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Philip James Weisbecker

Weisbecker is shown on national media footage entering the Capitol with other protesters. He allegedly took a picture of himself under and Abraham Lincoln statue. When he spoke to authorities,…

James Matthew Horning

Video surveillance and social media photos confirm Horning was present at the Capitol. He is seen walking the halls. He doesn’t appear to engage in any violence….

James Russell Davis

Davis is outside the Capitol carrying a large pole or stick. He allegedly wielded this at police. After pushing an officer, he supposedly said: “I fought for this country, what…

James Varnell Cusick Jr.

Cusick and his son attended the rally to support President Trump. They entered the Capitol building with the crowd and took pictures. There is no evidence they acted violently.

James Allen Mels

James Mels told FBI officers he entered the Capitol to read the Constitution to officers and have “his voice heard.” He showed them images of himself inside the building. It…