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#415 ORDER as to THOMAS EDWARD CALDWELL (1), DONOVAN RAY CROWL (2), JESSICA MARIE WATKINS (3), SANDRA RUTH PARKER (4), BENNIE ALVIN PARKER (5), LAURA STEELE (7), KELLY MEGGS (8), CONNIE MEGGS (9), KENNETH HARRELSON (10), ROBERTO A. MINUTA (11), JOSHUA A. JAMES (12), JONATHAN WALDEN (13), JOSEPH HACKETT (14), JASON DOLAN (15), WILLIAM ISAACS (16), DAVID MOERSCHEL (17), and BRIAN ULRICH (18) denying in part Defendant THOMAS EDWARD CALDWELL (1)’s 240 Motion for Dismissal of Indictment; denying Defendant THOMAS EDWARD CALDWELL (1)’s 273 Motion to Transfer Venue; denying Defendant JOSHUA A. JAMES (12)’s 269 Motion to Dismiss Count 8 and Portions of Count 13 of the Indictment; granting in part and denying in part Defendant JOSHUA A. JAMES (12)’s 270 Motion for Bill of Particulars; and denying in part Defendant KENNETH HARRELSON (10)’s 278 Motion to Dismiss Counts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 12 of the Fourth Superseding Indictment. See the attached Order for additional details. Signed by Judge Amit P. Mehta on 9/14/2021.

#443 RESPONSE by USA as to JESSICA MARIE WATKINS, DONOVAN RAY CROWL, THOMAS EDWARD CALDWELL, SANDRA RUTH PARKER, BENNIE ALVIN PARKER, KELLY MEGGS, CONNIE MEGGS, LAURA STEELE, KENNETH HARRELSON, ROBERTO A. MINUTA, JOSHUA A. JAMES, JONATHAN WALDEN, JOSEPH HACKETT, WILLIAM ISAACS, DAVID MOERSCHEL, BRIAN ULRICH re 384 MOTION to Dismiss Count Three, 386 MOTION to Dismiss Count 1-4 of the Fifth Superseding Indictment, 382 Second MOTION to Dismiss Count One and Two and to Produce Grand Jury Minutes Modified text to remove unassociated defendants on 10/1/2021

Nicholas Ochs

According to interviews he has given the media, OCHS is the leader and founder of the Hawaii chapter of the “Proud Boys” organization. He claims to have just “walked in…