‘This is the FBI Silencing Somebody Who Knows Too Much’-Exclusive Interview with J6 Defendant Jeremy Brown

‘This is the FBI Silencing Somebody Who Knows Too Much’-Exclusive Interview with J6 Defendant Jeremy Brown

Former Green Beret, small businessman, and 2020 Congressional candidate Jeremy Brown has been in prison under maximum security conditions for over 80 days. He awaits trial for 2 misdemeanor charges for being on Capitol grounds on Jan. 6th. Brown did not go in the building and stood peacefully outside.

For three months, he hasn’t received access to his discovery (the government record of evidence pertaining to charges.) Judge Amit Mehta expects Jeremy to have this before his next status hearing on Jan. 11th.

Brown was moved twice in prison and forced to quarantine for 20 days. This prevented him from meeting with his lawyer, who is the only person authorized to share his discovery.

The Constitution guarantees citizens the right to a speedy trial and to know the evidence presented against them.

“The federal government has turned due process on its head,” Brown states. “Normally, you collect evidence, do an investigation, get an indictment, charge the person, and then arrest them.” 

“In this case, what they’re doing is arresting people, then they’re getting the indictments after the arrest.  Then they’re gathering evidence through illegal or duplicitous search methods, then claiming, ‘oh, we can’t go to trial yet because we’re not done gathering all the information’.”

Brown was held without bond after a search of his home uncovered an unregistered firearm and equipment used in his military career. The search-under appeal in Florida court-potentially implicates Brown in 5 additional felonies.

He says the government went too far- confiscating an American flag and looking for materials showing he “had questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 Presidential election.”

Hear Jeremy Brown’s response to this intrusive search here.

Brown finds it uncanny how The Daily Beast went public about an arrest warrant for his phone before he even knew about it.

He believes the government retaliated against him for refusing to monitor peaceful actions of private citizens within the Oathkeepers before Jan 6th. (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/12/exclusive-doj-arrested-members-oathkeepers-conspiring-commit-crimes-jan-6-yet-evidence-wasnt-true/ )  Two FBI agents-Brett Lindsey and Paul from the Tampa field office met with him at a local restaurant, offering him compensation to do so.

“We think that we can help you, you can help us, and we can definitely on your side of things, less aggravation,” an agent stated. 

Hear more about what happened in Brandon Gray’s interview with Jeremy. (See 53:40-53:54)

This seemed strange to Brown. He wasn’t interested in their offer at all.

Hear Jeremy Brown explain why his whistleblower status before Jan 6th impacts his view of the false narrative that day.

“This is definitely a retribution type of arrest because the same agents who recruited me in 2020 are the exact same agents who executed a misdemeanor trespassing warrant nine months after [Jan. 6th.]”

“What the government is doing is they’ll put all of this false narrative into a charging document. They’ll make that charging document public, and of course, their narrative is just part of the record,” says Brown.

Hear Jeremy Brown explain the cause and effect of judicial overreach.

“The minute you try to say ‘that’s not true,’ they claim you can’t talk about that in public. The only way [the government can harm you] is if you don’t speak up about it,” he says.

Other defendants jailed after Jan. 6th echo Jeremy Brown’s message to speak out. In an interview from prison with Jim Hoft, https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/12/exclusive-j6-political-prisoner-jake-lang-joins-philip-anderson-man-whose-life-saved-january-6th-tell-harrowing-story-police-brutality-us-capitol/  for example, defendant Jake Lang said: “That’s the most important thing for our trial right now- informing the American public about the truth of Jan. 6th because then, we’ll be exonerated. If they don’t know the truth, then we’re all going to go down.”


Visit jeremybrowndefense.com to support justice for Jeremy.


Hear the full transcript of Jeremy Brown’s interview HERE.


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