Congressional Candidate and Father of J6er Speaks Out-Calls Out Agitator Government Releases on Bail

Article written by Nick Mastrangelo and Laura Elizabeth Jenkins

Arizona Congressional candidate Jeff Zink was fighting fatigue after delivering a deeply personal speech in Dec. on Jan. 6th. This wasn’t your typical campaign speech. Zink shared his supernatural deliverance from decades of deliberating migraines and the desire to act on a God-given calling to represent the people of his home state.

Though Zink and his son Ryan hoped to stay out of the crowd by arriving early at the Capitol, they saw something unexpected.

“I have video evidence of [20 year-old Antifa and Black Lives Matter agitator Hunter Ehmke] jumping up on a ledge, kicking windows and punching windows until his legs were swept out from him by Capitol police,” Zink states.

“I then went to Capitol police and handed them my Congressional card and said ‘whenever you’re ready to prosecute this kid, please let me know. I have evidence so that he can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.’”

“You also hear my son in that video blocking 3 other guys trying intervene with disrupting police as they’re actually arresting [Ehmke.]”

Hear Jeff’s eyewitness testimony here.

As father and son returned home after Jan. 6th, Zink never imagined his son would be awakened at 3 AM by FBI agents raiding his home. The Zinks were whistleblowers who wanted to help police resolve a crime. Zink believes Ryan is a political prisoner, taken to DC jail for 6 weeks because his father is running for Congress and Ryan posted what was happening on Facebook and Twitter.

“Facebook was working with the FBI in terms of targeting people who were there,” says Jeff Zink.

Meanwhile, Hunter Emkhe was not apprehended in a serious manner. Capitol Police allowed him to leave the scene. Ehmke returned home to California and was released on bail. The Architect of the Capitol estimates he created $2,187 in damage by breaking a window.

Ryan Zink, on the other hand, faced horrific conditions in jail. He called his father one night, stating:

“Dad, they just batoned a guy who was saying the Pledge of Allegiance. And I don’t know if he’s dead or alive.”

Hear Jeff Zink express concern for the plight of DC prisoners, including his son.

The Zinks found a lawyer who conveyed to the court that he was being detained under nonviolent charges. The government ultimately changed its position and didn’t want him detained. His last status hearing was supposed to take place on Jan. 18th but was rescheduled to March 11th.

Jeff continues to fight for American civil liberties despite his son’s ongoing case.

“When I’m in Congress, I will make sure we get [the political prisoners] out and go back to the prosecutors and the judges that are not applying the law the way it’s supposed to be.”

Hear more about what Jeff Zink plans to do in office and is already working on HERE.

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Other Jan. 6th fathers and attendees have taken their family’s plight and used it as a launching pad to confront government injustice. Political prisoner Jeremy Brown announced his candidacy for Florida State House in a public speech delivered from Pinellas County, FL jail on the anniversary of Jan. 6th. Ned Lang, father of Jacob Lang- detained in DC jail after saving the life of a Trump supporter-is creating a documentary called How Did We Get Here explaining the abuses before, during, and after Jan. 6th.

Listen to the full transcript of Jeff Zink’s interview with American Gulag here.  You will hear bonus material highlighting the election audits in his home state and how the societal effects of the 2020 lockdowns can be addressed and corrected moving forward.


Below is a full transcript of the interview with Jeff Zink.


Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: I want to introduce to our listeners, this is Laura Elizabeth Jenkins and Nick Mastrangelo from American Gulag, and we have the pleasure of connecting today with Mr. Jeff Zink who is a candidate for Congress in Arizona’s Third District.

 And Jeff, I’m very curious, given your background as a college football player, a head athletic trainer at the Tuskegee Institute and later a business owner who traveled practicing physical therapy, how is it that you’ve come into politics? That you go from healing broken bodies to helping heal a nation?

Jeff Zink: Mainly, what I’ve wanted to do is that it actually goes back to those days when I played college football. I actually fractured my neck and I started having migraine headaches that increased in intensity and frequency over a 40 year period.

Eight years ago, I actually walked into the ER with a blood pressure of 248/198, which to give you an idea-most 50 year-old men that walk in with this blood pressure are on a slab in a morgue.  But God had a plan for me, and I was also an NCAA basketball official, so I was actually in very good physical condition at the time. So that combination actually saved my life. The doctors couldn’t figure out why I continually had migraine headaches. And it kept getting more and more intense and frequent.

So what happened was about three years ago, I became 100% disabled. I literally lived on a couch in bed and paced the floor for 2 ½ years. On Dec. 24th in 2020, I prayed a different prayer: ‘Father, I don’t want to live with this life any longer, but whatever you want me to do, wherever you want me to go, however you want me to be, I will do that. Your will, not mine.’

