EXCLUSIVE Call with Jake Lang: Jan. 6 Protester and Vietnam Veteran Lonnie Coffman Sentenced to 46 Months in Federal Prison for Driving a Truck with a Gun In It — MEDIA LIES DEBUNKED

Lonnie Coffman with his family before his imprisonment with no bail at DC Jail.

In November, TGP’s Cara Castronuova posted an exclusive letter on The Gateway Pundit from DC Gitmo political prisoner Lonnie Coffman, a 71-year-old Vietnam veteran locked up at the DC Gitmo.

Lonnie also appeared on Greg Kelly’s show on Newsmax earlier that week.

Until recently Lonnie Coffman was being held unconstitutionally with no bond in Washington DC for attending the rally in Washington DC on January 6th.  Lonnie was later moved to a detention facility in Pennsylvania.

Lonnie described what happened in his letter to The Gateway Pundit. The FBI used the alleged bomb threat at the DNC to rummage through cars and Lonnie’s truck. The investigators found firearms and jars of gasoline that he carries with him. The FBI fabricated their findings and described the jars of gas as “Molotov cocktails”.

According to those close to Coffman, his truck was searched on January 6th by police in a roundup of vehicles in the vicinity of the mysterious pipe bomb that was found at the Democratic National Committee. “They found guns and rifles in his backseat,” said his friend Jonathan Mellis. “Guns he always keeps in there and jars of gasoline that were years old. He’s from the backwoods of Alabama, this is normal there.” 

According to Mellis, the government is overcharging his friend who has a public defender and desperately wants to get out of DC Jail and back to his regular medical care at the Veterans Hospital. 

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According to Coffman’s Indictment papers,

“On or about January 6, 2021, within the District of Columbia, the defendant LONNIE LEROY COFFMAN knowingly possessed a firearm, namely a destructive device, that is, eleven Molotov cocktails and any combination of parts designed and intended for use in converting any device into a Molotov cocktail, not registered to him in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record.”

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