Eye Witness Account on January 6th: Police Fired on Crowd, Gassed Crowd, Baited Crowd but Protesters Remained Peaceful (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this week on Capitol Police hurling tear gas into a crowd of peaceful citizens including women, children and elderly patriots on January 6 at the US Capitol. 
Interesting, isn’t it, that the mainstream media has amplified every police reaction when dealing with Antifa and Black Lives Matter as businesses are destroyed, yet have failed to cover this component of January 6th?
A TGP reader put together the following video from the images he captured that day along with his personal observations.
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From our TGP source:
Location/Time:  I was on the West-side of the building from 1pm to 4pm– from the beginning of the supposed mob attack, to well past the time when USAF veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed by police inside the building.  Many of the images shown by the media come from this side of the building.
The attached video was taken by me personally and documents the below description of what I witnessed.
Stage 1:
When I arrived at the building, I was approximately 30′ from the front edge of the crowd.
The police had an ideal defensive situation, as the Capitol building sits atop a 35’ vertical limestone wall.  To access the Capitol building from my location, you first needed to enter the courtyard 35’ above.

  • The only route to the courtyard was through a single narrow stairwell.
  • The cops needed only to defend the stairwell from above to contain the crowd.

Instead of staying on the high ground, the police defied all tactical logic by going to ground level and directly engaging the peaceful crowd.

  • Then, without warning, police began firing flash/bang grenades, tear gas, and pepper spray into the crowd.
  • Prior to this attack the police made no attempt to communicate with the crowd; they did not declare “an unlawful assembly” or ask the crowd to leave—they simply attacked a peaceful crowd.
  • A tear gas canister struck me in the head, knocking my eyeglasses to the ground.

The police continued to abuse the crowd for 30-45 minutes, allowing the media to get the pictures and video showing the police “repelling” the supposed attack.
It is worth noting, that the police appeared to be baiting the crowd to counterattack because the only visible police were 5-10 very skinny, very unintimidating officers, (definitely NOT the Alpha-male, linebacker types you expect to be riot troops) in front of a crowd of tens of thousands.  You will see a larger police presence at a local high school football game compared to what I saw on the West side of the Capitol building.
However, the crowd remained peaceful.

When the media had their images and it became clear that the crowd was not going to attack the police or the building police tactics changed.

  • The police behavior suddenly changed from “repelling the mob” to becoming tour-guides allowing the people to climb the stairs, enter the courtyard and even enter the building.
  • Obviously, had the protesters stayed on the ground below the courtyard stairwell the narrative of the storming, violent mob overrunning the police would have collapsed.

 Stage 2
The last two scenes in my video are from the courtyard above the 35’ wall and immediately behind the Capitol building.
Please watch carefully for the following: 

  • Everyone entering the courtyard is walking past 4 police officers standing atop the single easily defended stairwell that allows access to the ground below.  The cops are just hanging out talking, while minutes before they had been launching tear gas at the crowd.  There is no sign of aggression, urgency, or running by anyone involved.
  • The mostly middle-aged regular Americans were simply walking calmly with friends.  I saw many in their 50s and 60s and even one couple that had to be in their late 70s.  These are the people that the media and DC establishment would have you believe is a violent mob capable of storming and breaching police defenses.  Many of them probably couldn’t run 50 feet on flat ground.
  • Some of these people were curious enough to enter the Capitol building and reported that cops were present inside and passively observing people walk around the building within the roped off walkways.

The last scene–the group unfolding the gigantic American flag–was taken at 3 PM, about the time Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed inside the building.

  • In other words, at the peak of the claimed “mob-violence.”
  • This scene is less than 50’ from an open door into the Capitol building that people are freely passing in/out of with police approval.

Stage 3
I left the Capitol area at 4 PM by simply walking away from the area.
This was about 3 hours after the police initially attacked the crowd with tear gas and flash/bang grenades.

  • A reasonable person would expect that, with the National Guard already called up the previous day, the authorities would have had plenty of time to surround the building and apprehend any “rioters” trying to escape.
  • However, I saw no police at all as I walked away from the building.

I suspect that arresting a bunch of middle-aged “normies,” grandpas and grandmas wouldn’t have served the narrative that the police and authorities had corruptly staged.


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