4 BIRTHDAYS IN THE GULAG FOR J6ER JAKE LANG! Gen Flynn and Jim Hoft Live Twitter Space Sunday at 11 AM ET for Jake’s B-day

“I’ve grown up inside a prison cell” says January 6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang, who turns 29 years old tomorrow April 7th – unbelievably his FOURTH Birthday inside the GULAG WITHOUT A TRIAL!!

“I was only 25 years old on January 6, I have grown into a Man inside prison. My 26th, 27th, 28th and now, 29 birthdays have come and gone. I give God all the glory to prosper me throughout this most trying time of my life. Jesus is a Rock that I have clung to in this storm. And I’m a better man for it.”

Tomorrow on April 7th, the Conservative community is rallying around Jake for his Birthday with an exclusive LIVE Political Prisoner Podcast hosted by @TheGatewayPundit on Twitter Space with special guests joining Jake – Jim Hoft and GENERAL FLYNN!!


The Gateway Pundit family has gotten to know Jake intimately over the last 4 years and has watched him grow. Our flagship podcast with Jake – The Political Prisoner Podcast – is recorded live through the wall phone from over 15 different prisons he has been in! Jake’s show has ascended in popularity the last few years, bringing in guests like Dinesh D’Souza, Mike Lindell, Lara Logan, Christina Bobb and my brother Joe Hoft!

Jake’s his fight for the January 6 Political Prisoners has been legendary. Jake has raised & distributed over 1.2 million dollars for the January 6ers in the last 3 years! The J6Truth organization he started which includes SponsorJ6.com and J6Legal.org currently feeds all 270 J6 prisoners $100 a month or more in their commissary accounts and has retained lawyers for over 40 Jan 6 defendants.

Hear directly from Jake, Jim & General Flynnat 11 ET on Sunday  –>


On Friday The Gateway Pundit broke headlines with Jake’s J6ClassAction.com multi- million dollar lawsuit that includes over 77 other J6ers! There is a heart of perseverance that God has crafted inside Jake that refuses to submit to this despotic tyranny he lives under. We salute Jake on his 29th birthday as he miraculously survives 1180+ days as a Political Prisoner under the Biden Regime.

He has suffered over 2 years of solitary confinement, and stretches without seeing direct sunlight as long as 6 months at a time! He and the other brave J6 patriots at the DC GULAG spent the first 15 months of incarceration WITHOUT family visitation or haircuts/shaves.

“We have seen it all Jim” Jake said to GWP in an exclusive birthday interview – “from being pepper sprayed for asking for Bible studies and tossed into the DC Jail basement half naked for 2 weeks without a change of clothes, and showing up shoeless to court without underwear. We have seen it all Jim and we have grown stronger than they could ever possibly imagine. The Jan 6 patriots, as we emerge from these desolate Gulags will usher in a new age of Freedom in America – the next generation of America First leaders was born in the firey coludren of the DC GULAG!”

” I just want to say how grateful I am and humbled by God to be surrounded by so much love on my birthday from the most steadfast community of Christians and Patriots in the WORLD! Your prayers, letters and love keep the fight alive in each and every one of us. We stood up for YOU – the everyday American – on January 6 we held our ground abd we won’t give up ANOTHER INCH to these tyrants!! Thank you all, I can’t wait to see us grow more united in Christ and stronger as a Nation through this adversity – we have overcome.”

You can all tune into the SPECIAL LIVE Political Prisoner Podcast on Twitter Space tomorrow at 11am est with General Flynn & Jim Hoft & Jake Lang!


Listen to ALL The Political Prisoner Podcasts on Blessed News! BlessedNewsTV.com/@JakeLang

Support Jake’s organization by visiting SponsorJ6.com and becoming a monthly commissary sponsor for our J6 heroes!


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