UPDATE: J6 Prisoners Host Sit-In from DC Jail

Article written by Nick Mastrangelo and Laura Elizabeth Jenkins

American Gulag received the following personal message today from J6 defendant Jonathan Mellis:

“We are having a peaceful sit-in protest against the violations of our 8th Amendment Rights. Solitary confinement, 22 hours-a-day lockdown, lack of visitation or video visits, phones broken for weeks, lack of access to our legal discovery, threats and violence by the guards, and the jail’s refusal to answer our grievance forms, along with other concerns. 

We are all refusing to go to our cells. We are sitting peacefully in the pod waiting for the warden, administration, or someone who can address our concerns. We are desperate. We have been mistreated for too long. It’s been a year now. This is not how our own government is supposed to be treating us. Jake Lang has been on hunger strike for a week. We need relief. We need to be heard. Spread the word. Pray for us.””

Jonathan’s message arrives just three days before his next bond hearing Thursday. Mellis’ motion for bond was previously struck down. The court claimed due to his political beliefs, Mellis was “unlikely to adhere” to the court’s release orders. This argument was also by the government during the appeal for Jake Lang’s denial of bond. Steven Metcalf, Lang’s lawyer, argued the court relied too heavily on hypotheticals instead of specifics. (See picture below)

Meanwhile, the court ignores police brutality towards Mellis, Lang, and other Jan 6th defendants encountered and attempted to stop. The court portrays Mellis as someone who blindly approached officers and struck them. However, before coming into contact with police, Mellis stood fifteen feet away, encouraging others in the crowd to show a policeman “how merciful we are.” 

This did not stop law enforcement from advancing and beating Roseanne Boyland. Other protesters who fell to the ground were about to get hurt as well.

See footage here.

The FBI provides these two out of context pictures of Mellis’ “assault” on Capitol Police.  See Mellis circled in red standing above a downned individual circled in blue below:

Another images pictures Mellis holding a stick at an angle.  See below:

The FBI has yet to provide the medical damages, if any, Mellis caused during his “assault”.

“I respect the police,” said Mellis in an interview with Gateway Pundit’s Cara Castronuova. 

“But you are stuck between a rock and a hard place when you see a cop beating up a citizen. Do you intervene and try to prevent that person’s death or do you watch them die?”

“So many people say they were reacting to what they witnessed that day- police brutally beating women and teargassing and shoving people on top of each other. Most men I know would never let a woman die in front of him.”

We encourage you to support Jonathan through his GiveSendGo:


Your care and concern is important, since Jonathan lost his father while detained in prison last May, awaiting trial. He has not seen his family.


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