DEVELOPING: Federal Agents Drag J6 Political Prisoner Ryan Samsel To The Hole and Isolation Immediately After The Gateway Pundit Releases Ray Epps’ FBI Call to the American Public

After the release of this incriminating audio, federal agents raided J6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel’s jail cell and dragged him to solitary confinement in the hole of the Metropolitan Detention Center Brooklyn on Thursday night.

Earlier today, Alicia Powe at The Gateway Pundit exposed J6 insurrection leader Ray Epps lying to the FBI in a leaked interview to The Gateway Pundit.

Epps repeatedly lied to authorities saying he was listening to President Trump’s speech at the Ellipse when there is numerous video clips proving Epps was not being truthful.

Ray Epps was directing Trump supporters to the US Capitol for hours before the protests on Capitol Hill.  Epps later was one of the leading protesters who broke through the first and second set of barriers going to the US Capitol.

J6 Political Prisoner Ryan Samsel Exposes James Ray Epps Breaking Federal Law In Leaked FBI Call: ‘We Were Listening To The, Uh, Speech’ [Part 2]

Samsel was removed from his jail cell hours after TGP published the leaked audio of Epps’ phone call to the feds.

He is now being held in solitary confinement in one of the most notoriously dangerous jail systems in the country. 

Ryan Samsel suspected he would face government retaliation for exposing the truth. He was right.

“I challenge the government. Even if they may retaliate and assault me for exposing the truth like they usually do —  you can’t fear, folks. I’m curious as to why I am being treated like this, and guys like Ray Epps are free?” Samsel told TGP while reviewing the uncovered audio.

“Epps is a free man with his family at home when I’ve been constantly moved to dozens of different jails – I’ve been in New York; I’ve been in Philly, I’ve been in Virginia, moved everywhere –and each place I’ve gone I’ve been extremely mistreated. Still to this day, I haven’t gotten any medical treatment.

“I put God first. If they want to take my life, all they can do is destroy my body. I want to take care of it as best I can, but if they want to kill it, you can have it. Come get it. The soul — you can’t destroy my soul.”

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