And God appeared to me, and said ‘I’m going to break your headaches, I’m going to restore your health, and I’m going to send you to Congress to represent my people.’

Well, I can tell you that since Dec. 24, 2020 at 3:30 am, I have not had a migraine since and I have had them for over 40 years. I have dropped over 70 pounds, and I am in better shape now than I was 8 years ago. And the only thing that needs to happen is for me to be elected and to go to Congress.

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: Wow, Jeff, this is amazing. I think a lot of people think they can’t do something, or that they’re kind of reaching a certain age and that they’re sort of there, out on the shelf. I think there’s a lot of people similar to you, they’re seeing that they want to stand up, they have no background in politics. And I’ve read your bio and it just seems all of a sudden, things started to click that you knew you needed to obey that calling, didn’t you?

Jeff Zink: Absolutely, and so what has happened is if you go to my website, it’s, I have 15 first day bills that I’ve already started on, that I’m going to introduce when I become elected. I’m going to make sure our country goes back to what our founding fathers intended.

We are a country based on faith. That’s also one of the reasons why we have freedom of speech and freedom of religion that anybody can worship however they want. The only difference is what we have right now is a Marxist, socialist regime called the Biden administration has now started to take over. It’s also not just the Democrats, it’s the Republican party. Whether you’re right wing, or left wing, it’s all part of the same bird.

We need to as Americans, the way our founding fathers have basically set it up, the people are in charge and right now, what Washington, and Congress and Senate think that they’re in charge and they’re going to tell the people what to do. And that’s not how our Constitution and our amendments are set up.

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: And so, Nick, I know you wanted us to talk a little bit about the election auditing. I think that’s something we want to hear about as well.

Nick Mastrangelo: Yes, definitely.

Jeff Zink: One of the things that took place, I was very fortunate to be a part of the Arizona audit. I actually worked with Shelby Busch and Steve Robinson and Julie Schuster and then was allowed to step up to take the place of Shelby and Steve for a brief period of time in order to help as an assistant deputy liaison to Randy Poulin and Ken Bennet which were deputies to the Arizona audit. As Congressional candidate-I always have to say this, that I never touched a ballot, I never touched a ballot box-I actually verified by doing a background check, doing a social media check and verify the auditors that they were registered voters in Maricopa County to be on the audit floor. One of the things that I say was there were Democrats, Tea Party, Patriot Party, Green Party, Republicans.

You’re talking to someone who actually had to go through and do the background checks of those people in order to get on the floor. So when I say, there were Democrats on the floor, there were Democrats on the floor. So it was a bipartisan event. It wasn’t just one sided as what our media is trying to state.

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: So when you were doing these background checks, did you find anything and say-‘hey, we need to stop this?’ or did everybody check out ok?

Jeff Zink: No, not everybody did check out. There were times where we would find people on all parties where they had posted ‘I wanted to kill Biden.’ ‘I wanted to kill Trump.’ And so, when we found those types of posts and everything else-both Democrats and Republicans-they were barred from coming in. Everybody who was put on the floor had to sign an NDA-stating they couldn’t talk about what you saw on the floor and that’s one of the major complaints that the media kept saying. They wanted access to the people and when they gained access to people, everyone said across the board said, ‘no, I can’t talk with you.’

There’s a lot of things that didn’t leak out because people literally took this issue that was given to them very seriously and made sure that they went in, take a look, and as I always say, it doesn’t matter if it was Republican or Democrat. It didn’t matter if it was for Trump or for Biden. The mindset that everyone had on the floor wanted to find out what the truth was.

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: I respect the non-disclosure agreement, and heard you say in an earlier interview, ‘we don’t know who won Arizona.’ Why don’t we know?

Jeff Zink: We think that-and that is a great question-I answer it this way, if I give Nick $1,000 but only $400 of it is Monopoly money and he takes that $1,000 and deposits it into his account-so Nick how much money would you actually have?

Nick Mastrangelo: About $100.

Jeff Zink: So what happened to the $400? It doesn’t matter what was taking place. Because they are unverifiable ballots it has tainted the entire election. And that election needs to be nullified. And that’s the reason we sat down, and I can’t tell you who won because the ballots were unverifiable and what do we count? We can’t. There is no winner in AZ. That’s the bottom line of what we found.

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: So based on that, did that influence you and your son going to the rally on Jan. 6th? Did you meet other people there who had some of the same concerns as you?

Jeff Zink: So, the audit actually took place after Jan. 6th, so let me tell you why my son and I went to Washington DC on Jan. 6th.

