BREAKING: Big News for Steve Bannon! — Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group Votes that J6 Committee Was ILLEGITIMATE — House to File Amicus Brief with Supreme Court [VIDEO]

Late in the evening on Tuesday, Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson announced that the House would file an amicus brief in support of Steve Bannon’s appeal against his contempt of Congress conviction related to the J6 investigation by the illegitimate January 6th Committee.

Screenshot – Speaker Mike Johnson

The Citizen Press tweeted about the “Big news” for Steve Bannon Tuesday night:

1) The Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG) voted tonight 3-2, confirming the official legal position of the House is that the J6 committee was illegitimate, and all subpoenas issued by the committee were also illegitimate.

2) BLAG has now directed the House Office of General Counsel to file an Amicus Brief in support of Steve Bannon with Justice Roberts.

3) Matt Gaetz explains how the BLAG process works in the video.

4) I spoke with Bannon in the last hour and he is optimistic.

The Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG) is a standing body of the U.S. House of Representatives, established in 1993. It is composed of the Speaker of the House and the majority and minority leaderships. BLAG directs the activities of the House’s Office of General Counsel, providing guidance and oversight on legal issues and decisions that involve the House of Representatives.

Speaker Johnson appeared on Fox News tonight with Sean Hannity to share the hopeful news.

Sean Hannity asked Speaker Johnson to update his viewers on the latest actions by the US House: “Mr. Speaker, I understand that might be a change in position regarding the House and their stance on the January 6 Committee, and it might be regarding Steve Bannon, and it may have a big impact on his contempt case. Tell me what’s going on…”

Speaker Johnson responded, “Yeah, we’re working on filing an amicus brief on his appellate work there in his case because the January 6 committee was, we think, wrongly wrongfully constituted. We think the work was tainted. We think that they may have very well-covered up evidence and maybe even more nefarious activities. We’ve been investigating the committee itself. We disagree with how Speaker Pelosi put all that together. We think it violated House rules. And so we will be expressing that to the court, and I think it will help Steve Bannon in his appeal.”


This decision by the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG) that declared the January 6th Committee illegitimate also declared its subpoenas, including the subpoena served to Steve Bannon that he ignored, allowing the J6 Witch Hunt Committee to charge him with contempt of court.

Speaker Mike Johnson also appeared on CNN to discuss the decision by the House to a disappointed Kaitlin Collins.

Last week, Steve Bannon lost his appeal to delay the July 1 start of his criminal contempt-of-Congress prison sentence starting in July.

The far-left US DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Bannon. Bannon, the former Chief Strategist to former President Donald Trump, will likely seek the intervention of the Supreme Court.

Rep. Byron Daniels was asked about the vote today by the House. Rep. Daniels (R-FL) responded with this tweet:

“If Steve Bannon & Peter Navarro are the standard for DOJ prosecution, then why is AG Garland an exception?

Garland decided his opinion matters more than the elected representatives of the American people.

He thinks he’s above the law.
Congress must act.”

On Friday morning, Jeff Clark, the Former US DOJ Double Assistant AG, posted this on Twitter. Steve Bannon has only nine days left until he will be sent to prison for the four months leading up to the 2024 election – the most important election in the last 150 years!

On Friday, Clark warned that there were only 9 days left to keep Bannon out of federal prison.

It appears as though members of the House have thrown the unjustly accused and sentenced Steve Bannon a lifeboat! Pray for Steve Bannon, for the brave House members fighting to save an innocent man from the clutches of Democrats who use lawfare to punish their political enemies, and for Chief Justice John Roberts to clearly see this sick and demented scheme by the Democrats for what it is and that he will do the right thing.


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