EXCLUSIVE: ROGER STONE FIRES BACK at the January 6th Committee’s Smear

Guest post by ROGER STONE

Once again, the elaborately produced January 6th Committee television show-trial has used sleight of hand and “guilt by association” to try to tie me to illegal activities at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. They failed.

The hype surrounding this hearing by Rolling Stone, NPR, the Washington Post, the New York Times and others insisted the hearing would prove that I was the connection between the President, the Trump White House and those arrested for breaking into the Capitol on January 6th. No such proof was produced because none exists.

Their assertion is that simply because I know members of the Proud Boys and came in contact with members of the Oath Keepers, means I must have had some advance knowledge of the illegal activities of some of their members on January 6th. This is false and there is no conversation, phone call, text message, encrypted message, witness, or documentary film footage that would prove otherwise.

By their reasoning, If the fact that I know or had photos taken with members of the Proud Boys or had contact with members of the Oath Keepers means I am an insurrectionist then Adam Schiff’s association and photos with Ed Buck means he is guilty of the murder of young gay Black men. It’s absurd.

That the Oath Keepers voluntarily provided security for me on January 5th because of my inability to obtain the services of the off-duty D.C. police officers that I used for this purpose during my trial, which was made public by me again proves nothing. It’s a sad commentary on the state of affairs in America today that I cannot travel to any major city or state without the threat of physical violence against me or my family. That there were messages limited to the logistics of this security in an e-mail to me is not new nor is it significant but Forbes among others acted like this is some kind of bombshell. It isn’t.

At least the Committee did not, for the third time, recycle the false claim that at President Trump’s direction, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows called me on January 5th, to, according to Rep. Liz Cheney, “find out what was going to happen January 6th.”

ROGER STONE BLASTS The Jan 6 Committee Report: A Masterpiece of Lies, Hyperbole, Conjecture, Supposition, Fantasy, and “Guilt by Association”

The Committee first promulgated this lie back in March 28, 2022 and more recently recycled it as hearsay evidence according to former White House staffer Cassidy Hutchinson. In fact, I have never spoken to Mark Meadows on the telephone, although I did meet him once in 2019 when he was a Congressman.

Nor was I involved in the efforts to persuade the U.S. Senate to delay the certification of the electoral college result sending electors back to the state legislators for a reexamination of the vote in certain states. If there was a “War Room” at the Willard, I was unaware of it and I most certainly never visited it.

The Committee did play a clip of my constitutionally protected speech at a legally permitted rally on January 5th in  I which I said I saw an apocalyptic choice for America between “dark and light, good and evil, the Godly and the Godless ” and which I stated that if we lose this struggle that ” America will step off into a thousand years of darkness. To claim that these remarks incited violence is, of course, nonsense, and criticism of them is religious bigotry.

Much was also made of the existence of a “Friends of Stone” chat room neither set up nor controlled by me. I did occasionally post links to stories I have written for the Gateway Pundit there. Proving, once again…nothing.

During the two-year (plus) Mueller witch-hunt in which I was vilified, smeared, threatened, framed, lynched, denied my constitutional rights at trial, censored, “canceled,” bankrupted, redeemed in Jesus Christ and ultimately pardoned, I was gagged both before, during and after the trial.

It was during this over two-year period that I was subjected to a veritable tsunami of false allegations by the media, at the same time being denied any forum whatsoever to defend myself. Sadly, this has made me one of the most hated targets on the “woke” American left.

This largely explains why the House Democrats, still furious that I escaped the fabricated but deadly snare set for me by Robert Mueller and Congressman Adam Schiff, now seek to falsely embroil me in the controversy surrounding January 6th. Quite simply, I am clickbait for the hateful American left and the myriad of phony left-wing “news sites” who gleefully report any malicious falsehood asserted against me anywhere.

The relentless attacks on me have taken their toll. In addition to the latest smear by the January 6th Committee, I have had to contend with over 17 baseless, groundless, unsubstantiated harassment civil lawsuit against me—including one civil lawsuit against me and President Trump by multiple Capitol Hill police officers, propped up by a George Soros front organization which blames us for “endangering” them on January 6th.

On December 17th, 2021, I fulfilled my legal obligations under the January 6th Committee’s subpoena.

I invoked my Fifth Amendment rights not to answer questions. I did so, not because I have done anything wrong or have anything to hide, but because I have extensive firsthand experience with the House Democrats’ ability to take innocuous, immaterial and irrelevant statements made under oath and twist them into crimes.

The unhinged hatred and threats against me and my family on Twitter by menopausal harpies and other haters certainly violate Twitter’s Rules but continue unabated. Violence and public shaming are increasingly a favored tactic of the left. If you can threaten a US Supreme Court Justice without consequences, why not Roger Stone and his family?

This baseless focus on me is driven by bloodlust and threatens to bankrupt and endanger me and my family. My censorship and “cancelation” on every major social media platform makes it far more difficult for me to sell my books or products. There is not a month in which the combination of my legal bills, modest living expenses and my wife’s uninsured medical expenses after a successful fight with Stage 4 cancer do not exceed the amount of money I earn that month.

Patriots who want to help us can go to StoneDefenseFund.com


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