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Victoria Charity White

White was seen in a rowdy group before entering the US Capitol. Although she herself did not engage in any physical violence, she can be seen yelling at individuals breaking…

Melanie Lanham

Melanie Archer and Jordan Bonenberg appear on Capitol surveillance walking through the doors and through the rotunda with the crowd. They do not appear to act violently. They walk into…

Brandon Nelson

Photographs and surveillance confirm Nelson was present at the Capitol on Jan.6th. There is no documentation showing he participated in violent activities….

James Varnell Cusick Jr.

Cusick and his son attended the rally to support President Trump. They entered the Capitol building with the crowd and to pictures. There is no evidence they acted violently.

Casey Cusick

Cusick and his father were present at the Capitol on Jan 6th. They attended President Trump’s rally with David Lesperance and then walked in the Capitol. There is no evidence…

Darrell Neely

Neely supposedly entered the Capitol with a marijuana cigarette and a cell phone. He says he was filming the events inside because they were newsworthy. He discussed them on his…

Alexander Sheppard

Alexander Sheppard admitted to being in D.C on January 6th and is pictured inside the Capitol Building. There is no detail of any violence committed by Sheppard….

David Antonio Ticas

Ticas posted an Instagram story about himself at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. (It was taken down by the site.) He indicated he “was there to have my voice heard.”…

Nicholas Languerand

Languerand is pictured throwing stick like objects and a traffic barrier at U.S Capitol Police just outside of the Capitol Building. He is also seen holding a Capitol Police riot…

Donald Hazard

…in the crowd yelled at police officers from a distance. Hazard entered the building and assisted someone in rinsing out his eyes with water. Then he briefly entered the Senate….

Thaddis Johnson, Jr.

Thaddis Johnson, Jr. told the FBI he “was on the steps of the Capitol recording the crowd.” He appears on surveillance entering the building twice. The first time, he records…

Abram Markofski

Video surveillance footage and GPS monitoring (obtained via warrant) identified Markofski inside the Capitol on Jan. 6th. There is no written or verbal information showing he engaged in violent acts.

Sean Michael McHugh

McHugh allegedly sprayed a chemical spray towards a Capitol Police Officer, and is alleged to have grabbed the metal barricade near the scaffolding right outside of the Capitol building on…

Jordan Bonenberger

Melanie Archer and Jordan Bonenberg appear on Capitol surveillance walking through the doors and rotunda with the crowd. They do not appear to act violently. They walk into the West…

Samuel Christopher Montoya

…He is heard making statements including “We don’t hurt innocent people, we don’t tear down statues!” Montoya later ivered an eyewitness account of Ashli Babbit’s death on the Infowars site….

Joseph Lino Padilla

Padilla attempted to push through police barricade and was beaten by police. He moved away and helped others use a large wheeled sign as a battering ram against police. He…

Leo Brent Bozell Iv

…pictured inside the US Senate Chamber and can be seen holding what appears to be a Senate Document. Bozell IV was charged with destruction of government property of over $1,000….

Larry Rendall Brock

Brock is pictured inside the Senate Chamber. In his June indictment, there were no counts of violence. His Statement of Facts included no evidence of physical violence as well….

Thomas Fee

Thomas Fee was seen walking through the Capitol Rotunda with others in the crowd. He appears to take a selfie, and there is no evidence he engaged in violence.