Footage Shows Further Coordination Between Plainclothes Group Breaking Window

Article Written by Nick Mastrangelo and Laura Elizabeth Jenkins

Footage Provided by Tommy Tatum News

American Gulag recently obtained more footage which looks like plain-clothed individuals appear to be coordinating just moments before they attempt to break through a window on the West Side of the Capitol.

Around timestamp :24, a man with a helmet and white-starred jacket looks like he moves his hand up. This man at the :32 mark then makes eye contact and appears to converse with the individual in front of him- who is wearing sunglasses, a camo hat and black jacket. This second man gestures and appears to raise his right hand.

Moments later, the helmeted man turns around and appears to moves toward the window wielding an asp. He is seen below and appears to be communicating with the individual in the green cap, black glasses, and black mask behind him. This individual looks like they are motioning and pointing with their hands.

Here is a still shot of what appears to be this man, un-masked:

Though the two men in the latter video (:07 mark) look like they are standing apart, it appears clear they were communicating with one another before the incident.

What is the nature of the relationship between these individuals? What were they speaking about just before the window was broken, and why?

In addition, a woman’s voice is heard after what appear to be three short tapping sounds at the window. She says: “Hey, don’t be doing that!”

Eyewitness testimony indicates there appeared to be no police in this area for at least a two-hour period. Why did police seem nowhere to be found when it came to apprehending these individuals? Why do private citizens appear to be on their own when it comes to apprehending those who look like they are about to break windows?


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