BIDEN REGIME J6 PRISONER Forced To Eat & Sleep for DAYS in Cell with Overflowing FILTHY TOILET Surrounded by “TONS OF HUMAN FECES”! Readers – Please File a Complaint With WARDEN JONES & DOC Director Thomas Faust! INFO BELOW!

A DC Gitmo Detainee that has been arbitrarily thrown in “the hole” of DC Gitmo was left for an entire weekend in a cell with a backed up toilet and surrounded by built-up, black colored and “terrible smelling” human feces.

January 6th defendant Brandon Fellows was forced to urinate in the black moldy sink (where he obtains his drinking water from) for the duration of the weekend and eat his food and sleep three feet away from the filthy overflowed UNSANITARY toilet.

Although he pleaded with guards he was LITERALLY not allowed outside of the tiny feces filled cell for, even to shower, from Friday afternoon until Monday.

*See Fellow’s shocking and honest yet quite frankly stomach lurching statement below in this article or scroll down.

Brandon Fellows on January 6th and before his detainment at DC Gitmo.

Fellows is one of four January 6th pretrial detainees in the hole of DC Gitmo, where conditions are even worse than what they were experiencing in what has come to be called the “Patriot Pod”.
The “hole” is the slang term given to an area in a prison where inmates are kept in complete isolation. It is also referred to as “the SHU” (Special Housing Unit). J6 Inmate Nathaniel DeGrave describes it as “a jail within a jail”. DeGrave is also in the hole and has been given no explanation as to why.

*Warden’s Contact Info Below! Scroll down to bottom of article to see where you can help by directly contacting Warden Jones and her boss DOC Director Thomas Faust!

These two men (Fellows and DeGrave) reached out to us to say they were thrown down into “the hole” with no official or viable reason given as to why they are being subjected to this unconstitutional torture. Both have been in the hole for well over fourteen days and are fighting to be moved back to the Patriot Pod (or C2B).

Another J6er (Peter Schwartz) has been in there for over four months. The other J6 prisoners recently currently suffering in the hole are Nathaniel DeGrave and Ronald Sandlin. J6er and Marine Ryan Nichols was also in the hole for a number of weeks but was sent back the Patriot Pod yesterday, according to sources. The rest remain in the hole up until the moment of this publication.

*Please scroll to the bottom of this article to see who you can call at The DC Department of Corrections to file a complaint on behalf of Fellows and DeGrave, who we have spoken to and asked for help.

Over fourteen days of solitary confinement is considered torture under International Code. The “Nelson Mandela Rules” calls for United Nations member states to “prohibit indefinite or prolonged solitary confinement (beyond 15 consecutive days) for all incarcerated people”.

Brandon Fellows was without an attorney and representing himself pr0-se until recently when he was finally able to afford counsel (thanks to crowd-sourcing). Fellows had grown frustrated with what he called his “radical leftist attorney” and opted to defend himself. According to Fellows, he has spent significant time writing motions about the treatment of his fellow January 6th DC Inmates and his efforts have improved the treatment of his fellow J6 inmates. This claim has been substantiated by his fellow inmates- some who credit Fellows with finally being able to be allowed to cut their hair.

You can help Brandon with his legal expenses here.

Brandon Fellows at January 6th.

The highly intelligent and brutally blunt Fellows has Asperger’s Syndrome just like one of his heroes, Elon Musk. He has written impressive motions to his judge and continues to research and assist in writing motions from his cell since we last heard from him.

Fellows was completely non-violent on January 6th. He is being charged for a felony and multiple misdemeanors and facing up to 23 years in prison.

Fellows describes his despicable experience in “the hole” and the horrific toilet experience here:

Dear Fellow Americans,

I was randomly grabbed and put in handcuffs last Monday. I was brought to the hole and told I was being removed for my safety. I was told I was not in trouble. The jail grabbed all my belongings without me present, took my shoes and refused to give them back to me, and sent me to the hole. I was not given my pens or a replacement pen so I could not write or prepare my motions (Fellows is currently defending himself and acting as his own attorney against the Biden Regime).

I missed lunch because it took them 3 hours to move me. I was told I would get lunch but was not given it despite many pleas for lunch. They took my purchased food and refused to give it to me. I then was not given rec until Wednesday, not allowed to make any phone calls. I got let out for 2 hours on Wednesday. 

Then I was not let out until Monday, but it was after 5 pm so I still could not contact my lawyer. In 9 days/ 216 hours I’ve had 6 hours of “free time”. 210 out of 216 hours have been spent in my cell. The other 6 were spent in another cell with a tv and 9 channels. I went 5 days without a shower, my sink shot out black mold or mildew the other night and got all over my toothbrush… I drink from that sink… No cup, have to make a cup with my hands. it took 3 days for them to replace my toothbrush they took from me. I was not able to brush my teeth for 3 days. 

Cockroaches are everywhere. Guards don’t give their names out so I cant write grievances on them through their broken grievance process. In order to go to rec which is another locked cell with a tv, I have to strip naked, show my butthole and cough. 

For the 3rd time since being here I had to go see a doctor and get x-rays because I got so constipated (because theres no fruit in our diets) I was in extreme pain, so after 6 days of taking different kinds of laxatives, I finally went and clogged the toilet. I tried to get guards to help, but they said there was no maintenance on weekends so I was left in my cell with tons of built up poop in my toilet with no cover. It was so nasty I stopped eating the crappy food they gave me. Over a day later a guard gave me a plastic bag to wrap it over with to help control the smell since it is feet 3 feet from where I eat and sleep. I did this and then from then on had to pee in my black mold sink. The next day I was finally moved to another cell, and the following day I came back to an unclogged toilet…However i was accused of purposely not flushing for days when I went poop…I was threatened to be written up if it happens again. When I got in my cell there was poop water left all over on the ground, It smelled terrible still.

