For Christmas the Jan. 6 DC Prisoners Are Raising Money for the Children of General Population — Please Donate to the Children

For the last three years, The Gateway Pundit has helped J6 political prisoners raise funds for the children of prisoners in the general population of the DC jail where the Patriot Pod is located.

Rather than focusing on their own plight, the J6ers continue to think about others. In 2022, they helped raise $21,000 for Angel Tree.  In 2021, $14,000 was raised.

Let’s help raise even more this Christmas.

This letter is from Jon Mellis in the Patriot Pod at the DC jail.

I’m a J6 detainee being held in the DC jail. I’ve been locked up for nearly 3 years. I live in a pod with dozens of other J6ers that has become known as the Patriot Pod. I have seen dozens of men come through this pod on their way to prison. I’ve watched a retired NYPD officer get sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for one scuffle with a cop, and I’ve watched a man who was not even in DC on January 6, 2021, receive 22 years in prison. I have seen every race, religion, and creed come through this pod. White, black, Latino, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, gay, straight, and even transgender. We are all patriots. We J6ers have been called names like “terrorists,” “insurrectionists,” “racists,” and any other terrible lie.

Most of the men I’ve met are middle-aged, middle-class, blue-collar family men. These are good men who care about their communities. We all love to help others and volunteer for our churches, food banks, disaster relief, etc. Volunteering for a noble cause is one of my favorite things to do. Helping my immediate community brings me a satisfaction that only God can give. Most of the J6ers I’ve met feel the same way. Right now, we live in DC, and this city has become our local community. So, for the Christmas season, we want to show some support for those good people of DC who are having a tough time. I encourage everyone reading this to please help make Christmas a little brighter for them by donating to Angel Tree.

***Please help here.***

What astonishes me about this city is how the levers of power could exist so close to a desperate population living in poverty and crime. It is also quite astonishing that almost every city in America deals with the same issues: fatherless homes, gang problems, drug dealers, shootings, school-to-prison pipeline, and bad police relations. Every city in America is run by Democrats. The judges are Democrats, the Police Chiefs are Democrats, and the Mayors are Democrats. Their solution is to spend more tax dollars on growing the government as they scream that the government is systemically racist or corrupt. That doesn’t make any sense.

I am a proud Trump supporter. I am what Joe Biden calls “ultra MAGA”. I believe in the power of the people. We can make change without growing a corrupt government. For example, we J6ers have brought an amazing amount of positive change to this DC jail. Everything from changing the policy on solitary confinement to exposing the jail conditions resulted in massive changes. For example, the jail is replacing all of the plumbing for better water. The general population inmates thank us all the time. They even express their support for Donald Trump. I’d also like to mention how we J6ers have impacted the DC correctional officers. At first, they hated us. But since then, we have earned their respect, and they love working on our unit. We are the most respectful and well-behaved inmates they’ve ever seen. And we are nothing like CNN was telling them.

***Please help here.***

This Christmas season I want all of us to focus on those less fortunate. Prison Fellowship Angel Tree is a great way to do this. The DC jail is filled with good people who are caught up in a system that does not value them. When Democrats dominate school boards and city councils and spread their Socialist agenda, the good people of DC suffer the most. When a young man grows up in a fatherless home due to Democrat policies only to turn to gang life to survive, my heart breaks. When a young man gets in trouble doing what he feels like he needs to survive and finds himself locked up by the same government that created his problems, my heart breaks. But my heart especially breaks for those young children who get left behind when their father goes to jail. Angel Tree has programs set up to assist these children during the Christmas season. I encourage everyone reading this to please donate to Angel Tree to help give these DC children the smiles they deserve during this special time of year.

The Christmas season is about love, kindness, and generosity. We love this holiday season because it brings smiles and hugs. Let’s help give the children of DC some smiles. Let’s show them that regardless of what side of the political aisle created their misery, MAGA is here to help. Please donate to Angel Tree today.

God bless you all, and have a Merry Christmas,
Jon Mellis from the J6 Patriot Pod

***Please help here.***


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