So we went because I talked about how I was healed by God, but I was actually recovering. I was still very weak. For two and a half years, for walking across the living room, I would get out of breath. My body was still in a weakened state. My son went with me to do two things: one: to document his father’s Congressional beginning by supporting a president that we thought the election was stolen. And so he went with me to do a couple of things, to document and to protect me so if the crowd got too rambunctious or something to make sure that I got out of the crowd, which is what we ended up doing.

When we go to the Capitol, the president had pretty much just finished. We had left early because we were right on the very fringes, we couldn’t see him or any of the screens, so I thought, let’s just walk up to the Capitol to be in place for what was inside the Senate and Congressional halls.

What I was thinking was history was going to be made. That Arizona was going to stand up and Paul Gosar did that, but because we didn’t have a senator with a spine, we had to go to Texas, and Senator Ted Cruz signed off. But because Arizona was the only state that went into a debate about the electoral colleges, now- the thing is-what happened or transpired was at the very time that this started, then this so-called sedition acts-by the way, not a single person has been charged with sedition-not a single person has been arrested with a weapon.

However, what has come out was there are people like Ray Epps-who had exchanges with the Capitol Police, physical exchanges, who had crossed barriers and everything else- and nothing has happened to him. What happened was that we had Capitol Police in front of us actually unlocked the barrier that we were behind and people started rushing toward the Capitol.

My son was actually walking-and the reason why was-I couldn’t run or sprint at that time, but we were walking. And I know that my son went live on Facebook and was saying ‘we’re storming the Capitol.’ Well, he was describing what was taking place in front of us.

The other aspect is in making other statements of broken doors and pushing the Congress out of session, again, he was stating what he was being told coming out. The problem was he wanting to be a part of what was happening didn’t realize he was going to get in trouble. So, when he said he took two flash bangs, he was beside me the whole time.

That didn’t happen. I don’t ever remember flash-bangs going off. We were not in a vicinity where that could have happened. Either way, it’s still not the people have no evidence of him being inside the Capitol or being inside the doors of the Capitol and so that’s one of the things that is a discrepancy of him getting swept off the moment and trying to report the story.

Laura Elizabet Jenkins: Well, the court documents-it seems like without that context-a person listening to what happened is different from saying ‘I did it.’ There’s no context. That’s why the videos are important. It’s my understanding you and Ryan saw an individual misbehaving, is that right?

Jeff Zink: Oh, absolutely. Hunter Emhke-a 20 year old Antifa, Black Lives activist-we’ve identified him. We also have his arrest record that we pulled up and we’ve been following pretty closely. And the reason is that I have video evidence of him jumping up on a ledge kicking windows, punching windows, until his legs were swept out behind him by the Capitol Police and then him being arrested in front of us.

I then handed Capitol Police my Congressional card, and I said, ‘whenever you’re ready to prosecute this kid, whenever you’re ready to prosecute him, please let me know. I have evidence so he can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.’

You also hear my son in that video blocking 3 other guys trying to intervene and disrupting the police as they are actually arresting him. While I appreciate what they tried to indict him on-on his own words, the video that actually shows what his intention was is different than what was said and is being used by the FBI.

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: So do you feel that your son is being targeted moreso than you just because he was documenting what was going on? Did that seem threatening to the government that he was documenting what was going on and sharing these things with social media?

Jeff Zink: The only difference is I have the same videos and pictures that he has. I’m just as complicit with the videos and documentation.

Do I believe he is a political prisoner? The reason I do is this: they know that I’m a Congressional candidate. They know that when they came to my house [the FBI] and interrogated me for over an hour and a half and I showed them the pictures and the video- the only difference between me and my son is that I never posted on Facebook or Twitter what happened. I just really don’t do that much posting.

Now, that’s not true today. As a Congressional candidate, I’m constantly doing interviews like this, on television, constantly tweeting, though it’s a lot different now than when I first started. For two and a half years, I never did anything.

So based on that, the only difference between my son and me is that he posted on Facebook. I did not. They went after him and they couldn’t go after me because I haven’t posted anything. But I have stated over and over again that I was on the porch on Capitol Hill, on the Senate side. When you see the video, it’s exactly where I stated it was at.

The two flash bangs that my son was talking about did happen when we were a long ways away. I told him, ‘ok, this is getting out of hand. I don’t feel comfortable,’ and so we literally left and by the time we got to- sorry, I’ve done so many interviews-

Yes, one of the things is when we started going out down the stairs and turning back towards the Washington Monument and we saw how they had overcome the wall and were onto the bleachers and things like this, I said ‘we’ve gotta get out.’ That’s not what our president asked us to do. He asked us to peacefully protest and let our voices be heard. That’s what my son and I did-we were documenting that. I’ve got pictures of guys with grappling hooks, helmets and masks and black goggles. Myself, I came from Phoenix, I didn’t have any of those things. I had a jacket and a sweater and shirt. I had nothing there. I had nothing there. I was there to observe what was taking place on Jan. 6th.

