FBI Raids Home of Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio at 6 AM – Drag Him Out of His Home in His Underwear – Arrest Him Despite Not Being in DC for Jan. 6 Protests – MEDIA NOTIFIED OF RAID

The Deep State and Biden DOJ are at it again. After peacefully serving his prison sentence related to the high crime of “burning a BLM flag” in Washington DC during a series of peaceful protests in December of 2021, former Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio got a visit from federal law enforcement officials in the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 8th.

According to local news reports, the Afro-Cuban political activist was dragged from bed and arrested in his underwear on charges related to a superseding indictment that is tied to 5 other Proud Boys in relation to the January 6th protests in Washington DC. Tarrio was neither at the capitol during the protests, or involved in any violence during that day, yet the FBI jackboots were sent by the Department of Justice to South Florida to carry out the early morning raid nonetheless.

Funny how local news knew where to be as FBI agents converged on Tarrio’s residence, we’re sure they didn’t get any advanced notice or access to sealed indictments. That’s never happened before… who has ever head of the DOJ coordinating with media to take down high-profile Trump supporters?

This happened on the same day that James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released an undercover video of a New York Times reporter slamming his colleagues for being “bi***s” over January 6th, while also admitting to heavy FBI involvement in the protests.

Project Veritas: NY Times Reporter: Jan. 6 Media Coverage Over-the-Top: “There Were a Ton of FBI Informants Amongst the People who Attacked the Capitol” (VIDEO)

During his stay in the DC jail on the previously mentioned charges, Tarrio later told this GP journalist after his release about the horrendous conditions within the jail, including feces-laced water flooding jail cells and the lack of legally required privacy during inmates meetings with their attorneys.

DC Judge Orders Prominent J6 Political Prisoners Joe Biggs and Ethan Nordean to Notorious DC Gulag From their Local Jails Away from Families

Even the USA Today, and other publications, stated that Tarrio’s arrest was unusual because he was not present during the January 6th protests. However, as much of the media and elected Democrats have reasoned since January of 2021, even constitutionally protected protests (and the planning or execution of the mostly peaceful gathering on January 6th) are actually criminal acts that require extreme punishment of Trump supporters nationwide.

Given the fact that we have not seen any footage of Tarrio returning home or exiting any local jail facilities, we have to believe that the local federal judge overseeing his intake has denied him bond. This is an ongoing story and TGP is working to gather more details as we await further clarification on if Mr. Tarrio will be allowed to remain free as he fights for his innocence, or if the DOJ intends on limiting his ability to defend himself by keeping him in solitary confinement indefinitely like they did as he served out his time in the DC jail.

A subsequent hearing is expected in the coming days.

His supporters have launched a GiveSendGo campaign to raise money for his legal defense, which you can view here.


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