Jan 6 Political Prisoner Troy Smocks Is a Black Man Originally from the KC Housing Projects – Today He Speaks Out from the DC Gulag and Refutes the Narrative That He is Housed with White Supremacists

Article Written by Jim Hoft, originally published at thegatewaypundit.com.

Troy Smocks is a 59-year-old black man from Texas being held in the DC “Gitmo” with other defendants for the events that unfolded at the Capitol on January 6.

He is incarcerated with a diverse group of Trump supporters who are white, black, Hispanic, Arab, Christian, Jewish, straight, and transgender.

Smocks’ race has not stopped the Left from accusing him of being a white supremacist.

He was arrested on January 15, 2021 and is finishing his sentence this month after enduring a year of inhumane treatment by his jailers and defamation of his character by the media.

He is not accused of any violent acts yet he was arrested like a terrorist at gunpoint by an FBI SWAT team.

***Please consider donating to his GiveSendGo fundraiser to rebuild his family’s life: https://givesendgo.com/G27CR

Troy will be going back to Dallas, Texas upon his release to start putting his life back together.

This experience has put much strain on his 2 children (19-year-old twins). He has lost his job, and his life is in shambles.

Here is Troy’s story in his own words:

Dear America, 

     My name is Troy Smocks, and last year I was the fourth person from north Dallas, Texas, to have been abducted by the FBI, in connection with the incident that took place at the U.S. Capitol, on January 6, 2021. 

    I consider myself to be a Christian conservative, but I am neither Republican nor Democrat. This is because I believe in only one true political party, and that would be in the American people themselves. 

     I did attend the “Stop The Steal” rally in support of President Donald Trump, on that cold winter morning. But that is not why a thirty-member, heavily armed, FBI SWAT Team, came pounding at my front door just nine days later. I was taken by the FBI, not because I was at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, but because I was on the internet on January 6.

     The federal government seized me, if you can only imagine, for making two political social media posts that the new Democratic-controlled regime, did not like. The Constitution says it’s protected speech, the Biden regime says, “we don’t care about no stinking Constitution.”

     I will be discharged completely from the D.C., Jail in only a few days from now, if not already, and then heading back home to Texas, all tattered, legally beat up, and financially ruined. But I have a great disdain for bullies, and I have never backed down from a fight. Nor have I, or will I, abandon my fellow “CB2” brothers in their fight for freedom as well. 

     The events of January 6, and from my perspective, is the day that America had longed for. It’s the day when Americans from every race, background, and State, united as one in support of a common truth. We all arrived in Washington, D.C., as complete strangers on that day, and by a twist of fate, each of us returned to our homes as a family of patriot codefendants in the country’s second-biggest fight against government tyranny.

     By the way, did I mention to you that I am a 59-year-old black American man?

     As a kid, I was raised in the public housing communities of Kansas City, Missouri. In fact, I can still remember the days of having to sit at the “back of the bus” with my mother, and not being allowed to drink from water fountains labeled “Whites Only”. This is merely to say that racism and I, are no strangers.

     Until now, the American public was unaware that there was a black man (actually two black men) amongst the January 6 U.S. Capitol detainees being held at the D.C. Jail. This is because the Biden regime, and the nation’s lopsided News outlets have purposely misled practically everyone on planet Earth into believing that January 6 was all about Donald Trump, and white supremacy.  Unfortunately, many Americans think that the federal government went out and rounded up a bunch of gun-toting white domestic terrorists, because this has been the popular narrative of the main stream fake news. In addition, it is a lot easier for normal people to dislike white supremacists, in this so called “woke” society.

     These men, including myself at one time, have been judged too dangerous to be released on bail into their own communities. Places where many of them have homes, jobs, and businesses. And so, if the public were to ever become aware that for nearly one year, the federal government has intentionally confined two black men in the same enclosed jail space with dozens of its captured, and Biden proclaimed “white supremacist”, then the political narrative of white supremacy, Critical Race Theory, and all of the other racially divisive nonsense would be debunked.

     My reasoning behind this letter to you, America, is to finally say what many of you have been thinking, but only a few actually have the social courage to speak… It seems as though the last two years in our country, brought with them a politically induced, and socially negative wind storm. A storm, where society’s governments seem to have given individuals representing groups such as, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, a “Free Pass”, to rob, loot, burn down, injure, and in some instances, even kill. Meanwhile, white America for the most, was sidelined, and left speechless for fear of being socially canceled and labeled a ‘racist’, or far worse, being tossed into the new narrative and social category of being a ‘domestic terrorist'”. I simply say “screw” them, and let your voices be heard!

     As for the men and women of January 6. In time truth will determine each of our places within the pages of history, and our patriotic resolve will be known to all generations that follow. In short, our families, neighbors, and coworkers already know in their hearts that we didn’t start the violence on January 6, 2021, Nancy Pelosi’s police did.  And we didn’t bring terrorism to the citizens of our own country, the Biden, Harris, and Pelosi, regime did.

     That cold day in January of 2021, the incoming political administration didn’t attack Donald Trump protestors. And it didn’t attack white, black, brown, yellow, or red protestors. The tyrannical federal government picked a fight with well over one million “Americans” of all races on that day. And quite simply, America united, fought back. That’s the unbiased truth to this whole story. 

     Tyranny can only prevail if good men and women do nothing. In these days of COVID abuses, the “Jan Sixers” have courageously inspired people from all over the world to stand up, speak out, and resist governmental oppression at all cost, because “all cost”, is the price that the citizens of the world must pay for freedom. And if we, the “Jan Sixers”, should be remembered for nothing else, then I proudly say, “that’s a pretty good legacy for us to leave.”

     Happy New Year, 2022.

If you would like to help the Smocks, family with their life rebuilding effort, please submit your donations to: www.givesendgo.com/G27CR

You can read Troy Smocks’ profile here: https://americangulag.org/troy-anthony-smocks/


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