BREAKING: Speaker Mike Johnson to Release First Batch of January 6th Capitol Footage – ‘Within Days, Not Weeks’

In a move that has been long awaited by many, House Speaker Mike Johnson is set to release thousands of hours of surveillance footage from the events of January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol.

Speaker Johnson announced on Friday his plans to make these tapes accessible to the public, marking a significant development in the ongoing discussions surrounding that day’s events.

“Today, I am keeping my promise to the American people and making all the January 6th tapes available to ALL Americans.”

This revelation follows an announcement made by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., during an interview on Sirius XM’s “The Wilkow Majority” on Thursday.

Gaetz shared that the footage will be made available through a special website, enabling any member of the public to view the videos.

‘“The way that the Jan. 6 tapes will be released will be through a website where any member of the public can go and observe the videos that are being released,” Gaetz said.

“My expectation is they’re going to be released in tranches and that the first tranche of the Johnson tapes to be released will be in days, not weeks,” he added.

In January, former Speaker Kevin McCarthy vowed to release all the Jan 6 footage from the Capitol as Congress began this session with a Republican majority.

Then, in February, Kevin McCarthy had given Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exclusive access to 41,000 hours of Capitol surveillance footage from the Jan. 6 protests.

Until his last day as a Speaker, Kevin McCarthy did not release the footage to the public.

Since January 2021, The Gateway Pundit has shared the plight of the January 6 political prisoners, while the mainstream media has ignored the abuse of these men and women, stalked their families and homes, smeared their good name, and repeatedly lied about the events on January 6, 2021.

Many of these prisoners had their homes raided by the FBI, lost their businesses and livelihoods, have been separated from their friends and families, and had their reputations ruined by entrenched politicians on both sides of the aisle.  Dozens still sit in prison without a trial over two years later. Several were convicted and sent to prison for walking into an open door of the US Capitol and leaving minutes later when asked.

Chris Wray is STILL hunting down Trump supporters who stood outside the US Capitol that day. The DC prosecutors are STILL hiding evidence from the families and prisoners in their DC kangaroo court trials.

UPDATE: On Friday, the Committee on House Administration (CHA) publicly launched the website containing the first trance of January 6 footage to the public.

UPDATE: House Speaker Mike Johnson OFFICIALLY Releases First Batch of January 6 Surveillance Camera Footage – And Guess What?… No Insurrection! No Riot!


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