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: So if you and Ryan left the scene, why do you believe Ryan was later detained after that interaction with the FBI, Jeff?

Jeff Zink: Facebook was working with the FBI in regards to targeting people that were there. So one of the things is, let’s go through two very important things that transpired that day.

My son and I videotaped Hunter Ehmke breaking windows and damaging the Capitol. We saw his arrest record, and what you find is 20 minutes after we had stopped filming, we leave. But on his own recognizance, he was allowed to go back to California and told to appear before a federal judge at a federal courthouse with a teleprompter where he was given no jail time, and told to stay there until his trial comes up at a later date. That’s how they treated him.

How they treated my son was on Feb. 4th at 3:30 am, 15 federal agents kicked down his door, flash banged him and his dog, arrested him and dragged him out of his home in the middle of the night where he spent 6 weeks in the prison there. They were using the very things that are published there and they didn’t have him charged with any violent crimes, they had no interaction with the Capitol police or anything else. The only thing they stated was that he interrupted a Congressional/ Senate hearing. What we found out was that was not true. They cleared out the Congressional hearing because they found the pipe bombs inside the RNC and DNC. That charge needs to be dropped, and it hasn’t.

Also, trespassing inside Capitol grounds or the Capitol building itself, and we’ve asked for video of him being inside, and they’ve yet to be able to produce that. He was not inside, he was with me 100% of the time, so that charge needs to be dropped, but it hasn’t.

The two charges that have been dropped in kind of a plea deal-but they say that it will return if he goes to trial- are trespassing on federal grounds and trespassing on a barrier and again, both of those charges can’t hold up because we have video of the Capitol Police tearing down the barrier and waving us on. How can you trespass when you’re being welcomed by the police?

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: Do you think-you mentioned something about 2 charges dropped-did they bring Ryan to jail to get him to confess to a crime he didn’t do? Was that meant to threaten?

Jeff Zink: Absolutely, he was in solitary confinement. He was denied access to an attorney, he was denied access to his family and was released for 40-45 minutes, he described eating 3 eggs and mayonnaise is considered a meal, that would be the only meal he would get something.

The reason why he got out was because we got an attorney-and when you pay for an attorney on non-violent complaints- you can get ht person out-I received a phone call from him in 32 years of age, crying on the phone, ‘Dad, we were saying the Pledge of Allegiance, I don’t know if he’s dead or alive.’

It was one of the times he was let out. They started the Pledge of Allegiance and started baton-ing this guy.

You can’t stop people from saying the Pledge of Allegiance on American soil. So, what is taking place and what I understand, one of the things I have promised is I will make sure that we get them out and get back to the prosecutors and the judges.

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins:  We’re looking at the United States right now and we’re seeing the highest level of incarceration in the world. And the profit centers in the US pay a higher rate than that. So, as a father, how can you help other parents to understand what needs to happen to protect their son or their daughter? 

Jeff Zink: One of the things that we look ahead, America is doing a great job raising money in order to provide attorneys for people that can’t afford it. The problem is, is that its part of the Miranda.  Every time that you’re arrested and you can’t afford an attorney, one will be appointed.  Those attorneys are not being allowed to leave their clients and such.  Like with myself, they were trying to hurt us and get us out, that’s when we went and we got an attorney to the court and was able to get out of prison and released on his own recognizance and he’s still awaiting a trial. But they did that we’ve gone through a different phase where we’ve asked for discovery weekend, the court they haven’t produced anything that they’re going to use. Others they have, right you have on your website but my son in reading that’s pretty much what they’re trying to say that that’s what he did. 

He can’t use your own words, because he didn’t threaten anybody. There’s nothing in there that we did something broken down the doors and push Congress out of session. Those are things that we’re describing as to what happened to flashbangs. We were a long ways away. And so one of those things were semantics of where where you’re at and then just wanting to be a part of what’s taking place in that setting years. I looked at those words and that’s all somebody there should not be a conviction. As a prosecutor, you look at that, and we go, do we have anything else besides what he said? And they got his phone, his computer, his video, cameras, all of the pictures and everything else. He was saying that he would have been inside, like pictures and video of where they were inside. And we’re going to use that against that because there are no pictures or video of him being inside because we never went.

