Who was this Antifa Operative Lurking in the Crowd on Jan. 6? Why Isn’t Chris Wray and the FBI Targeting Him if Grandma with her MAGA Flag is Being Arrested?

Who was this Individual lurking on the Capitol Grounds on Jan. 6? 
Why isn’t the FBI looking for this person if grandma with her Trump flag is being targeted?

By Nick Mastrangelo
While conducting research for a separate project, this TGP contributor came across the DOJ documents relating to the Jan 6 criminal charges for Christopher Worrell.
Worrell can be seen circled in red in the image below wearing the brown jacket.

Worrell (statements of factshere) was slapped with a number of charges, including:
– Engaging in physical violence in a Restricted Building or Grounds Using a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon
– Act of Physical Violence in the Capitol Grounds or Buildings, to name a few.
Chris Worrell was pictured in a video spraying pepper spray gel at police, however in the same image squatting under Worrell is an individual in a black ski mask, wearing all black, with a bright green backpack.
What conservative patriot attends a peaceful protest of an election wearing this?
In the image above (Worrell circled in red), in the bottom right portion of the image above the red and white construction hat, the same bright green backpack is visible.
Where else did this individual do on that day?

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