HUGE! Analysis of Video of Trump Supporter Ashli Babbitt Death in the Capitol Shows Antifa’s Actions Led to Shots Being Fired (VIDEO)

The actions of Antifa agitators in the Capital last week, dressed like Trump supporters, led to the death of Trump Supporter Ashli Babbitt.

An analysis of events that occurred in the Capital shows that Antifa was involved in numerous activities that led to Ashli Babbitt’s death and violent exchanges in the US Capitol.  They then hid and even changed their clothes after she was shot.

The FBI and liberal media insist Antifa was not involved in the US Capitol raids. We disagree and have provided numerous articles on Antifa involvement in the deadly violence.
Diana West reported on the video from Japanese investigator Misako Ganaha on Crossroads which explains events in the Capitol last week surrounding the death of Airforce veteran Ashli Babbitt.
Ganaha noted that before the shooting there were two men up front near the doors inside the Capital that were locked.  The doors had glass windows.  These men worked together to agitate the crowd and break the glass.  Something we have never seen at a Trump rally but have seen multiple times at Antifa/BLM riots.

As soon as the glass was broken at least one shot was fired at Ashli Babbitt who was attempting to get through these doors.  When this happened the men breaking the glass stepped back and one of the men ran down the stairs by the police and changed his clothes.  When she saw this Ganaha knew these were not Trump supporters.

This incident was all filmed by Antifa member named John Sullivan:

We previously reported on Sullivan.  He was on CNN after the riots which was strange because he is not a Trump supporter, he is affiliated with Antifa.  Although he is from Utah, he also organized an Antifa event the same day as the ‘Stop the Steal’ Rally at the same location.  His event was right before the storming of the US Capitol.   The police apparently let him go rather than charge him as an accessory to murder.

Far Left Activist John Sullivan from Utah Who Was Arrested for Storming the US Capitol Is Released without Charges — Organized Antifa Event in Area at Same Time as “Stop the Steal” Rally!

Ganaha closed by saying:

The world is watching and we should know what the truth is.  And, then we can move on to what to think or what to decide, what to talk or do next.”

Here is the video from Crossroads with Ganaha and Joshua Phillip:

If we had a fair press and a justice system that was just, these guys would all be in jail.


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