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Jeremiah Carollo

Jeremiah Carollo entered the Capitol with his brother and cousin. They appear to walk peacefully through the Rotunda and do not engage in violence.

Paul Seymour, Sr.

Seymour was captured on camera exiting the Capitol with his son. They posed for photos together inside and outside of the building as police stood nearby, doing nothing to apprehend…

Edward Vallejo

Edward Vallejo was allegedly in the Arlington, VA area outside of Washington, DC on Jan. 6. The government alleges he was positioned there as part of an armed support team…

Cody Vollan

Cody Vollan entered the Capitol with Jeremiah and Anthony Carollo. They appear to walk peacefully throughout the Rotunda.

Joshua James

On January 6th, James served as security detail for a speaker at the Stop the Steal rallies. The government says James and others “aggressively berated and taunted US Capitol Police…

Kenneth Kelly

Kenneth Kelly is pictured walking inside the Capitol at approximately 3:00 P.M. Google provided records associated with Kelly’s e address to track his whereabouts on January 6th. It is unclear…

Jeffrey Shane Witcher

In an interview with the FBI after the event, he stated it was “necessary to facilitate a dialogue” on Jan. 6th. However, he expected it to be nonviolent and peaceful….