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#179 FIFTH SUPERSEDING INDICTMENT as to PATRICK EDWARD MCCAUGHEY, III (1) count(s) 14sssss, 24sssss-25sssss, 34sssss, 35sssss, 37sssss, 45sssss, 52sssss, 53sssss, TRISTAN CHANDLER STEVENS (2) count(s) 14ssss, 16ssss, 21ssss, 33ssss, 34ssss, 35ssss, 36ssss, 44ssss, 52ssss, 53ssss, DAVID LEE JUDD (3) count(s) 16sss, 22sss, 33sss, 34sss, 35sss, 38sss, 46sss, 52sss, 53sss, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH QUAGLIN (4) count(s) 1sss, 2sss, 3sss, 4sss, 11sss, 20sss, 23sss, 26sss, 34sss, 35sss, 39sss, 47sss, 52sss, 53sss, ROBERT MORSS (5) count(s) 5ss, 6ss, 10ss, 20ss, 27ss, 34ss, 35ss, 41ss, 49ss, 52ss, 53ss, GEOFFREY WILLIAM SILLS (6) count(s) 7ss-8ss, 13ss, 15ss, 18ss, 34ss, 35ss, 40ss, 48ss, 52ss, 53ss, DAVID MEHAFFIE (7) count(s) 12s, 34s, 35s, 52s, 53s, STEVEN CAPPUCCIO (8) count(s) 28s, 29s, 30s, 34s, 35s, 42s, 50s, 52s, 53s, FEDERICO GUILLERMO KLEIN (9) count(s) 9s, 17s, 19s, 27s, 31s-32s, 34s, 35s, 43s, 51s, 52s, 53s

#374 Memorandum in Opposition by USA as to PATRICK EDWARD MCCAUGHEY, III, TRISTAN CHANDLER STEVENS, DAVID LEE JUDD, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH QUAGLIN, ROBERT MORSS, GEOFFREY WILLIAM SILLS, DAVID MEHAFFIE, STEVEN CAPPUCCIO, FEDERICO GUILLERMO KLEIN re [358] MOTION for Joinder and to Supplement, ECF. No. 355, Motion to Compel Communications with and Transcripts produced for House Select Committee Hearings on January 6, [368] MOTION for Joinder and Supplement Motion to Continue Trial, [355] MOTION to Compel Discovery, [359] MOTION for Joinder, [360] MOTION to Continue Trial, [356] MOTION for Leave to Join, [364] MOTION for Leave to Join