Another Disgusting Lie: Democrat Raskin Shows Slide Claiming “7 People Lost Their Lives” in January 6 Capitol Siege

They just can’t help it.
Lead Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin and Democrats on Tuesday ran a video of the peaceful protests, rioting and violence on January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol.
And they lied.
The video deceptively edited President Trump’s words to his million supporters at the Ellipse by the White House.
What else should we expect from a Democrat? They’re liars by nature.
Raskin played a deceptively edited video of Trump purposely omitted the part where Trump specifically told his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard.”
Then at the end of the video Raskin and Democrats claimed “seven people lost their lives” by their experiences that day.
This is another disgusting lie.
The Washington DC Police identified the four Americans killed during the chaos at the US Capitol:
Ashli Babbit, 35-years-old, Huntington, Maryland
Benjamin Phillips, 50-years-old, Ringtown, Pennsylvania
Kevin Greeson, 55-years-old, Athens, Alabama
Roseanne Boylan, 34-years-old, Kennesaw, Georgia.
Police Officer Brian Sicknick died after the rioting likely from blood clot and stroke.
Two other Capitol Police officers committed suicide later that month.  To blame their suicides on the Capitol riots is completely outrageous and disingenuous. 

Democrats are relying on lies to impeach private citizen Donald Trump.
They have to lie to get the former president!


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