I don’t like communists, and I don’t like nazis. Yet both are treated better than us in the justice system and in this jail.

Brandon Fellows
Political Prisoner 377943

According to a study, “it’s estimated there are nearly 100 billion bacteria per gram of wet stool. According to a study that looked at a collection of fresh stools in oxygen-free conditions found almost 50% of the bacteria were alive.”

What happens when bacteria leaves the body in feces and is accidentally ingested by touching food can be fetal. A few diseases that can be spread through the fecal-oral route include hepatitis A, hepatitis E, cholera, adenovirus, and E.coli. These very deadly diseases occur due to the viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites that can spread through fecal-oral transmission.

“Being and eating around wet stool can lead to various infectious diseases that can range in severity, including being fatal,” said Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr. John Rohe, MD.

“A situation like this can turn deadly and should be taken very seriously,”  J6 Prisoner Advocate Tina Ryan of Citizens Again Political Persecution. “Not to mention that jail infirmaries are sub-par and not well-equipped to handle infections of this nature.”

She continued:

“These conditions are worse than a Third World Country where diseases run rampant due to poor sanitation.”

Please help this poor guy out,” said Ryan. “He is one of the least violent offenders in there- he is not a threat. There is no way he should ever have done jail time (especially pre-trial).”

You can help Brandon with his legal expenses here.

According to an article by The New York Post, Fellows said that his political views have fractured his relationship with his family. Fellows said only his grandparents invited him to Christmas dinner before he was locked up in DC Gitmo pre-trial — but they made him eat in his bus because he “didn’t take COVID-19 seriously enough”.

Brandon Fellows on his bus where he ate his Christmas Dinner alone outside his grandparent’s home before DC Gitmo. His family was concerned he not take “Covid-19 seriously enough.”

You can help Fellows by donating to his legal fund or by calling DC Corrections Center and filing a complaint on his behalf after reading his direct letter to the public above.

“I just want out of ‘the hole’ and back to the Patriot Pod or as it is called by the jail- “C2B”. I have been fighting for weeks to go back. I have been suffering and hoping someone will come help us.”

“Scarily it seems these men are suffering from Stockholm syndrome of some sort,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Again Political Persecution. “Pleading with their captors to return them to their former hellhole in the jail because this one is worst (if that is possible). In C2B Fellows and the others were already exposed to horrible conditions and loss of civil liberties- but at least they knew they had the other J6 Patriots nearby and had slightly more freedom than they do in ‘the hole”. Every second outside the cell feels like a year to these poor guys.”

DC Jail is under the DC Department of Corrections. As to be expected with any bureaucracy, finding the appropriate persons to contact and file a report with is time consuming and many give up. I spent the entirety of an afternoon and the following early morning hours getting looped around on the phone lines before coming up with some preliminary information for the public as to who to write complaints to. You will not find this information anywhere else.

If you would like to contact the Department of Corrections and file a citizens complaint on behalf of Brandon Fellows you can contact Thomas N. Faust. Faust currently serves as Director of the D.C. Department of Corrections. Mr. Faust has administrative authority over the prison and the Wardens. Mr. Faust’s email is [email protected]. His assistant is Ms. Sally Thomas. You can also email her at [email protected] and CC Mr. Faust. Ask her to kindly forward your compliant to the Director. You can request a call back from Mr. Faust.

You can also contact the Deputy Warden Ms. Michele Jones at [email protected]. She is the Warden of CTF where the men are currently housed. You can also reach her through her assistant is Ms. Alicia Marierose. Her email is [email protected]. Ask for your correspondence to be forwarded to Warden Jones and CC Warden Jones. You can request a call back from the Warden.

Please also CC [email protected] on all emails as a backup and proof of correspondence.

Please ask to file an official complaint and report. Let these officials know you are concerned for the treatment of Brandon Fellows and Nathaniel DeGrave. Ask for their removal from “the hole (restrictive housing)” and their return to their regular cells in “C2B”. We can only speak for those two gentlemen because they are the ones who have reached out for help. Report that the men have been in solitary confinement or “restrictive housing” as the jail cals it for an extended period and ask for an investigation as well as a follow up to your inquiry. Also please mention the letter above about the feces filled cell incident and feel free to copy and paste it in your email to the jail. Feel free to share your results with us (see contact below).

You can get try your luck with the DC Department of Corrections Helpline at 202-698-4932. Hit #2 for “Administrative Offices”, then Hit #5 on the next prompt for “All Other Inquiries” and ask for the appropriate party.

If you reach out to the jail in good faith and respect and do not receive a response, please let us know for our records as they are generally required to respond to serious complaints within a day or two.

Keep all proof and email chains of your correspondences and ask for a report back of their investigation. You can forward us anything of interest. See contact info below.

The Department of Corrections will ask for the “DCDC” numbers of the prisoners. They are listed below:

Brandon Fellows- DCDC #377943

Nathaniel DeGrave- DCDC #376789

You can help Brandon with his legal expenses here.

Good luck.

Cara Castronuova is a co-Founder of C.A.P.P. (Citizens Against Political Persecution and The People’s January 6th Commission. She is an Activist, Investigative Journalist, 2-Time Boxing Champion, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Television Personality. You can watch her on Newsmax at 10PM EST every Saturday night on “Wiseguys”. You can follow her on & Twitter or Instagram  @CaraCastronuova. She is currently banned on Fakebook & suing them for defamation of character.  You can contact her via the C.A.P.P. website at or if you have any tips or would like to volunteer.


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