Therefore, Sterling was still the point person with Dominion for the state of Georgia and the SoS’s office throughout the November election.
Why did Raffensperger shift Sterling from being a state employee in November 2019 – his COO, a job Sterling had held for less than a year – and immediately insert him back into the system as an independent contractorthe Statewide Voting System Implementation Managerjust so Sterling could specifically work as a contractor with Dominion, rollout their new $133M system and then work side-by-side with Dominion staff during and after the Nov. 3 election, all during the period November 2019 – December 31, 2020, and then stick Sterling back on the state payroll as COO (or COO/CFO) on Jan. 01, 2021?!
This is a gigantic red flag in anybody’s book, given the egregious reports of election and voter fraud throughout Georgia in the 2020 election:

Five Months Since the Election, Georgia Still Lacks Legally Required Chain of Custody Documentation on 355,000 Votes (Most All Likely for Joe Biden)

In a December 7, 2020, New York Times interview of Sterling by Michael Barbaro,Barbaro asked Sterling to “describe your job and how that job fits into the Georgia election system.”  Sterling replied:

…it was decided we need to move to a paper-based system. And my job was really to kind of herd the cats of launching a system across 159 counties of a brand new technology with a lot more pieces and parts with a paper ballot component and get it all done.
And we were trying— we were struggling to find any project manager for this. Every engineering firm, every company we went to, basically, we could have paid them half a million dollars, and they said— the lawyer’s like, nope, reputational risk is too high. I mean, we get one lawsuit, then we lose the money and we lose the power of our brand. So we couldn’t get anybody to do it. And finally, internally, they said, Gabe, you’ve been running this thing for, essentially, a year anyway. You know all the ins and outs. It’s too late to get somebody new, so why don’t we get somebody hired to do your other stuff as a contractor and you go on to be the project manager for this? And that’s how I became the voting system implementation manager.

Barbaro clarified:

And your job working from within Georgia’s office of the Secretary of State was essentially to be the guy that made sure everything was in place and that it all worked?

Sterling responded “Yes.” It also appears this news reporter at the NYT helped Sterling with obfuscating his independent contractor status. It took the Dec. 29 AJC article to finally get those facts on the table.
Well, that doesn’t explain the fact that Sterling also runs an LLC called Sterling Innovative Solutions and he provided this company’s private email address in an April 15, 2020 letter to the Federal Elections Assistance Commission (EAC) when it awarded the state of Georgia $10,875,912 for Covid-19-related election expenses.
This federal EAC $10.8+M contract has absolutely nothing to do with the rollout of Dominion Voting Systems’ machines, Sterling’s contracted job!
Who actually took possession of that almost $11M? What did it buy and who spent it? A sum that huge could have done a lot for “election integrity” of the wrong sort in the hands of, to use Lin Wood’s words, “traitors in our midst” Raffensperger and Sterling.
Something’s very, very fishy here.
A court might uphold the right of citizens of Georgia in granting an Open Records Act request for anything and everything related to Georgia elections through this email address, [email protected], since it was utilized by Sterling, on the record, while he was clearly conducting official state of Georgia business, to seal the deal on a $10.8+ million grant award with the federal government.
According to the LA Times,”By 1992, at the age of 21, Gabriel Sterling was helping direct President George H.W. Bush’s reelection campaign in Georgia.” That explains a lot. He’s got the right kind of Republican connections, if you’re not a Trump & Make American Great Again supporter.
What’s especially noteworthy about Sterling is that he also appears to be the SoS office’s point person with the cabal of activist, Democrat-controlled nonprofit, “nonpartisan charities,” with groups like the far-left ACLU, All Voting is Local, the LWV and Common Cause, whose social justice warriors rouse their radical, grassroots’ troops to force the implementation of things like ballot harvesting, ID-less voting, absentee ballots for everyone, early voting, and drivers licenses for illegal aliens.
There are lots of anomalies and questions related to Gabe Sterling.  Perhaps Lin Wood sums them all up in one post which exemplifies why Sterling is afraid:

Why does @GabrielSterling tell us that we have lying eyes? The video shows rampant fraud. Why does old Gabriel deny the truth of the video? Bu the way, the video lens eye does not lie. Gabriel does. To be clear, Gabriel is a liar. And a traitor.

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 5, 2020

This incident is why the audit in Fulton County is moving forward today:

UPDATE: Georgia Judge Orders 145,000 Absentee Ballots from Fulton County to Be Scanned to Determine Legitimacy — Case Revolves Around Explosive Dec. Report from Gateway Pundit


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