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins:  Right and I realized that there has to be an intern Jeremy Brown is another individual who was not physically inside of the building and basically had minor trespassing charges.  So then, let’s go back for a moment. I’d  like to hear you expand on holding the bureaucrats in the judicial system in Congress. How come there’s a vacuum right now by that isn’t happening. What’s what’s going on? 

Jeff Zink:  We’ve got Democrats and Republicans that are not putting pressure on [inaudible].  That’s what happens in D.C, they say that the elected people rule “We the People” and that’s not what happened when we were ruled by Britain in the 1700’s we decided to rebel. The very same type of system that they’re trying to implement in our government right now is very much like the British are not the President is not the ruler. He’s not king, he’s an elected official and he can be voted out, impeached or taking down via the 25th amendment.

 And the thing is, is that we have all of these appointed judges from Barack Obama that are not applying the law, the way that they’re supposed to.  They’re actually creating law from the bench and they can’t do that. And so what we need to do is we need to go back and take a look at and find that if they’re doing that then they need to be impeached and removed and replaced by somebody who’s going to follow the letter of the law. Again, the people need to understand when you hear we are a democracy. That is a lie. We are not a democracy. All you have to do is say the Pledge of Allegiance and it will tell you what country we have.  Under the Republic for which we stand.  The Republic is what we are, this is a rule of law not a rule of people. A rule of difference, and that’s the reason why we have an electoral college so that Vermont and New Hampshire can have a voice and New York, Texas, Florida and California is set up so that every person no matter where you are in location in our United States. Your voice sounds the same as other people that are heavily populated. And again, our founding fathers are the ones set this up. And right now what’s happening is that we’re not being heard. 

We have four boxes that this is built on.  The first box is the stop box where the ideas are exchanged. Whether I disagree or agree with you, I allowed you to say something. And I’m supposed to listen to you.  The conversation that we’re having right now where one is speaking and one is silent so that they can listen has gone away. You’ve noticed everybody starts talking on top of each other so that nobody is hurt.  That’s not soapbox that we should have.  We should have a good healthy exchange of ideas. Good debate, an understanding of where this other person is coming from and be able to articulate your view in which would help. That would help that other person to understand where you’re coming from. And then you may also have to say that we agree to disagree on this subject. But let’s find common ground of where we’re supposed to go. 

So that part is the soapbox.  The second box is called a jury box. I’m sorry, a ballot box. The ballot box is where we elect officials, either elected into an office or out of an office. But we the people are able to voice our opinion to our representatives that are supposed to represent us at the city level the county level, the state level, and then ultimately the federal level. The thing is what happened is that these people that are being elected are going saying all of these promises are not fulfilling because they were corrupted by the very thing that they went to go get their pride and were coerced in a way that they stop voting the way they’re going to.

The next one is going to be the jury box and that’s where when a crime is committed that to your segment for your peers, you’re to be tried by a court of law. And by doing that, what happens is is that when you look at the evidence, and based on that evidence, and because of rule that you’re tried by your peers. This is how our society works. The thing is that our last box that we have, like we can use the ammo box. And the problem is is that we tried this once. We had a civil war where we went to war issues at the time.  The Civil War tore our country apart so much that we still have repercussions all the way into the 1960s.  Wherever civil rights was still brought up about the rights of everybody the 20s for the women, in the 60s it was for the black, African American race that as we started getting better, all of a sudden, our our country the ruling class, started having problems where they didn’t like where we were going and started taking our liberties away.

The thing is, is that the difference between freedom and liberty is a very instrumental thing. I am free to hit somebody but my Liberty requires that I don’t. Liberty isn’t that if I truly am a person that wants all liberties for all people that I would not infringe on somebody else’s liberty. What our  country’s doing right now is they are infringing on that liberty and taking it away from the people and this is something that is concerning to me. One of the things that after I get the next questions: what makes you different, what made you want to go to Washington DC, how are you not going to get corrupted, how are you not going to be coerced in doing this? And my answer is couch for two and a half years. I didn’t absolutely nothing and prayed every day. Why am I here? God? My God is saying to my body send me to a place where represent his people. I’m more terrified of my Heavenly Father giving me back those headaches and putting me back on that couch and letting me waste away and to allow me to be the person that I am which will stand up for the rights of the people to do what is right before God and the Constitution. 

That’s what separates me from everybody else. I will not compromise because I spent all those two and a half years day in and day out with my Heavenly Father praying and now He’s put me back in the game to do something instrumental.  I’m not going to sit here and negotiate with any man because a man can not take away my headaches and I’m COVID survivor.  I took ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and while I’ve been talking a lot and people are always like “Oh, you got a cold”. No.  I’ve literally been talking nonstop for weeks now. That’s why my throat is sore.

