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Jonathan Gennaro Mellis

Mellis allegedly struck an officer who was incessantly beating Roseanne Boyland. Boyland told police she was unable to move because of the crowd around her. She later died as a…

Jeffrey P. Sabol

Sabol is accused of assaulting a Capitol Police Officer along with other individuals. However, it is possible these individuals were acting in self-defense….

Daniel Shaw

In an FBI interview with Ken Reda, Daniel Shaw was identified as being at the Capitol on Jan. 6. The crowd was so large that Shaw and Reda became separated….

Peter Stager

Stager is seen on video striking a Capitol Police Officer with an American flag. The officer was belly down, and POLICE was clearly visible on the back of the officer….

Dawn Bancroft

Video footage shows Bancroft was present in the Capitol on Jan. 6th. She and a friend told police they followed the crowd inside the building. While they expressed personal opinions…

Samuel Fontanez Rodriguez

Fontanez Rodriguez traveled to Washington DC with his friend Jackson Kostolsky, but the two were separated when he entered the building through a broken window. It appears before the events…

Kevin Sam Blakely

Blakely is pictured standing outside the Capitol Grounds, and also walking inside the Capitol building. Blakely was not charged with any violence and there is no evidence of him engaging…

Jack Wade Whitton

Jack Whitton, along with 4 others, are faced with charges that include engaging in physical violence. That violence was allegedly even directed at Capitol Police….

Jeffrey Hubbard

Hubbard entered the Capitol through a broken window and walked peacefully through the Rotunda by himself. He appears on surveillance in a hallway outside the House Chamber with the crowd.

Isaac Samuel Yoder

…in colonial attire. According to authorities, “he described the situation appeared somewhat under control with law enforcement and people standing around.” After taking pictures with people, he left the building….

Jennifer Heinl

Heinl allegedly entered the Capitol and was walking with a cell phone. She states that she drove to the rally alone and returned to Pittsburgh the same dya.