EXCLUSIVE: ROGER STONE Hits Back Against Left-Wing Lawfare Using the Courts Against Him and His Ailing Wife

Guest post by Roger Stone

The far-left continues its assault on Roger Stone with a new suit against him and President Trump.

A bogus lawsuit filed against me and President Trump by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, a shady left-wing group with political, rather than legal motives is a textbook example of lawfare, the filing of baseless, groundless, unsubstantiated lawsuits as an effective form of political harassment because it requires those targeted to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend themselves in court. I know personally how debilitating and expensive those legal fees are.

The basic premise of this most recent frivolous civil suit in which the plaintiffs are actually seven Capitol Hill Police Officers recruited to file a baseless and meritless lawsuit by the shady “Lawyer’s Committee For Civil Rights Under Law “is deeply flawed and an abuse of the legal system. I never instructed anyone to hurt or attack anyone at the Capitol, let alone a police officer, on Jan 6 or at any other time, nor did I conspire with anyone to deprive anyone of their civil rights. 

To say this most recent lawsuit pushed by the radical left ‘ Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law ” is very light on facts is an understatement. In fact, their complaint is all baseless editorializing. It essentially alleges that because I am a personal friend of the President, know some members of the Proud Boys, and came into contact with some members of the Oath Keepers, and because I  gave two speeches at legally permitted events on January 5th in full exercise of my free speech rights, that I am somehow liable for injuries that occurred in the illegal events of January 6th.

The lawsuit never actually puts forward any evidence of any official association, action or contact directing, financing, or furthering any attack on the Capitol. Indeed there is none, as Reuters correctly reported only one week ago.

The FBI has found scant evidence that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result, according to four current and former law enforcement officials.

I am being sued for exercising my constitutional right to speak my mind on matters of public concern as guaranteed by the law and the first amendment. It is inarguable that the outcome of a Presidential election is a matter of public concern.

The Capitol Hill Police may have a cognizable claim against some individuals who participated in those illegal events but, as I repeat, any statement, claim, insinuation, or report alleging, or even implying, that I had any involvement in, or knowledge of, the commission of any unlawful acts by any person or group in or around the U.S. Capitol or anywhere in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, is categorically false. There is no evidence to the contrary nor any witness who can truthfully and honestly testify differently. Period.

This latest lawsuit filed by this left-wing front group against me and President Trump is only one of 15 malicious civil lawsuits filed against me since I was first targeted in the politically motivated and ethically corrupt Mueller investigation.

Two lawsuits that alleged without evidence that I collaborated with ‘ the Russians and Wikileaks to pass hacked DNC e-mails to the Trump campaign were dismissed for lack of any actual evidence to support this assertion, other than the old delusional Huffington Post stories. So it is with this latest political attack on me in the form of a lawsuit.

As the long-hidden and redacted sections of the Special counsel’s final report made public at midnight on November 3, 2020, only by court order, admitted that Mueller, with his unlimited legal reach and authority, had found “no factual evidence” to support that charge. Buzzfeed admitted I was “vindicated” but the outlets who smeared me as a traitor reported…nothing.

Now those very same media outlets and leftist agitators who insisted baselessly that I was a traitor for two years and then sought to connect me by “guilt by association” to the illegal events of January 6th are apoplectic about the Reuters report that the FBI has found no evidence to support this theory.

My defense and epic escape from the deadly snare so carefully set by Robert Mueller and Congressman Adam Schiff virtually bankrupted my wife and me. Internet censorship and de-platforming have made it far more difficult to recover financially by selling my books and monetizing my online commentary. I am now not only fighting this latest abuse of our legal system but my wife and I are also being sued in a completely sensationalized and inaccurate civil suit filed by the Biden Justice Department pertaining to our 2007 and 2018 taxes. This baseless tax suit is a fraud upon the Court, too.

“The Case Against Me Is Motivated by Blood Lust” – Roger Stone Responds to Latest Attack from Federal Prosecutors

Adding to this burden of relentless assaults from Democrats, the Biden DOJ, and the deep state and their cohorts in the fake news media is my wife’s shocking and sudden diagnosis of stage 4 cancer.


Most of the truly effective holistic and homeopathic, all-natural therapies to boost cancer patients’ immunity such as intravenous vitamin infusions as well as specifically developed THC/CBD therapy are expensive.  Friends and patriots who want to support my wife in her epic struggle with cancer can contribute at StoneFamilyFund.com

Those patriots who want to support my wife and me in our continuing epic legal struggle with a vengeful and corrupt federal government and their cohorts in the fake news media can donate at StoneDefenseFund.com

Please help Roger Stone and his family this Labor Day Weekend as they fight off the evil attacks from Left-Wing Lawfare and the US government.


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