But the thing is, having COVID and knowing that I was in medicine for 35 years, the COVID hoax, which is what I call it and they are using.  Here is something: this is part of my being a professor as well.  We’ve had 42 attempts in our history to turn countries to socialism.  We’ve had 42 failures and are in the process of the 43rd.  What one thing, through all 42 attempts, what’s the one thing that they all have in common? 

Nick Mastrangelo: They’re anti-God and Jesus Christ.  

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins:  Forgetting their history.

Jeff Zink: That [anti-God] is partly true.  And history, very good and again that is part of it.  But the single thread throughout every one of these and you can go back and take a look at all of them is that they USE A PANDEMIC TO TURN THE COUNTRY. 

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins:  I think in the 20’s, in the roaring 20’s, there was a pandemic but then people survived and prospered.  And so, our generation doesn’t know that we didn’t live through that so we do not have the same context but people survived and thrived.  People became millionaires during that time because something changed, they got through it and they learned to be resilient.  

Jeff Zink: Exactly.  The other thing that I always tried to help people understand.  When you look at this pandemic, and we had over 700,000 deaths.   We can go back and take a look at the flu.  You have about 475,000 to 525,000 people die every year from the flu and we have a track record for 50-60 years. In 2020 there were 2000, a little over 2000 people that died from the flu.  Where did it go? It didn’t go anywhere. So what they did was they incorporated the flu and called it COVID. Very much like what they’re doing right now. And then they’re saying that we now have this rapid test tot for COVID. No, that’s a test for Rhino virus, which is the common code and the common cold and they’re trying to say that it is COVID. 

Here’s the other thing that people need to understand. I know the officers that were involved in covering the scene of this accident and everything else, but a motorcycle actually took on a bus and he didn’t fare very well when he took on the bus. But when they went ahead and tested him for COVID and they listed it as not an accident, not succumbing to the injuries, they rated him as a COVID death.  

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: And they get government money for it.  

Jeff Zink:  That’s it.  They monetize COVID-19 diagnosis and when you monetize something, it becomes abused. And what we need to do is we need to go back and undo all of the things that we looked at. Somebody happened to die of an injury but also had COVID.  Did the COVID kill them?  No.   Taking on a bus.  So we need to sit down and we need to look at things like that. We also take the flu which is prevalent all the way through indications of trackpads from the 780,000 people that they claim died for COVID.  Well if you take the average between that, so about 500,000 people, if you take that and you put that back into the flu now you have about 200,000 people or more that have now died of COVID which is a different strand.  Okay. It’s not a pandemic.  It’s not something that would lock down the country. Here’s how you know that I have an issue with it. The Government went in and they shut down the churches. But you can still go to a topless bar. You can go to a liquor store. You can go to a Walmart.

In the 1700’s, where did the revolution start?  It started in the churches and in the bars.  If you get people high on the Holy Spirit, and you get them high on alcohol, you have the same effect. And so in the bars and in the churches, those two places were closed but you could still go to the topless bar, to the Walmart or into the liquor store. They didn’t want to keep you from not getting liquored up. They just wanted you to be by yourself so you wouldn’t have people to talk to. 

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: Well, that’s a good point. How do I hold a doctor accountable that I’m not going to do this?  I’m going to take my business somewhere else, you know or if you’re choosing to basically allow yourself to be bullied know that you’re gonna have to decide what kinds of standards that you’re going to set in your business in your workplace. How do we set the tone? How do people in Arizona in your district who are who are tired of these things? How do we set the tone moving forward here Jeff? 

Jeff Zink:  So one of the things that need to happen, which I’m in the process of writing to every legislator in Arizona, a letter which basically this is what you do.  It is holding Doug Ducey accountable. So I’m asking all of the Senate and House of Representatives, the email that I’m sending to them is that; they’ve been in session for two weeks and yet you have not shut down the emergency mandate on March 11 2020 Doug Ducey signed by an executive order that we are now under an emergency mandate.  With that came the effects of applying the vaccine, mask and all of the things that are there that we know have failed over time since that time has become untrue and there’s no support because you can’t have an emergency for a year and a half.  You can have an emergency for a couple of weeks [maybe].  A year and a half, you can’t have an emergency like that. 

And here’s the other person that made the statement: Never let a good crisis go to waste. And if we the people allow our government to continue to put us under this emergency state where they can rule over us if we allow that, that’s on us. So what I want to do is I want to make sure that when I’m sitting here and I’m sending this email that basically states that on to Tuesday, January 25 at 5pm, I want them to rescind that.  I want the House and the Senate to rescind it. We’ve also got several attorneys, those attorneys, if they haven’t done that are actually going to file criminal charges and a criminal complaint against each one of them for dereliction of duty.  They’re not doing that. They’re not representing the people. We do not want to have to wear masks and force people to be vaccinated.  That’s not what our founding fathers have said.  Now, I’m not anti-Mask and I’m not anti-vaccine. If you want to take it, if you want to get a vaccine, go ahead and do that.  I should not be between you and your doctor. Neither should the federal government.  They should not be allowed to get in between the doctor and the patient as well.  

