THE POLICE KILLED HER: Three More Eye-Witnesses Who Were Later Arrested Speak Out on Police Killing of Jan. 6 Protester Rosanne Boyland – Here Are Their Stories

Article by Cara Castronuova
From the dark bowels of DC Jail, the real truth about a January 6th death continues to emerge.
Last month, Gateway Pundit revealed that conservative activist Philip Anderson was an eyewitness to Capitol Police killing Roseanne Boyland.

A second anonymous eyewitness emerged 5 days ago.

Now, three other witnesses have been identified that confirm Capitol Police were allegedly responsible for the death of January 6th protester Roseann Boyland.

The problem is that two of them are behind bars in Washington DC Jail with no bail for months now. The other is under home incarceration. Their voices have literally been taken away from them.
Now, Cara Castronuova of Citizens Against Political Persecution has exclusively identified two other eyewitnesses willing to speak out from the depths of DC Jail, and another on home incarceration.
Cara Castronuova spoke with Jonathan Mellis, one of the prisoners being held indefinitely in DC Jail with no bail since February 17th. He has yet to have a bond hearing.
This is his statement:

“I was there when Rosanne Boyland was being trampled by the police. I was at the bottom of the steps in front of the hallway. Many people were screaming that a woman was being trampled by the police. I responded as fast as I could. I saw her lifeless body being crushed under the officers and hit with their batons. They were kicking her viciously. I acted to get them off her. I was maced. I still hear the cries for help. My memories of this hectic situation started effecting me much more after I found out that Rosanne did not make it. We didn’t save her. I’ve seen bodycam footage since then of a Trump supporter giving her chest compressions in the hallway as the police continue to attack the people who are there to save her (this happened about a minute after my involvement). As God as my witness this is the truth. The cops are even still striking her lifeless body with their batons and boots. These are the bodycam footages they are not releasing. I can send you bodycam footage of my involvement if you would like.”

This statement can be substantiated with video now released of Boyland being struck by police officers with batons as she is crushed by people that the police pushed on top of her. The cries of her fellow citizens asking the police to stop and pleading for help can also be substantiated by newly released video, which has not been shown to the public on any mainstream news outlets.
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Castronuova also spoke with Edward Jacob Lang, a prisoner being held extensively in solitary confinement since January 16th. Lang also witnessed Roseann Boyland’s death, as he was in the area near the entrance where she died. He was holding her hand as she passed away.
According to Lang, he witnessed police viciously shove Roseann Boyland and the crowd, beat them, and douse them with pepper spray and tear gas. He saw Phillip Anderson, unconscious and crushed by the police and crowd, right next to Boyland. He lifted Anderson out and with others carried him away to safety, saving his life. This story has been confirmed with Anderson, who credits Lang with saving his life.
According to Lang:

“I was begging the Capitol police to stop pummeling people over on top of them, brutally beating protesters … I couldn’t let anymore people die in front of my face…I was trying to pull Roseann with all my might as she turned from purple to blue to white. The police kept knocking people all over her, she was at the bottom of the pile. I was frantically flailing my arms begging police to stop but the police kept pummeling. I couldn’t pull out Roseann but I am so thankful I was able to pull out Phillip.”

