EXCLUSIVE: Ashli Babbitt’s Memorial Held in Southern California – Family and Friends Honor a Loving and Passionate American Patriot

The Babbitt Family held a memorial service Saturday to honor Ashli and remember the type of person she was. Dogs were running amuck, laughter was in the air, and most of all there was an overwhelming feeling of love and compassion.

A celebration of life.

On January 6th, 2021, Ashli Babbitt was taken from this world prematurely by a Capitol Police Officer with an itchy trigger finger. He is yet to be publicly identified and has not answered for his crimes.  The officer hid behind a door, shot Ashli in cold blood without giving a warning, and then ran away to hide as she died on the floor of the US Capitol.  Over a month later, she is being remembered for who she truly was and not what the mainstream media and the crooks on Capitol Hill have made her out to be.
Those closest to Ashli described her as outgoing, loving, passionate, patriotic, and most of all, having an energy level that was out of this world. She was a go-getter, a powerful soul. When she set her mind to something she was going to achieve it, only to do it all over again but even better.

Pictured: Kayla, Aaron, and Ashli.
Ashli’s Family walks to Dog Beach

Ashli described Dog Beach as the happiest place on Earth. A place where dogs and humans would come together to enjoy the simple things in life, each other. You could lay your towel down and within minutes dogs would have used it as a pee pad, but you couldn’t be mad because it’s their beach after all.

Dogs were playing freely on Dog Beach during Ashli’s Memorial
Ashli Babbitt’s Parents arrive at Dog Beach holding hands in unison wearing shirts that read, “In Loving Memory of Ashli Babbitt – All Gave Some. But She Gave Us Her All.”
Ocean Beach is an amazing, peaceful, and loving community.
Ashli (14 Years Old) holding an American Flag.

“Ashli loved hard, lived hard, and loved her Country more than anyone I know! Gonna miss her so much!”

-Krista Clarke
Ashli’s favorite band was “Stick Figure”.

If a quote were to describe Ashli, it would be:


Destinie (Ashli’s childhood best friend) and Kayla are seen enjoying each other’s company and blowing bubbles together on the beach.
Ashli’s friends and family throw up the “Shaka” in remembrance of her, who was rarely photographed without making the hand sign.

The “Shaka” is better known today as “Hang Loose!” The Shaka originated as the concept of friendship, understanding, and compassion. Something Ashli cared deeply about, and a message she projected onto all of those lucky enough to be around her.

Ashli Babbitt served in the Air Force for 14 years, and received 12 medals and ribbons. The awards included the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon with Gold Border, and the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal.
 Ashli posing with a Rhino at the San Diego Zoo

Ashli had special connection and love for animals of all kinds, she could even find beautiful qualities in the ugliest of Birds.

Her favorite animal of them all was the Rhino, which she referred to as “Chubby Unicorns”.

Ashli with her German Shepard, Kenai.
Kenai is 12 years old.

Ashli came across Kenai at only 8 months old, and they have been best friends since. He accompanied Ashli on many of her deployments and was named after the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

Ashli, Kenai, and Kayla.

The No Stress Express is the motto that Ashli, Aaron, and Kayla lived by. Why stress when you have each other?

Kayla, Aaron, and your Tayler Hansen.

In a time of fear and helplessness, a large portion of the public has been led to believe that Ashli’s death was fake and that I’m an “actor.”  These are disgusting claims and are the definition of what we all call, FAKE NEWS!  Ashli Babbitt was as real as you could get, she had a raw and powerful energy that was beautiful and is what made her the person she was.  Aaron and Kayla are the strongest people I have ever met. They are amazing, genuine, and full of love. They are real people with real stories, so stop the slander and stop the hate. We are all human, bleed red, and live in the greatest country in the world.  Ashli Babbitt’s name will be engrained in history, and when all this is said and done, she will receive justice.

If you would like to support the Babbitt family, a GoFundMe has been set up by Ashli’s childhood bestfriend.

Fundraiser for Aaron Babbitt by Destinie Condon : Ashli Babbitt Official Memorial (gofundme.com)


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