SURPRISE! Officer Dunn Who Testified that Trump Supporters on Jan. 6 Were Chanting the “N-Word” Is HUGE BLM Activist — Supported Mass Violence in Kenosha Riots

The latest Jan. 6 propaganda media parade was launched Tuesday on Capitol Hill.
Democrats and RINOs held a hearing to smear President Trump and his supporters.
They do this as Jan. 6 political prisoners are abused and languish in isolation just miles from the US Capitol in Washington DC.
During the hearing Police Officer Harry Dunn accused Trump supporters of calling him the n-word on Jan. 6.
Officer Dunn: And the crowd about 20 people joined in screaming, “Boo, f**king n***er!”

Of course, this didn’t happen or we would have heard about it by now. But Officer Dunn knows he can say this because the mainstream fake news media will NEVER ask him to prove it.
Now we know why Officer Dunn may be so angry at President Trump and his supporters.
Officer Dunn is a Black Lives Matter activist.

Dunn is a BLM protester. He has posed for a photo with demon Nancy Pelosi.

And Officer Dunn even supported the mass destruction in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year!
Via Jack Posobiec.

Officer Dunn is a huge leftist.
For some reason, he sees Kenosha’s destruction as a good thing, but not the much less destructive and violent Trump supporters at the Jan. 6 protests?
What a tool.


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