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Isaac Samuel Yoder

Yoder entered the Capitol dressed in colonial attire. According to authorities, “he described the situation appeared somewhat under control with law enforcement and people standing around.” After taking pictures with…

Peter Stager

Stager is seen on video striking a Capitol Police Officer with an American flag. The officer was belly down, and POLICE was clearly visible on the back of the officer….

Logan Barnhart

Barnhart supposedly struck a police officer with a baton. His criminal complaint, providing a written description of events, is currently under seal.

Robert Gieswein

Gieswin was in the crowd that pushed past the police barrier. He allegedly sprayed an unknown substance at police. The government claims he entered the building through a broken window….

Diana Santos-Smith

Dawn Bancroft and Diana Santos Smith entered and exited the Capitol Building through the same window. Bancroft estimated that the two were inside the building for less than a minute….

Michael James Dickinson

Dickinson is accused of throwing a coffee tumbler at police outside, after protesters crossed through then police line and were then subjected to brutalities. He was hit in the face…

James Bonet

Bonet posted the above photo of himself smoking inside the Capitol. He chanted with the crowd as he walked throughout the building. There is no evidence he engaged in violence….

Kevin Sam Blakely

Blakely is pictured standing outside the Capitol Grounds, and also walking inside the Capitol building. Blakely was not charged with any violence and there is no evidence of him engaging…

Matthew Dasilva

Dasilva allegedly approached the Lower West Terrace archway at 4 30pm. He is seen on policy bodycam pushing his hands against an officer’s shield. The context of this interaction is…

Justin Jersey

Jersey is accused of assaulting a Metropolitan Police Officer and then using a baton to arm himself. He was standing in an area where citizens were subjected to brutalities by…

Mason Joel Courson

Mason was in Washington DC to hear President Trump speak. At the Capitol, he and a group of men were accused of attacking officers in the Lower West Terrace, where…

Dominic Madden

Dominic Madden was photographed at the Capitol on Jan. 6th by the New York Post. He walked inside the building and spoke with other protesters. However, he did not engage…