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OUTRAGE: Former Assistant Attorney General John Carlin Who Illegally Withheld Info from FISA Court in 2016 Returns As Acting Deputy AG Under Biden

…now back in the DOJ. We reported on the DOJ’s corrupt John Carlin in the past: The Conservative Treehouse reports about Carlin: John Carlin was the assistant attorney general…

John Earle Sullivan

…video the violence for later sale to news outlets. The film he produced on this occasion and released on Youtube was noted for its documentary and evidentiary value. Prior to…

John Maron Nassif

Nassif stated on social media that he was present at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. However, surveillance shows he is peacefully walking throughout the building.

John Steven Anderson

…ordered. He is sprayed by police and falls to the ground, saying he can’t breathe because of asthma. Police escort him out of the building and call for an ambulance….

MORE VIDEO EVIDENCE Shows the ‘Riots’ At the US Capitol Were Infiltrated by Antifa and Other Radicals

…Experts agreed with our reporting that the protests were infiltrated by outside groups: Other Antifa members bragged about dressing up as Trump supporters: Antifa members were in the…