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Jodi Lynn Wilson

…son entered the Capitol and took photographs and videos as they walked with the crowd. They said they were invited onto the steps. Police told them they could to enter….

Eric Bochene

Video surveillance and social media messaging confirm Bochene was at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He appears to be filming a video and observing the event. There is no evidence…

Willard Jake Peart

Peart walked into the Capitol around 3:09. This is well after the initial breach and there is no detailing of any violence committed by Peart in his Statement of Facts,…

Matthew Bledsoe

Bledsoe took snapchat videos of himself and others before entering the Capitol Building. There are also pictures of him inside the Capitol Building. Bledsoe was not charged with any violence,…

Christopher W. Ortiz

…present at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He says he was at the event to “participate in government.” He casually observed the days events and documented them from his phone….

Justin Mcauliffe

Mcauliffe admits to being inside one of the offices in the Capitol Building. He stated that USCP officers did not forcefully make them leave. There is no evidence of any…

Cole Andrew Temple

Cole Temple and his mother entered the Capitol and took photographs and videos along with the crowd. They said they were invited into the building by police.

Robert L. Bauer

Bauer was pictured walking inside the Capitol, he had “no intention to of assaulting law enforcement or fighting anyone.” There is no evidence of any violence committed by Bauer….

Madison Pettit

Madison Pettit and Gabriel Burress are pictured walking closely together inside the Capitol. They are not charged with any violence….

Joseph Barnes

Barnes was killed in a motorcycle accident unrelated to this case. To connect with his parents and surviving 3 brothers, reach out to his home church, The Austin Stone. His…

Richard Franklin Barnard

…events occurred over the span of approximately 15-20 minutes, or 2:02 P.M. to 2:18 P.M. There is no further evidence of physical violence against anyone committed by these two men….

Karol J. Chwiesiuk

Capitol surveillance shows Chwiesiuk entering the Capitol. In addition, his cell phone shows a picture of him entering Room S140. It doesn’t appear he acted violently while inside….

Matthew Baggott

Matthew Baggott and Stewart Parks went to D.C as friends to attend the “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6th. They are both pictured inside the Capitol Building, but there…

Christopher John Price

There are pictures of Christopher Price and Cynthia Ballenger inside the Capitol building on January 6th. PNC bank transactions and AT&T phone locations were asked for by the FBI. There…

Nicolas Anthony Moncada

Moncada filmed a video at the Capitol showing blood on the front steps. He texted friends while inside. He documented what was happening and wasn’t engaged in violent activities….

Anthony Richard Moat

Photo and video footage confirmed Moat was present at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. After entering, he doesn’t appear to have engaged in further activity, including any actions of a…

William Vogel

There is evidence of William Vogel inside the Capitol Building on Jan 6th through video messages he sent over Facebook. Although he did enter the building, there is no account…