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William Vogel

There is evidence of William Vogel inside the Capitol Building on Jan 6th through video messages he sent over Facebook. Although he did enter the building, there is no account…

Meghan Rutledge

Meghan Rutledge posted photos of herself at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. She attended the event with her father and is seen holding a cell phone to photograph the event….

Andrew Alan Hernandez

Surveillance and corporate media photos show Hernandez walking inside the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He made statements on social media before and after reflecting his personal opinions. There is no…

Oliver Louis Sarko

There are multiple pictures of Sarko inside the capitol. Additional video footage captured via a cellular telephone and posted to Snapchat shows Sarko inside of a room identified by U.S….

Lonnie Leroy Coffman

Lonnie Coffman encountered police near his parked truck in downtown DC. They were allegedly responding to threats outside the National Republican Club and Democratic National Committee Headquarters when they searched…

Michael Orangias

Orangias partook in a podcast after the Jan 6th event Orangias was inside the Capitol building from 2:50 -2:55 P.M….

Karol J. Chwiesiuk

Capitol surveillance shows Chwiesiuk entering the Capitol. In addition, his cell phone shows a picture of him entering Room S140. It doesn’t appear he acted violently while inside….

Trevor Brown

Facebook posts show Trevor Brown outside of the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He is attempting to enter the building along with the crowd. He stated his personal opinions on Facebook…

Nicholas James Brockhoff

Brockhoff allegedly discharged a fire extinguisher from scaffolding above the Lower West Terrace. He later entered the Capitol through a broken window and walked with others into the Republican Conference…

Karegan Bostic

Karegan Bostic entered through the doors of the Capitol with William Bostic, Jr. and Meghan Rutledge. Bostic and Rutledge took several posed photos together throughout the day. It does not…

Kenneth Kelly

Kenneth Kelly is pictured walking inside the Capitol at approximately 3:00 P.M. Google provided records associated with Kelly’s email address to track his whereabouts on January 6th. It is unclear…

Jeffrey P. Sabol

Sabol is accused of assaulting a Capitol Police Officer along with other individuals. However, it is possible these individuals were acting in self-defense….

Logan Barnhart

Barnhart supposedly struck a police officer with a baton. His criminal complaint, providing a written description of events, is currently under seal.

Daniel Dean Egtvedt

Egtvedt was spraying with pepper spray while attempting to enter the Capitol building. Once inside, he provoked a female officer, yelling at her to shoot him. He grabbed her and…

Jack Wade Whitton

Jack Whitton, along with 4 others, are faced with charges that include engaging in physical violence. That violence was allegedly even directed at Capitol Police….

Justin Jersey

Jersey is accused of assaulting a Metropolitan Police Officer and then using a baton to arm himself. He was standing in an area where citizens were subjected to brutalities by…

Mason Joel Courson

Mason was in Washington DC to hear President Trump speak. At the Capitol, he and a group of men were accused of attacking officers in the Lower West Terrace, where…