If you want to wear a mask and it makes you feel safe, by all means do that.  I have 1000s of papers that I can produce that says that wearing a mask is the worst thing you can do.  It causes for children impetigo, their face breaks out and impetigo is a very dangerous affliction that takes place.  It increases the bacteria in your mouth because you’re constantly breathing in a moist atmosphere where bacteria thrives. So you’re going to have gum disease, you’re going to have other diseases that are going to start being more prevalent. These are all scientific bases that were done before the pandemic ever started, and everything. The problem that we have is, is that the AMA, the American Medical Association, has come out for Dr. Fauci and the NIH and the CDC, and they’re all part of the problem.

And so what we need to understand is that we have a government that is corrupt.  We have a medical system that is corrupt.  We have a media system that is corrupt, and so every time that a person turns around they’re getting misinformation. The problem is, is that it’s not that you read the newspaper because you want to be informed. It’s because you’re being misinformed.  

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: So I would argue the media and the DOJ are working together.

Jeff Zink:  Exactly. But the problem is, is that if you do not read the paper then you are ill-informed, so you don’t have any information. Now, that’s fine. But the thing is, is that me being in medicine, one of the things that I took was called the Hippocratic Oath. I was told that I could not do no harm. So one of the things is, you’ll always see on my lapel, feet that are 12 weeks old.  The feet of a baby that are 12 weeks old. I believe in free choices. I really do, but until conception.  Once that baby is conceived, then that child has every right that anybody else has.  It doesn’t need to have a heartbeat, it doesn’t have to have anything at all. The second that God says, “I am now going to build this child.”,  it is a child. It’s not a fetus. It’s not a group of cells, or anything else. It is a child of God. And it should be allowed to prosper. 

So we also need to go back and look at in the 1920s with Margaret Sanger.  She was a Democrat that was deliberately wanting to murder the hispanic and black populations, She wanted them off the face of the earth. So she came up with a way of doing abortions and those continually went through.  Here’s the thing that a lot of people tell me. Planned Parenthood prevented a lot of conceptions and so they prevented that [abortions] and everything else. And I go wow, that’s not the only place that you can get [birth control], whether it is a condom or pills for a person to interrupt their cycles so that they do not have children or anything else. You know, you can go to the CVS. You can get the same thing there. You can go to Walmart, you can go to almost anyone and you can get something that will prevent you from getting pregnant. You don’t have to go there. But what’s the difference between CVS, Walmart and all these others? They don’t do abortions. One of the things that I will say when I get there is defund Planned Parenthood and the reason why is that the American people should not be on their dime as to aborting the children. So the thing is, is that I personally feel like that every child should have an opportunity and it’s even to this point where several friends of mine and I’ve been talking about is this: If you look at the amount of abortions that are in the low income, minority area, you don’t see these Planned Parenthoods in Scottsdale.  In the white rich areas.  In wealthy areas, you don’t see them.  They’re always in the low income and in the minority [communities]. And the reason why is that that’s why they can control [these populations].  Here’s the thing, let’s go back.  My father was born in 1928.  If my grandmother would have aborted my father, not only would  my father not be here. But I would not be here. My son and daughter would not be here. My grandchildren wouldn’t be here. The thing is, is that when you take into account babies that have been aborted and you look at the heritage it was the Minority [non-whites] that was dying.  It’s not 800 million people that have been taken off, it is more like billions of people because you’re not looking at the people that will be born afterwards.  

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: Well look at social security right, there’s not enough people to fund social security because where did they all go to?

Jeff Zink:  That’s also another thing, the federal government stole the money and it’s not there.   We have to take accountability back.  We need to make sure that from our country, we get a balanced budget.  That we literally are transparent enough to say “Here’s what we spent, here’s what we spent it on.  This is who got it and this is the result.”  We don’t do that.  That’s one of the reasons why the military pays $600 for a hammer that you could get for a couple of dollars at the store.  They pay hundreds of dollars because of all the things that are taking place.  

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: Absolutely.  The transparency, right.  If you look at an individual household, people who are budgeting, they look at what’s going on to get to where they want to be.  But no, once a government entitlement is created, it’s very hard to take it away.  