Lang remains in DC Jain with no bail. He has been there since January 16th, spending the majority of his time there in “the hole.”
Castronuova also spoke with the mother of Michael Foy, who was recently released from DC Jail and remains on home incarceration. He was charged with hitting police with a hockey stick he had fashioned into a makeshift flagpole.
According to Laura Hartley, the mother of Michael Foy, Michael was clearing the police off the body of Roseann Boyland. According to both Foy and Hartley, the police would not allow anyone to help Boyland or administer CPR. In the Defendant’s Emergency Bond Review Motion, Michael Foy said that he used his hockey stick to clear police off the body of Roseann Boyland for approximately 15 seconds before retreating from the scene. According to the Review Motion, seconds later, an apparently unconscious woman, later identified as Roseann Boyland was dragged from the steps.
According to his court documents, Mr. Foy did not use violence until he witnessed the continued advancement of police beginning to crush people at his feet, including Rosanne Boyland. Foy then felt it was his duty to clear the police and others that were surrounding Boyland in order to save her life. Unfortunately, it was too late.
According to his attorney, there is strong evidence that Mr. Foy acted in defense of others in using non-deadly force and Mr. Foy used the appropriate amount of force to defend individuals who were being crushed by advancing police officers. The D.C. Pattern Jury Instructions provides the law of defense of a third person- “that every person has the right to use a reasonable amount of force in defense of another person if s/he actually believes that the other person is in imminent danger of bodily harm”.
Mr. Foy’s defense said he used the appropriate amount of force to defend individuals who were being crushed by advancing police officers.
In the case of Roseann Boyland, it is reasonable to assume this, especially considering she died after the brutal alleged assault many eyewitnesses are saying was by Capitol Police.
Audible on bodycam footage of the scene surrounding Boyland’s death are cries of the people to the police of “Stop! Stop! She’s gonna die! She’s gonna die!”, “Please stop pepper spray, we’re trying to (inaudible)!, and “There’s people under here! There’s people pressed under here! (pointing to protesters being pushed by police), as well as “I’m trying to get out, please, I’m trying to get out. I’m on the ground.” Police continued to pummel the crowd and Boyland, ignoring all cries and pleas for help.
Also seen in a video is a police officer wearing a neon jacket strike a lifeless Boyland several times with a baton using an overhead swing as Boyland lay on the ground with her shirt rolled up over her belly, unconscious. Another police officer seems to panic and pull the other officer away to stop them from continuing to bludgeon Boyland.
This led to the above three protesters’ involvement in attempting to clear the police and others from the bodies on the ground. This is the harshest crime they are being charged with- assaulting officers- but in their cases (and substantiated by video), they were defending a third-party person in danger of Capitol Police brutality. This is permissible under D.C. Pattern Jury Instructions. This also changes the narrative of the crowd surrounding the West entrance of the Capitol at the time of the death of Roseann Boyland- that they were actually fighting police off her body and the bodies of others that were hurt, including Phillip Anderson
Interestingly, the testimonies of Mellis, Foy and Lang all paint the same exact picture and none of the defendants knew of the other’s existence that day.
You have three different gentlemen, from three different areas in the country, all in the same general place at the same time.
All witnessed the same thing.

The accumulation of their accounts and others say they are witness that Capitol Police were responsible for the death of Roseann Boyland. To summarize, that the Capitol Police pushed Boyland to the ground and proceeded to shove other civilians on top of her. A logical person can say it is reasonable to assume police caused Boyland’s death and a real investigation must be opened. When Boyland’s friend and other citizens pleaded with the Capitol Police to stop macing, pepper spraying and beating people so they could save Boyland, their hysterical pleas and cries for help were ignored as police continued to beat Boyland with batons as she lay on the ground, unconscious. Police would not allow any other civilians near her to administer CPR when she needed it and continued to pummel her with batons. Her lifeless body was finally dragged away by her fellow civilians who were finally able to administer CPR (with no help from nearby police) and cops continued to assault the crowd. It was too late. This is now the accumulated testimony of at least five eyewitnesses, substantiated by video.
Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 commission completely neglected to even make mention of this monumental occurrence, and painted Capitol Police as heroes. When further investigation is done fairly into the conduct of the Capitol Police that day, a whole different picture emerges.
It was hastily reported by the mainstream media that she died of an accidental amphetamine overdose after a report by the DC medical examiner. Many mainstream news sources did nothing to further investigate this with due diligence- their statements must be retracted and apologized for.
In addition, The New York Times falsely reported that Boyland “appears to have been killed in a crush of fellow rioters during their attempt to fight through a police line, according to videos reviewed by The Times.”
An in-depth independent investigation separate from the Congress must be opened pertaining to the death of Roseann Boyland and the conduct of Capitol Police relating to it, particularly the identity of the officer seen in the video in the neon jacket using a long baton to club an unconscious Boyland several times with a hammer like overhead swing.
The People’s January 6th Commission aims to investigate and report the real truth to the American public, free of partisan politics and biased agendas.
Please contact Citizens Against Political Persecution ( for more information, if you would like to volunteer or if you have any tips.

Cara Castronuova is a co-Founder of C.A.P.P. (Citizens Against Political Persecution), Activist, 2-Time Boxing Champion, Celebrity Fitness Trainer,  and Television Personality. You can follow her on TG, Twitter, and FB @CaraCastronuova. For more information visit C.A.P.P. at


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