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Sandra Suzanne Weyer

Sandra Pomeroy Weyer allegedly videotaped the attack on a New York Times reporter on Jan 6th. Weyer is also pictured inside the Capitol Building in her Charging Documents, but nowhere…

Michael James Dickinson

Dickinson is accused of throwing a coffee tumbler at police outside, after protesters crossed through then police and were then subjected to brutalities. He was hit in the face…

Jeffrey P. Sabol

Sabol is accused of assaulting a Capitol Police Officer along with other individuals. However, it is possible these individuals were acting in self-defense….

Diana Santos-Smith

Dawn Bancroft and Diana Santos Smith entered and exited the Capitol Building through the same window. Bancroft estimated that the two were inside the building for less than a minute….

Anthony Sargent

Anthony Sargent and others in the crowd attempted to enter the north entrance of the Capitol. Despite being pepper-sprayed by police, they were working to break down the doors.

Robert Gieswein

Gieswin was in the crowd that pushed past the police barrier. He allegedly sprayed an unknown substance at police. The government claims he entered the building through a bren window….

Logan Barnhart

Barnhart supposedly struck a police officer with a baton. His criminal complaint, providing a written description of events, is currently under seal.

Peter Stager

Stager is seen on video striking a Capitol Police Officer with an American flag. The officer was belly down, and POLICE was clearly visible on the back of the officer….

Jason Michael Comeau

Comeau was interviewed by FBI and stated he thought it was to enter the building because he saw police move away as the crowd entered. He walked briefly in…

Jennifer Heinl

Heinl allegedly entered the Capitol and was walking with a cell phone. She states that she drove to the rally alone and returned to Pittsburgh the same dya.

Isaac Samuel Yoder

…in colonial attire. According to authorities, “he described the situation appeared somewhat under control with law enforcement and people standing around.” After taking pictures with people, he left the building….

Jeffrey Hubbard

Hubbard entered the Capitol through a bren window and walked peacefully through the Rotunda by himself. He appears on surveillance in a hallway outside the House Chamber with the crowd.