OUTRAGEOUS: The FBI Is Renting Billboards Around the Country To Pervert Reality and Promote Democrat Lies that President Trump and His Supporters Are Violent

FBI Billboards are everywhere.  The corrupt FBI is advertising across the nation on billboards requesting information on individuals who attended the Capitol protests on January 6th.   By doing so they promote the lie that Trump and his supporters are violent.

The FBI is so corrupt now it really needs to be shut down and rebuilt from the bottom up.  The individuals leading this agency are not honest and often participate in criminal acts themselves (see Mueller Russia Collusion sham).  So it is no surprise that this corrupt agency is advertising on billboards across the country insinuating the Capital protests a few weeks ago the most egregious act since 9-11.  They do this by advertising the event.  Something we have never seen before from this corrupt agency.
The above billboard was in Florida.  Others have been reported across the country. Syracuse. com reports:

The FBI has put up a billboard on Interstate 690 near Syracuse as part of a national campaign to identify those involved in the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol.

The billboard, which went up Friday near the interchange of I-690 and the New York State Thruway in the town of Geddes, asks passing motorists to call or leave an online tip identifying people who participated in the insurrection that resulted in five deaths.

What the above report does not tell you is that one policeman who is included in the death count at the Capitol died the next day of natural causes.  The remaining individuals were innocent Trump supporters who we still don’t have much information on how they died. One Trump supporter was shot dead by a Capitol policeman whose name has remained hidden.  This is believed to be because of his suspected prior allegiances to BLM.

OUTRAGEOUS: After Ten Days We Still Know Very Little about the Deaths of Four Trump Supporters at US Capitol – Why Is That?

Instead of investigating how the individuals died during the event, of why the Mayor of DC didn’t call for more help ahead of time, the FBI is producing billboards sharing Democrat talking points that Trump and his supporters are violent.  This is despite ample evidence that the violent actions on January 6th in DC were committed by Antifa goons who inserted themselves in the event.
The FBI will never report this.  They to date haven’t investigated much related to BLM or Antifa for the billions in losses and multiple deaths in 2020 related to their riots.

The FBI is a broken agency and it shows when it resorts to advertising lies insinuating President Trump and his followers are violent while Hillary, BLM and Antifa are given a pass.


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