Disgusting: Politifact Hack Putterman Gaslights Public – Argues Video of Capitol Police Giving Protesters OK to Enter Capitol Is Not What It Seems

Consider the following article by The Gateway Pundit. It is compelling information that could dismantle the powerful political narrative around the events of Jan. 6th at the US Capitol.
The narrative Politifact prefers is their own. It is the same narrative that politicians are using to punish the powerless people of the United States, exactly something that journalism in America was designed to expose.
That is until “Journalism” schools became propaganda machines and turned it all around against the citizens, and further weaponized their political powers to shut down political opposition.
This week, led by radical far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with the push by DC to grant politicians more unique powers for themselves to investigate their political opponents, it is especially telling to see Politifact partner with DC and establish itself as the gatekeeper to the truth.
TGP covered the story of a video that had gone viral, which showed evidence that the DC narrative of Jan. 6th, being pushed by numerous media outlets over the last 4 months, was not accurate:

New Video Shows U.S. Capitol Police Gave Protesters OK to Enter on Jan. 6

Then later this past week The Gateway Pundit posted several more video clips of police allowing protesters into the US Capitol on January 6.

HUGE: MORE VIDEO SURFACES of Capitol Police Waving Protesters Inside, Moving Barricades Aside, Standing By as Protesters Walk In

But, Samantha Putterman, of Politifact, with the lowest of possible journalist integrity, reported on the same video writing, “Clip of Capitol police speaking with rioters doesn’t prove mob was given OK to enter building.”
That is what is called an “opinion.” And she is entitled to her opinion, but who gave this very young woman the right to dictate the freedoms of other Americans? That is a mighty responsibility and one she clearly does not respect.  Note that Putterman can not cite any evidence to support her claim. In fact, she is reckless with her power and authority over what Americans are allowed to read.
Putterman wrote:
Bloggers and social media users are describing the 44-second clip as evidence that pro-Trump rioters were given permission to enter the U.S. Capitol that day, and that the violence depicted in several other photos and videos is the work of Democrats.”
Notice the demeaning language. “Bloggers,” as if anyone else writing about the video, has lower journalistic standards than Putterman and Politifact themselves. Putterman has designated the people in the video as “pro-Trump rioters” without interviewing one person about who they voted for, without looking up anyone’s voter registration, and by labeling the, albeit confusing footage, as with inflammatory language, calling it “riot.”
Putterman can not site anyone she spoke to who was at the event.
That is very convenient for Politifact, who also, according to Putternman’s article, share a special and unique relationship with Facebook to control the content, to misdirect readers, and control the narrative.
“The post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook.).” Putterman wrote.
Politifact has a great deal of power to deny Americans our Civil Liberties by claiming to be “fact checkers” when in fact, it is clear that they are fundraising on pushing a political agenda. Look at their page. The first thing readers are greeted with is a place to donate.
Consider the name “Politifact,” does that sound like they had politics on their minds?
What is the Poynter Institute that owns Politifact? According to sources: “The Poynter Institute for Media Studies is a non-profit journalism school and research organization.” And they have partners called “Media Wise.”
Media Wise is described at Poytner.com as:
“Our mission at MediaWise is to empower people of all ages to be more critical consumers of content online. We teach people key digital literacy skills to spot misinformation and disinformation so they can make decisions based on facts, not fiction. We believe that when facts prevail, democracy wins.”
Media Wise has “Ambassadors,” and they happen to be employees of far-left leading media groups:

Remember, this is a non-profit system of media, some might call it collusion,  one that is not only shaping public opinion by crushing their competition, they are also in charge of public policy about who gets to speak online about important issues. They are also setting the tone of what is acceptable to speak about in public.
The left uses non-profits to respond to crises and emergencies (many of which they created themselves), which always seem to result in a loss of liberty for Americans when you begin to study the left’s tactics. It is the perfect system to create a crisis, respond to a crisis, control the population, and get paid by taxpayers and unaccountable “charitable donors” and appear to be heroic all at the same time.
The authority and access Politifact has over American’s were granted to them by unelected bureaucrats, who happen to have control of the internet, which was granted to them by politicians. Many of the powers of the Politifact media system direct ties to powerful political institutions.  Convenient, right?
The reason Americans put up with this type of usurpation is that we have no other choice.  It is a perfect utopia for the left, whose ultimate goal is control and dominance over the American population.
If America is going to have investigations into the actions of free Americans, let’s start with the fact-checkers. They are easy to find.


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