Jeff Zink: That’s exactly right. If you want the most permanent thing to happen. Have the government do something temporarily.  Here’s one of the main points I always bring up about that.  Do you know when the IRS was formed?

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: Was it after WWII?

Jeff Zink:  Actually it was before that.  It was done in 1917.  It was a temporary tax because they knew that there could possibly be a world war.  So in 1917, when the first World War started, they already had it in place.  So what happened was they decided they wanted to use that to do a temporary tax on the people in order to pay for WWI.  I seriously think that we have [already] paid for WWI.  

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: Yeah.  The people in that generation aren’t alive.  

Jeff Zink:  Right. And so what we need to do is we need to go back and take a look at some of the things that are taking place.  I’m not saying do away with all the taxes or anything like that, but we need to reel it in where it’s a flat tax. Because what we have is, is we have several people that are looking at sales tax, gas tax.  We have over 100 taxes that 100 years ago didn’t exist.  Every time we turn around the federal government is stealing more and more money from the individual. And so what I always tell everybody is, “ Why don’t you go ahead and go to work.   I [The Government] would really like for you to work, but I want you to send me your money and I will spend it the way that I see fit for you.   Are you up for that?”

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins: No.

Jeff Zink:  Then why are you allowing your federal government to do this to you? Right, well now people need to get the asset so looking at a different way they need to hold them accountable. This is where you have to start looking at the individual and talking to them and talking like you’re doing with me, you’re literally setting me out as a congressional candidate. What kind of person am I going to be? How am I going to represent?  What fight am I going to take to Washington DC on your behalf?  So a lot of people give their hard earned money to the GOP or to the DNC and they’re in hopes of them supporting a candidate that will represent them. Well, folks, I got news for you. They elect people that do not represent you.  

So what you have to do is you have to find somebody and this is the reason why Donald Trump was so attractive. They couldn’t buy him off.  He was already a millionaire.  He already had everything. For him, he had nothing that they could give that would make him sell out the American people. For the very first time, people literally got to see a president. And the thing is, is that a lot of people don’t understand the Republicans and the Democrats together worked against him. Because they don’t like the fact that if I send money overseas, when it’s in another banking account, and that money disappears. Where does it go? Well, there’s no accountability because the money went out.  

The Congress does not have the authority or the right to send a single dollar overseas to any other country.  It’s not constitutional. If they make a law or they have an appeal in Congress, and they say we would like to have this money donated to this country; What happens is that it has to go to every state and every state has to approve whether they’re going to do that.  So the way that it was supposed to work, which it hasn’t, I’m supposed to take that bill that we’ve devised saying that this money is now going to go to somebody.  I have to introduce it into the House in Phoenix, Arizona, then the House then has to deliberate it and they either approve it or not.  They then send it to the Senate, they’ll either approve it or not.  And then the 9 congressmen have to go back to Washington D.C. based on what the state has told them to do.  They don’t get a choice.   

So if the hope is the Senate the House says “no” to the bill, then all Democrat and Republican Congressmen have to go back and vote “no”. 

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins:   Right, there’s a deliberation process just like what you were talking about before. 

Jeff Zink:  That’s right.  And everybody goes “Oh, we’ll never get anything done.”  Well, the whole idea is that people are supposed to sit down and think about it.  Here’s the thing.  Do I say anything at all, or think about anything that costs me $1.  No.  I don’t go to my wife, I make that decision on my own.  Now, if I am going to buy a car, which is a significant amount of our money then I am going to sit down and go, “Okay.  What do you think?  Do you think we need to do this?  Can we budget this into our household?  Is this something we need?”  Where is that deliberation?  It’s a big amount of money.   When we are sitting here and we are talking about $3.5 trillion dollars that we are going to send to another country-I think every person in the US should have a say so in that.  If we took that $3.5 trillion and turned it into our own country instead of somebody else’s, and we started helping people here, we would see a vast change in what’s taking place.  

So we need to start sitting down and looking at, how we function and what we do and we have to use Testicles and Ovaries in order to make sure that what we do is right.  

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins:  Exactly.  The kitchen table is where most decisions are made and the individual has to have some accountability.  But no, why is it that the more the government gets involved there isn’t?  That’s the question.  

Jeff Zink:  Right.  So I am on top of another interview.  I would love to pick this up, and we can talk about other things at another time.  I am very open.  I am open about the things I believe in and the vision that I have.  

Laura Elizabeth Jenkins:  Yes I would say in closing that the one word I thought before and after this interview was boldness.  And that boldness is something that we want other people to see and recognize as they’re standing up for their loved ones and this country.  We appreciate your generosity with your time, we’re thinking of Ryan and we’re excited to stay connected with you, Jeff.  



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