UPDATE: J6 Prisoner Beaten and Blinded by Guards Now Being Pressured NOT TO SPEAK to Gateway Pundit After Recent Interview – Feds Tell His Wife She Can’t Speak to Him Anymore

Here comes another reminder that the FBI and DOJ have been weaponized against half the country and need to be either severely reorganized or disbanded.

Last week, Gateway Pundit published an interview with J6 prisoner Ryan Samsel.

Jan. 6 Prisoner Beaten til He Lost an Eye, Later He Was Tied to Chair for 12 Hours, Now He Has Blood Clots and Precancerous Growths, Government Won’t Allow Him Medical Treatment – They Want Him Dead – EXCLUSIVE AUDIO

In the interview, Samsel went into great detail about the three (3) separate occasions on which he was beaten by federal prison guards. The beatings resulted in:

  • Blindness in one eye
  • Blood clots from being tied to a chair for 12 hours
  • Broken bones in his face
  • Fractured skull
  • Broken nose
  • Ruptured Kidney
  • Black eyes and severe bruising to his face

DC Correctional Officers Brutally Beat Jan. 6 US Capitol Protester, Zip-Tie His Hands, Fracture His Skull, Blind Him in One Eye

Then, after receiving some initial medical treatment, precancerous growths were spotted on his chest.  The doctors recommended that Ryan receive treatment and surgery that would require he be transferred off-site to be seen by a specialist.

True to form, the Department of Justice (injustice?) prosecutor, Karen Rocklin, vigorously opposed the surgery and biopsy.  Ryan was left without treatment to rot in his prison cell.

Ryan Samsel lives in fear for his life because of federal prison guard thugs and DOJ prosecutors.  We’ll just have to hope the judge grants him the needed medical treatment at some point.

Notably, Ryan Samsel has NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF ANYTHING.  He still possesses the Fourteenth Amendment rights of a pretrial detainee – which means that the federal government has an even greater duty to attend to the man’s health and safety.

So far, the government has deliberately failed at this. His 14th Amendment rights were brutally violated.  Hey, Amnesty International, where are you? (Rhetorical question).

Today we have additional information to report.  Over the weekend The Gateway Pundit received word from a confidential source that Ryan Samsel was pressured by the federal government to stop giving interviews with the Gateway Pundit!!

The source also indicated that Samsel’s wife has been forbidden to contact him specifically because he gave an interview to the Gateway Pundit. 

And Samsel has more medical woes – federally provided medical treatment to his mouth was botched.  He wasn’t given antibiotics or pain medication, and now he suffers from a painful infection in his mouth.

THE GOOD NEWS is that thanks to generous Gateway Pundit readers, he is able to and permitted to see an independent medical doctor to treat the infection. 

We would like to thank our readers for helping Mr. Samsel.  Thank you all for your kindness, mercy, and generosity.

We have the best audience on the internet today!

We’re living in the Soviet States of America.  We’ve got to keep helping one another.

* * * * * * * * * * *

** Please give to Ryan Samsel’s GiveSendGo account here.  This man desperately needs funding.


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