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Michael Leon Brock

A Parler video and body worn camera footage show Brock outside the Capitol near the Upper West Terrace. He is accused of assaulting DC Metro Police officers, P.D. and M.H.

Michael Joseph Foy

…brutality and unable to remove themselves due to the pressing of bodies in the crowd. While the government accused Foy of resisting and assaulting officers with a hockey stick, it’s…

Christian Secor

Secor made it to the Senate Chamber and is pictured sitting in the Presiding Officer’s chair. He apparently self identifies as a fascist and has white supremacist beliefs. Secor’s FBI…

Joseph Leyden

Joseph Leyden can be seen getting into an altercation with an MPDC Officer in what seems to be an altercation over removing the metal barriers (or compromising efforts to re-erect…

Daniel Leyden

Daniel Leyden appears to be a part of the initial “Ray Epps” group that broke into/removed the barriers at around 12:50 PM, nearly 20 minutes before President Trump’s speech ended….