Following Acquittal President Trump Is Set to Reemerge – Will His Plans include Republican Party and Its Backstabbers?

After surviving his second junk impeachment attempt by Nancy Pelosi and her band of wild-eyed Marxists, President Trump is reportedly set to reemerge.
Trump remains hugely popular with the Republican base. But the GOP elites are openly working to destroy him and his movement.
Mitch McConnell called for criminal prosecutions against President Trump. Not one single Republican senator spoke out against McConnell and remain more loyal to McConnell than the former president.
House Republican members made it clear where their loyalty lies when they voted for Liz Cheney over President Trump after she voted to impeach Trump and continues to smear him on national TV.
The Republican Party is a mess. They did little to nothing to defend this president when it was OBVIOUS to Trump voters that the election was stolen.
This website, The Gateway Pundit, did more to assist Trump than the GOP did over the past three months.
Despite the challenges ahead, Trump voters remain loyal to President Trump and his mission to make America safe, prosperous and free from the communist assault.
The President’s first work should be to eliminate the backstabbers from the Grand Old Party or to take their voters and launch a new populist party.
Via The AP.

Now acquitted in his second Senate impeachment trial, Trump is preparing for the next phase of his post-presidency life. Feeling emboldened by the trial’s outcome, he is expected to reemerge from a self-imposed hibernation at his club in Palm Beach, Florida, and is eyeing ways to reassert his power.
But after being barred from Twitter, the former president lacks the social media bullhorn that fueled his political rise. And he’s confronting a Republican Party deeply divided over the legacy of his jarring final days in office, culminating in the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol. Searing video images of the day played on loop during his impeachment trial, which ended Saturday.
Trump remains popular among the GOP base, but many Republicans in Washington have cooled to him. Never before have so many members of a president’s party — seven GOP senators, in his case — voted for his removal in a Senate trial…
…Sen. Lindsey Graham, who spoke with Trump on Saturday night, acknowledged that Trump is “mad at some folks,” but also “ready to move on and rebuild the Republican Party” and “excited about 2022.”
In their conversations, Graham has stressed to Trump, who has threatened to start his own party to punish disloyal Republicans, that the GOP needs him to win.


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