EXCLUSIVE Interview: J6 Defendant Luke Coffee Reveals Police Brutality AND WHAT MAINSTREAM MEDIA DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW.

“It was a very heavenly day until chaos and confusion found its way at the Capitol,” said J6 defendant Luke Coffee.

“They don’t show you much footage of the Ellipse, but it was one of the most Spirit-filled days we ever experienced,” Coffee said.

Coffee, a Texas filmmaker and documentarian, produced 4 hours of footage showing a peaceful street dance and costume party at the Ellipse. People were praying in small groups and singing Amazing Grace. Shortly afterwards, police deployed flashbangs and tear gas into a crowd of thousands- mainly age 60 and above.

“I never wanted to be part of or insert myself into any of this, but thought people were going to die.”

Coffee recalls citizens becoming confused after they approached an unguarded tunnel in the Lower West Terrace and were pushed back by police in full riot gear.

“These were salt of the earth people who were just curious, who thought they could go into the people’s house,” he said.

“We walked into a trap. It was leading sheep to slaughter.”

Coffee and other male observers spontaneously huddled together, suggesting they de-escalate the situation between police and the massive crowd. Some scattered, but Coffee and another remained. Coffee is pictured above holding a crutch as he stands between protesters and police.

Luke Coffee describes how the situation became worse after Capitol and DC Metropolitan Police unleashed extreme rage on innocent citizens.


“They didn’t want peace. They didn’t want it to be de-escalated,” says Coffee.

“They wanted to beat on some Trump supporters.”


He later saw DC Metro Police Officer Lila Morris hit the late Roseanne Boyland with a walking stick while Boyland was unconscious. In a fit of rage, Morris lost control. The stick flew out of her hand.


Saturated in OC spray deployed by police, Coffee passed out and was removed from danger by fellow Trump supporters. He was released from pretrial detention after the court noticed evidence recognizing him “as one of four nonviolent peacemakers.”

Coffee’s trial takes place August 21st before Judge Rudolph Contreras in DC District Court. His new attorney, Anthony Sabatini, believes Americans can hold Republican leaders accountable for judges’ and prosecutors’ actions.

“Congress can end all J6 prosecutions and are literally the only authority to hold the judiciary accountable,” Sabatini says.

“We have the political power and are not using it.”

“If guys like Luke were BLM and still on house arrest a year later, Democrats would shut everybody down, march on the gulag, and get everything reversed, impeaching every one of the judges.”

You can support Luke Coffee and his legal defense as his case moves to trial here.

Hear more of Luke’s eyewitness accounts in these interview segments:

  • Luke explains why Jan. 6 was not an insurrection. There was serious danger caused by police.

  • “Suffering is a gift” which Luke believes provides him and other J6ers with a complete spiritual perspective.


  • Luke highlights “exposure as a form of justice” and “humor as the best medicine” while overcoming obstacles.



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